Best Baby Care Products Brands in India: buying guide

Best Baby Care Products Brands in India: buying guide

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The Babies are little bundles of joy. Everyone loves to cuddle them, play with them, and be with them when you have a baby at home.

But do you ever think that how much time we touch the baby’s skin? How the bacteria can transfer from one’s hands and clothes to the little one and make them ill? 

Since the baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive too they need special baby care products. These are designed for them and are chemical-free so that no harm is caused to their skin.

The list of baby products is so long, so in this article, we are going to discuss the top brands of baby products in India.


  1. Mama Earth
  2. Himalaya
  3. Pampers
  4. Pigeon
  5. Chicoo 
  6. Seba med
  7. Cetaphil
  8. Mother care
  9. Dabur
  10. Jhonson

What does the baby care product include?

The list is very long but we are précising it here for your convenience.

Baby Massage oil

Massage is very important for a bay as it not only nourishes the skin but it also helps in the development of good muscles and bone structure. 

Babies have different types of skin and the oil should be selected as per the skin type as the wrong selection can lead to rashes or itching and dryness. So, understand the skin type and select the oil accordingly.

For a better night’s sleep before putting the baby to bed give a gentle massage. It keeps him warm during the night and helps in a peaceful sleep.

Baby Bath Soap

The soap is also important as it is used on a regular basis. Make sure that the soap is free from any type of chemical. The soap should be gentle as it can be harsh to the skin.

Baby lotion

The lotion helps in keeping the moisture intact even after a bath. It is important to apply some lotion after a bath as it helps in keeping the skin healthy and keeps away dryness as well. 

Baby Diaper

The diaper comes on the list of every baby’s needs. It is convenient to use and can be changed easily within minutes when soiled. There are different diapers available in the market but we recommend you to buy the pant diaper as it is easier to use as compared with the old one.

Rash cream

While using diapers with the utmost care it may be possible that the baby can develop rashes which can make him/her annoying. To avoid this good rash creams are available in the market which can be applied before and after changing the diaper.

Feeding bottle

Next comes the feeding bottle which needs to be selected as per the age of the little one. It must be BPA-free and made up of food-grade material. Best Steel Sipper for Baby In India(2021)

The bottle must be cleaned properly with a good sterilizer. A sterilizer keeps the feeding bottle germ free and can be used in other ways also Baby Bottle Sterilizer In India: Buying Guide And Review.

Baby wipes

The baby wipes are good to use if you live in a cold-weather as well as the water usage every time cleaning can also be harsh on the baby. So, a baby wipe is important as it has a maintained PH which is suitable for the delicate skin of the baby. 

The wipes are more important if you travel with the little one.

Best Baby Care Products Brands In India

Mama Earth

Mama earth is a brand that has emerged out of baby necessities by a young couple ( Ghazal and Varun) who were looking for chemical-free baby products. Thus the brand is worth able to trust. The products are 100% organic and do no harm to the delicate skin.

The mama earth products include oral care, Shampoo, bath soap, diapers, skincare, etc. Thus you get all the daily needs care products under one roof.

The product is toxin-free and is friendly for both mum and baby duo. Moreover, they are tested on the basis of international standards before packaging.

Some best selling products from mama earth



The Himalaya baby care products are manufactured with utmost care as the brand trust the chemical-free products which are friendly to the skin of the babies.

The name of the brand is a trusted one and is serving us for a decade. The products are manufactured under high supervision and contain natural ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba, almonds, shea butter, etc.

The baby care of the Himalaya includes bath soap, shampoo, oil, powder, wipes, diapers, etc. It can be bought without the hassle as products are natural and herbal so no side effects can be seen.

Some best selling products by Himalaya are:



The pampers are one of the leading brand names when it comes to the range of the baby diaper. A variety of diapers are offered by this brand which is of high quality and good for kids.

The pampers diaper comes in pant style as well as elastic type. The soft elastic makes it a perfect fit for the baby. Moreover, it is ultra-soft at the surface and has high absorbent power.

