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The kid’s headphones are one of the best gadgets as they help in the noiseless listening of your favorite music or a movie. It also reduces the disturbance to others while they are busy with their work. The kid’s headphones are a great choice to gift the little one. This helps them to listen to their favorite music when the other elders are busy with their work.

The headphones should be used with the utmost care when it comes to the kids. The first and foremost factor one should consider while selecting the headphone is the sound level. Since the kids are delicate the sound level should not be so high that can cause damage to their ears.

In this article, we will give you a full overview of how to select the best headphone for kids and the good ones as per our research and study. You will read Buying Guide, Do’s and Don’ts, and FAQ’S

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2. Philips SHK2000BL Headphones  Over-ear headphones with noise-isolating cushion  4.5/5  Buy On Amazon  
3. iClever HS14 Kids Headphones  Overear compact and foldable headphone   4.5/5 Buy On Amazon  
4. iBall Kids Star Kids  Open backhead with kids friendly design  3.5/5  Buy On Amazon  
5.  iBall Kids Star Kids Bluetooth Over-ear with Bluetooth and mic  4/5  Buy On Amazon
6.  Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Bluetooth with mic and builtin FM  4/5  Buy On Amazon  
7. Rockpapa I20  Over-ear headphones with mic  4.5/5  Buy On Amazon  


Types of headphones

There are basically five types of headphones. These are:

1. Over ear headphones

These headphones as the name suggest are big in size because of the big ear cups and are more comfortable. These are mostly used in the studio and at home. They have only one drawback i.e. the bigger size

2. on-ear headphones

These are good and portable. The headphones are cool to wear in a casual look. They are more stable and suitable than over-ear headphones.

3. In-ear headphones

These headphones are also called earbuds or ear monitors. The headphone is so-called a tube that goes inside your ear canal to get the source of music as close to your eardrums as possible. It helps with noise isolation and sound quality.

4. Classic Earbuds

The classical earphones are one of the oldest ones that come with a walkman. These do not go deep inside the ear so they lose their popularity with the earbuds as they create more obstruction of sound.

5. Bone conduction headphones

These are the new technology headphone that is connected to the skull rather than the ear. they pass on the vibration and sound which is transmitted to the ear. These are waterproof and used mainly during workouts.



Types of connection

Based on the type of connection there are two types of headphones

1. Wired headphones

These are the traditional ones having the wire for the connection with mobile, laptop,  palmtop, iPhone, or any other gadget you want to use it for. The main benefit with this kind of .headphones is they do not require charging so no need to worry about the battery life

2. wireless headphones( blue tooth headphones)

Wireless headphones are very popular nowadays. These are the future of headphones. They can be used without carrying the device with you to some distance. These headphones are required to be charged for usage. The blue tooth headphones allow you to enjoy your work while giving you good sound quality and a hands-free experience.

Best kids headphones

iBall Kids Diva Wired  kids Headphone with in-line Volume Controller

iballkids headphone

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The iBall headphones are over-the-ear headphones made for the kids as they have soft ear cups and the headband has a snug fit. They are very comfortable and easy to use with finger control. The headphones can work up to 10 hours and a standby time of up to 200 hours on a single two-and-a-half-hour charge.

Key features:

  • Kids friendly
  • Soft ear cups
  • Safe sound technology
  • 1-year warranty
  • The maximum sound allowed is 85 decibels
  • the headband is snug fit and comfortable for kids
  • Wired headphone

The main drawback is the low sound quality.

Philips SHK2000BL kids Headphone

phillis headphones

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The Philips on-ear headphones are basically designed for the kids as it is easy to use and is built tough to handle every situation. It has a clear bass and playful design. The adjustable headband grows with the child and is lightweight. The soft cushion provides a comfortable and secure fit. It has a noise-isolating ear cushion for clear sound at any volume level.

key features:

  • Adjustable headband
  • Max. volume 85 DB
  • Noise-isolating ear cushion
  • 32mm Neodymium speaker
  • Product dimensions (W x H x D): 5.1 x 6.1 x 2.8 inch.
  • Wired connector
  • No microphone

The main drawback is that it does not have an inbuilt mic.

iClever HS14 Kids Headphones

iclever headhones

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 iClever kids headphone is also limited by sound-control circuitry to produce a sound that is no more than 94dB in volume to avoid hearing loss or damage. Beyond the volume, the sound is listened to on a padded headband and soft on-ear cushions that are well-sized for little ears. A 3.5 mm aux input, lets the headphones work with most devices, such as iPhones, Android, laptops, tablets, and more (or use the necessary adapter to fit the aux). Kids can use it for 2 to 3 hours without any discomfort.

key features:

  • Adjustable headband
  • Hearing protection(94 dB)
  • Good sound quality
  • Built-in microphone
  • Ideal for online studies
  • Use for a long time without interruption
  • Wired headphone

The main drawback is that it is a little bit costly.

iBall Kids Star Kids Safe Wired Headphone with in-line Volume Controller

iball wired headphones

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The over-ear headphones with soft spongy and faux leather ear cups that give comfort to the little ears have a sound controlled at 5 dB. The band is so light and easy to carry for kids. While the control is just in the fingers. The sound quality is also good to be used regularly for listening to music or other activities.

