Importance Of Cooking in Cast Iron Cookware

Importance Of Cooking in Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Utensils

As we all know that cooking in the cast iron utensils makes our food more healthy and tasty. The main reason behind is that the while we cook in the cast iron the food becomes more healthier due to the addition of the iron in the food. This iron is very important for our body as it helps in the formation of RBC’ s hence the hemoglobin. The nutrition in the food is also entacted while cooking in such cookware where as the utensils such as the aluminum are harmful for our health.

As per the research cooking in the cast iron is considered to be the best there after comes the earthen ware and brass then the steel and at last the aluminum which is the least recommended. The cast iron utensils are worth investing as they have a large number of benefits for our health.

Chronological order according to the health benefits

Cast iron > Earthen ware > brass > Non stick > stainless steel > Aluminum

Advantages of using the cast iron cookware

  1. It increases iron level in our food thus helps in maintaining a good hemoglobin content in the blood
  2. It does not spoils the food.
  3. The cast iron absorbs less oil as compared to the other material while frying the food.
  4. The cookware are less costly as compared to the other sets of cook ware.
  5. Prolonged usage makes it work like a non stick as the surface becomes greasy with usage.
  6. They require a least maintenance and are not very tough to clean.
  7. The cast iron tawa are a great choice to make paranthas.

Things to take care of:

After a long list of benefits there are some points related to these cookware which must be kept in mind

  1. These utensils are not suitable to cook acidic food such as tomato or citrus juices because they have high ph value which reacts with the food and makes it unsuitable to eat. If you like to use the cast iron pot for the same then season the pot properly before use and transfer the food to other utensil after cooking.
  2. The cookware once used should immediately be washed in order to have a long life.
  3. Once the food is cooked do not store it in the pot as it may result in the darkening of the food as well as it can also damage the pot. It should be transferred immediately to other vessel.
  4. After washing store it in a clean and dry place. If stored in the moist environment it will result in the rusting and can damage the pot.
  5. For cleaning just use the mild soap and rub it. You can also use some sand to clean the utensils.

Vegetables/food that can be cooked in cast iron utensils

Here is a list of vegetable that can be cooked in such utensils and enhances it nutritional value too

  1. Spinach
  2. Fried Chicken
  3. Beans
  4. Broccoli
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Capsicum
  7. Tofu

These food are a rich source of iron and protein and cooking them in the cast iron makes it more nutritious and delicious.

How to do seasoning of the cast iron utensils

Why to season it?

As we all now that the iron is prone to rust when it comes in the contact with the moist air. Kitchen is a place where we can find water which can give moisture and damage the pot. So, in order to prevent this we use a thin coating of the oil all over the pot which is called seasoning. The seasoning helps in making the vessel a perfect use for the any meal including the acidic food. As it all the least contact of the iron to the food as well as the food does not stick to the surface.

How to?

Here are the few steps that will help you to season the cast iron pan

In oven

Step 1: Take the pot/tawa/any cast iron vessel. Clean it with some soapy water and clean water.

Step2: Wipe it with a soft cloth so that it becomes dry.

Step3: Apply some oil on both inner and other surface. 2-3 spoons are sufficient for this purpose

Step4: Pre- heat the oven to 350 degrees and let the vessel bake for 1 hour.

Note: Put a aluminum foil under the tray so that the excess oil drip in to it.

Step5: Take the vessel out and let it cool

The seasoned vessel is ready to use.

In burner

Step1: Clean the vessel with some water and soap.

Step2: Dry it using the soft and clean cloth.

Step3: Apply some oil grease the inside and outside.

Step4: Put it on the high flame and burnt it out. It may catch fire a little bit but slows down after it.

Step5: Let it cool the seasoned pot is ready to use.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is cast iron good for Indian Food?

Surely, cast iron is the best cookware preparing Indian meals. As most the Indian meals need oil to cook and fry. The cast iron lets you done the work with a least usage of oil. So, it is a perfect one to use this as you kitchen main cooking utensil.

What should not be cooked in cast iron utensils?

As per the research the food that contains smell such as garlic, fish, pepper etc. should be avoided to use to cook in cast iron cookware. Apart from these if your iron pot is not properly seasoned do not cook acidic food in it. For proper seasoning look here.

Can you leave food in cast iron after cooking?

No, you should not leave food in the cast iron pot after cooking as it will change the food color and damage the coating of the pot. So, it is advisable to transfer food in other bowl after cooking it in cast iron .

Is cast iron worth it?

The cast iron is unbreakable and universally distribute heat while cooking. It can be used in pans, skillets, oven and others. So it is worth spending in cast iron due its prolonged benefits.

Is cast iron good for everyday cooking?

Sure, you can use a well seasoned cast iron for every day use as it is almost like a non stick pan which adds a least chemical to the food. Hence, the cast iron are perfect choice for daily use.