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AO smith Water

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The AO smith water heater is world-class in manufacturing as they have their presence across the globe in 60+ countries. These water heaters enter the Indian market a decade ago but have made a remarkable name due to their innovation, technology used, integrity, and foremost customer services. 

The AO smith is a leading producer of instant and storage geysers. They also deal with the Air2heat geysers which are one o the innovative technology to save electricity and heat water continuously.

These water heaters are world-class so no cheap quality or low standard can be seen. Moreover, the AO smith also produces both domestic as well industrial products. 

AO smith water heater

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Water Heater

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Ao smith water heater storage

AO Smith SGS-GREEN SERIES-025 geyser

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AO smith water heater SZS

AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015-DG-  Water Heater

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Types of AO smith Geysers

Instant geysers

The AO smith instant geysers have a sophisticated design and look elegant. They deliver unparalleled performance and add on to the home décor. Moreover, its size is a perfect fit for the bathroom and kitchen. The key technologies in it make it awesome to use and you can’t resist them once looked for!

Storage geysers 

The storage geysers come in vertical as well as horizontal forms. The unique blue diamond Glass Lining in the tank is one of the industry benchmarks. the glass lining also provides safety from all around and is energy efficient. Moreover, the stunning looks add on more to performance.

Key technologies of AO smith Water Heater

Inner tank glass coating

ao smith water heater

The inner glass coating is the key feature technology in the geyser. It prevents the element from corrosion. So, you can enjoy the hot water bath for a longer time as the geyser has full resistance to the scales and other deposits caused due to hard water. The green series of the AO smith geysers are fully equipped with the glass inner tank.

Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank for 2X corrosion resistance. Moreover, Long-lasting Anode Rod is a customized alloy that works even in hard water conditions to protect the tank and has a 2X lifespan as compared to a normal magnesium rod.

Smart control

The smart access to the new generation geysers has a remote-controlled panel that is easy to use. It is also incorporated with the Smart Timer Mode for Auto-On, Auto-Off. The AO smith heat bot is equipped with such a feature.

Green geyser

The AO smith geysers have got a 5-star rating making them green and the most energy-efficient geysers. Thus these can be the most demanding geysers in the next era. 

Total protection

These geysers are well known for giving all-around protection against pressure, temperature, and corrosion. The thermostat helps to set the hot water temperature and makes the heating element non-operational after the set temperature is reached.

It is also suitable for high-rise buildings as it can withstand a pressure of 8 bars. easily.


7 years on the inner tank, 2+2* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element, and 2 years comprehensive. 


The AO smith geysers are durable and affordable. They provide good energy efficiency and let to enjoy the hot water bath for a longer time.

These are the geysers one must go for.

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