Key features:

  • Kids friendly design
  • soft ear cups
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • travel friendly
  • Wired headphones
  • Sound limit (85 dB)

The main drawback is that the headphones are without a mic.

iBall Kids Star Kids Safe Stereo Bluetooth Headphone with Mic

iball bluetooth headhones

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The wireless blue tooth enabled with inbuilt mic headphones are of good quality and have an adjustable headband for kids. The safe sound allows the kids to listen and concentrate in a place for a longer period. There is a built-in rechargeable battery with a USB. The soft cushion adds more comfort for kids and gives protection to the ears.

Key features:

  • Safe sound technology(85 dB)
  • Soft ear cups
  • kids friendly design
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • The blue tooth with a mic
  • long time comfort

The main drawback you need to charge it for uninterrupted usage.

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone

zebronics bt headhones

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The over-ear headphones from Zebronics give you a special experience of listening to music and other activities. The headphone features an ergonomic design with comfortable ear-cups and soft padding on the adjustable headband. The built-in battery has a charging time of 1.5 hrs. It has a playback time of 9 hrs.

Key Features:

  • Wireless BT
  • Supports Micro SD
  • AUX Function
  • Built-in FM Radio
  • Soft & Comfortable Earcups
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Media/Volume control
  • Call Function
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

The main drawback is the sound level is high up to 105 dB.




Rockpapa I20 On Ear Headphones Foldable with Microphone for Kids

rock papa headhones

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The Rockpapa comfy headphones are a great choice for kids above 4 years. The headphones have an easily adjustable headband for the perfect fit. The foldable headband is travel-friendly. The ultra eco-leather and cushion give all-day comfort. The headphones are compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, such as tablets, computers, laptops, mp/4 cd, DVD player, mobile.

Key features:

  • Comfort with Cloud Foam cushion
  • 1.5m long nylon cord with 3.5mm L Shape Jack
  • In-Line Microphone function
  • rock papa Top-Class service
  • 1-year warranty

The main drawback is the product quality is not too good.

Buying guide for selecting the best headphones for kids

There are some actors which are to be considered before buying a headphone for kids. These are crucial as the wrong selection or usage can lead to the problem and can also damage the ear of the little ones. some of the factors to be considered are:

Sound Quality:

It is the first and the foremost thing one should look for as the low or poor quality sound can make your purchase decision worthless. For this check the different headphones for the sound quality. But if you are making an online purchase try to get an overview from the reviews and the rating as well. Always buy a product that has a return policy so that you can easily exchange it for a better version.

Cord Length:

As we are purchasing it for a kid the cord length is to be considered as a too-long cable can cause trouble for a kid to manage and he/she can fall down while mingling with the wire. So, always look for an appropriate length cable as per the requirement or height of your kid.

Design and comfort:

Designed headphones will be like a toy for a kid and he will be happy to use them than the boring colored ones. But do not forget about the comfort level as long-time usage can lead to discomfort and can also cause damage to the ear.

Battery Life:

If you are choosing a wireless headphone then choose the one having a good battery life or else you will stuck up in the middle of the work. Good battery life will help you save a lot of time. One-time charging will lead to a long time of relaxation.

Parental control:

Some headphones have a sound limit of 85db which is a safe environment for kids to hear. Look for the headphones that allow you to have control of the volume or else kids will have trouble listening. The parental control will let you keep an eye on the kid while they are doing anything online.

Non Toxic material

Make sure that the headphones are made up of nontoxic material. As these are to be used by the kids who can put anything in their mouth without notice. If the headphone is made up of material that can be dangerous for kids it can hurt them.


Some Do’s and Don’ts while using headphones

Here is a list of some do’s and don’ts that must be followed while using the headphones

  1. Do not allow kids to use headphones for a long time as can cause harm to hear.
  2. Always set a sound limit and teach kids also while using the headphones.
  3. Do not use headphones while walking on the road as they can cause accidents.
  4. Always clean the headphones with a soft dry cloth.
  5. Don’t use headphones in wet ears as it can result in fungal infection.
  6. Do not share the headphones as they can also cause ear-related problems.
  7. Do not wash the headphones as they can damage them.
  8. Properly fold the headphones and their wire as the untidy can damage the wire and result in shock.
  9. Do not inhale or put any part of headphones in your mouth as it can harm kids’ health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use normal headphones for kids?

Yes, you can use it. But the kid’s headphones are having sound limitations and are made while considering the kids. They are more suitable to use than the normal ones in terms of comfort, sound quality, etc.

Does the long-term use of headphones cause damage to the ear?

Yes, the long time use of the headphones can cause damage to the ear. So, take a little break while using the headphones.

Can we use one pair of headphones for all family members?

No, headphone sharing can also result in germs sharing and it can be transmitted internally while the usage of headphones.

How old a child can use the headphones?

A child older than 4 years can use the headphones. At this age, a kid is able to understand the rules as well as do’s and don’ts while using something that needs proper attention. But always try to be in touch with the kids.


In the end, we would like to conclude that every gadget has its own pros and cons. We should always read the instruction while using such things. If you are purchasing anything for the kid please be sure it is safe enough for the kid.

Please go through the buying guide before making any decision and have a look at the option displayed by us.

Feel free to comment and ask queries in the below space provided

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