The pamper diapers include a new baby diaper, active baby diaper, Cruiser, and premium care.



Pigeon is a more than 50-year-old company that offers a wide range of baby products. It ranges from nursing care to the early motherhood products that make the journey of motherhood more cherishable and easy.

The nursing products range from the breastfeeding pump to bottle sterilizers. Nursing pads and nipple. The nipples of the pigeon are made of super soft peristaltic material which just feels like the mother’s nipple while feeding.

Apart from nursing pigeon also deals in baby care products related to skin, bath, lotion, oil, oral care, etc. So, a wide range of quality assured products can be bought from the pigeon. 

The pigeon products are manufactured bypassing all quality tests plus the safety is a prior consideration as the products are for the babies.

Best selling Pigeon Products



Chicco is the leading manufacturer of Baby products. It operates in about 120 countries and doing business for more than 6o years.

The main segment of the Chicco includes toys, clothing, breastfeeding, sleeping, shoes, etc. It is a shop for all kid’s products from 0 to 3 under one roof. It also deals in car seater, strollers, bottle sterilizers, high chairs, etc.

The product is manufactured with the utmost care and is good in quality and safety. The research and development of the products lead to intensive development of a range with new and innovative features.

Moreover, the company is regularly doing research on making the products that will ease the journey of motherhood and mark the standard quality, reliability, safety, and easy-to-use customized products. Looking forward to more new products.

Best selling Chicco products



Sebamed is the world-leading manufacturer of skin products. When it comes to the baby which is very delicate and needs utmost care the Sebamed product becomes the no.1 choice as it has been dermatologically tested.

The products are manufactured after prolonged research and result in value and worth. The  Sebamed offers a full range of skincare products related to the babies such as baby lotion, cream, shampoo, powder, body wash, a cleansing bar, rash cream, bubble bath, massage oil, etc.

The products are 100% safe and can be useful for all types of skin. So, no need to worry about allergies or dryness. The products give a good covering all over and maintain the skin moisture and thus keeping the glow and softness of the baby’s skin in all seasons.

Best selling Sebamed products:



The Cetaphil products are usually a range of skincare that deals with the line of scent-free moisturizer and lotions.  These are medically tested and are safe to use for kids and babies.

The product is manufactured under the research and development of the parent company Gal derma. The skincare team has understood the sensitivity of the skin and makes products accordingly. 

These are the class of products that are useful for sensitive skin and can be used to reduce skin-related problems due to dry skin. The product range includes baby lotion, organic shampoo, a cleansing bar, oil, etc.

So, give your baby’s skin a new feel of the glow and moisture with the Cetaphil skincare products.

Mother Care


The mother care has been serving us for a long time in a wide range of products from the clothing, skincare, nursery, entertainment, feeding, and maternity wear. The products are good in quality and have passed the all standard of requirements.

These products are useful for babies as they are free from chemicals and are skin-friendly. The world-class products are soft and made especially for babies.

The range of products makes it a one-stop-shop for all baby needs. You can get it all in a place so no need to switch on from one place to another. 



The is one of the oldest companies that is serving us since the last century. The company is well known for its Ayurveda products. The Dabur oil and Janam ghutti are the most famous products of the Dabur.

The products are manufactured generally from herbs and are natural so does not contain harsh chemicals. The product line of Dabur baby care includes oil, soap, cream, baby wash, powder, lotion, wipes, and so on. 

Give your baby a touch of the earth’s nature while growing with the natural and ayurvedic products by Dabur.



 There is no need to describe Johnson’s company as it is serving us since our childhood. The company deals with a wide variety of the products such as lotion, soap, oil, cream, shampoo, etc.

The products are good in quality and are gentle on baby skin. The no more tears shampoo by Johnson’s is one of the popular products as it helps in cleaning the baby’s hair gently.

If want to go for the old company you can use this company’s products as the saying goes old is gold. 

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