5 Best Baby Car Seat in India: review and buying guide

5 Best Baby Car Seat in India: review and buying guide

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Are you worried about your baby’s safety while traveling? 

Do you travel mostly by car?

Then you need a good quality baby car seat. This is required to keep the baby safe during any mishappening during traveling.

What is a baby car seat?

A baby car seat is a small seat that can be attached to the car’s rear side so that baby can sit safely and comfortably while traveling. These can also be used to carry the baby along with you as they can be easily convertible into a carrying cot or stroller.


Importance of car seat

As we all are aware of the road conditions and the accidents happening on the road. In such cases, the safety of each and every individual in the vehicle should be taken under consideration. That is why we prefer the usage of the car seat for babies. The car seat makes a comfortable room for the little one to sit on, play, take nap, or eat while traveling. It also helps the parents as they are also comfortable seated in the car. 

Moreover, the car seater can be easily carried along as a carrycot when required. It makes the journey not only safe but everyone can enjoy even the mother.


Types of car seats for babies

Before going into detail let us explore more about car seats. There are four different types of car seats:

  1. Infant car seat: The infant car seat is meant for newborns till the age of  24 months. These can be used while facing the rear side of the car. These can be used as a carrier as most infant car seat has a fixed base with a carrycot attached to them. 
  2. Convertible car seats: These car seats can be used from birth till your child outgrows from the seat. Such car seats are big and comfortable. Though some parents found it big for the infants as they found more space to move around. one more drawback is that it does not offer you a baby carrier and is most prominently fixed in a space so not easily movable. They can be placed either in a rear position as well a forward-facing position.
  3. 3-in – one car seat: The all-purpose car seat has the advantage that it can be used as a booster chair too. It is useful for infants till the child becomes fit for using the seat belt.
  4. Booster: The booster seats are for toddlers. They have their own belt to tie. It is good to use a car seat for toddlers too as they sleep most of the time while traveling. In such a case a sudden jerk while brake can hurt them badly. The booster car seats are used in forward-facing positions only.

Some important points:

Always use the car seat rear-facing as it is the safest position to keep the baby. Do not place it forward-facing till your baby becomes attains the age of 3 years.

The car seat also has an expiry date. It is advised to check it before use. The side label in the seat describes it.

Best car seat for babies in India

LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby 


luvlap car seat
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The Luvlap car seater is one of the best-selling car seaters in India. Its material, as well as durability, makes it fully useable. The washable feature of the removable parts makes it more comfortable and hygienic for the baby. This car seater has the following key features:

Graco Carseats Junior Maxi Midnight Black

graco booster seat
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The Graco car seater is a booster seat for toddlers. It is one of the best-selling baby gears all over the world. It does have shoulder starp so you need to use the car seat belt for fastening. It is suitable for the child weighing between 15 to 36 kgs. The graco booste rseat has the following features:

Evenflo Tribute 5 convertible car seater

evenflo car seater
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The Evenflo convertible car seat is one of the best car seats for the little ones. It has passed the European as well as US standards. The cushioned body and the well-tested side impact make it a perfect fit. Moreover, it also has 5 point safety harness that ensures the overall safety of the kids.

Rear-facing fit tip is top of child’s head is at least 1 inch below the top of the child restraint seat back

It has the following features:

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R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat

r fro rabbit car seater
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The r for rabbit convertible car seat can be used and converted with the growth of your baby. It can be used as the rear-facing for the newborn till 3 years and fort faced with the toddlers. The cushioned material is comfy for babies and toddlers too. It has the following key features:

Little Pumpkin Infant Car Seat Cum Carrycot 

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The little pumpkin car seat is not just a car seat it is a lot more than that. It can be used as a rocker, feeding chair, and carry cot. It is very lightweight and washable. The seat is suitable for babies up to 12 to 15 months. It has the following features:

Buying guide for selecting the perfect car seat

Before buying anything one should know the parameters to look for so that the buying decision does not go wrong. Below are a few points listed which should be taken into consideration before buying a car seat.

  1. Usability: The first and foremost thing that comes before purchasing is how often you use it. If you are a travel freak and like to go on road trips frequently then the car seater is perfect for your little one comfort and ease.
  2. Material: The seater must be made up of good quality and soft fabric which should not be harsh on baby soft skin. A washable material is preferred because hygiene is one of the most important things for little ones.
  3. Safety: This is most important as it is the main concern of purchasing a car seat. Always read the safety features related to products. It is suggested to buy the car seat with a side impact passed test as it is more secure and keeps the baby safe.
  4. Harness type: The baby car seat comes with 5 points and 3 points harness. The 5 point harness has two shoulder straps and two pelvis straps which need to be buckled in between the legs. Whereas the 3 point harness makes use of the seat belt to fasten the child. It is suitable for toddlers but can be risky for newborns.
  5. Easy to use: the car seat must be user-friendly and can be easily installed. It should be manually installed so that person alone can fix it if required to move.
  6. Weight: Always consider the weight of the baby and the car seat. The infant car seat can be used for the baby weighing 15 kgs. whereas the other can be used for the kids weighing up to 25 kgs. Read the manual be buying.
  7. Portability: A bulky and heavy car seat is difficult to manage as compared to a portable and movable car seat. The car size should also be considered before taking any decision.

Frequently asked questions:

How often one should wash the car seat?

The car must be washed after it is soiled as it can cause infection to the baby. For washing, remove the washable parts and soak them in water with mild detergent, and after rinsing again soak them in Dettol for hygiene.

When can one use the forward-facing car seat?

As per the road rules the rear face is considered to be safe for kids. But if your kid is older than 3 years then you can make him sit forward-facing else it is suggested to use it rear-faced.

What can be the age for using a car seat?

The car is suitable for newborns till the age of 7 years when they are comfortable in the seat belt.

Are baby car seats safe?

Yes, baby car seats are the safest means while traveling by road.

Does the car seat expire?

Yes, They also have an expiry date. To look for check the label where the model no. is mentioned.


Baby car seats are important as they provide the little one ,more comfort and safe than the lap. We would suggest to buy the LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby as it is a budgeted car seat and is durable and excellent for your child.

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