Bajaj Water Heater In India: 2023

Bajaj Water Heater In India: 2023

Bajaj is one of the renowned brands in the Indian Market. It provides us with a lot of small home appliances such as fans, geysers, iron, mixer grinder, air cooler, toaster, and a lot more. The Bajaj Geyser is one of the selling products among all electrical appliances.

It deals with all types of geysers including immersion rods, instant, storage, horizontal storage geyser, and gas geyser. All of them are energy-efficient and work well per the customer’s needs and requirements.

In this article, we will get acquainted with the technologies of the Bajaj geysers.

Instant water heater

bajaj instant water heater
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The instant water heater by Bajaj is suitable for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. Its sleek and attractive design makes it a perfect choice for a family. The main technologies of the Bajaj instant geyser are:

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Neon Indicator:

The neon indicator tells us the status of the water heating with its light blinking at “on” or heating”. So, we do not have to wait and check the tap every time just look at the geyser, and all is done.

Multiple safety systems of security:

The multiple security systems of safety for children as well as overheating protection, dry heating, and pressure are present. Thus the geyser is overall safe and secure to use. More it also has a fire retardant cable to ensure safety from the fire too as it does not allow the fire to spread more.

Thermoplastic outer body:

The outer plastic body makes it free from corrosion and rust. It is also resistant to high pressure as it can easily stand the high-rise building where the pressure of the water is relatively high.

Storage geyser

baja storage water heater
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The BAJAJ offers both vertical as well as horizontal geysers. So, you can opt for both as per the space in the bathroom. Both of the geysers are good in performance and are energy efficient. The key technologies of the storage water heater are as follows:

Titanium armor technology

The titanium coating in the inner tank prevents it from corrosion and rust. It also helps in water heating faster. The glass coated with titanium makes it more durable and long-lasting. So, you can enjoy the hot water bath for a longer time period.

PUF insulation

The PUF-coated inner tank keeps the water hot for a longer time thus saving power and energy. It also guards against corrosion and rust. The PUF-coated water heater works for a  longer time.

Temperature control

The control knob on the water heater lets you control the heat and set the temperature manually as per the weather requirement. Thus no need to wait till the geyser is full of hot water you can adjust the temperature and use the water as per the need.

Energy efficient

The Bajaj water heater is 5-star rated as per the BEE in terms of energy saving. They are best to save power and help in the reduction of electricity consumption by up to 20%.  


The Bajaj water heaters are good for Indian usage as they come in a wide range from the immersion rod to the vertical and horizontal storage geyser.  But if we talk about the reheating water it lags back. Moreover, if you have a voltage fluctuation problem in your area please read the manual before use as it can give you trouble.


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