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Are you a new parent? Do you want a comfortable baby cot for your little bundle of joy? If yes, then this is the right place where you will find the perfect solution. This article will provide you with all the details and clear your doubts about the crib, cradle, bassinet, and play yard.

S. No. Product Name Description Rating Buy Now
1. Luvlap baby wooden cot with rocker  Pinewood 4 in 1 convertible cot 4/5  Buy On Amazon
2. Luvlap baby wooden cot Pinewood Cradle and cot   4/5 Buy On Amazon 
3.  R for Rabbit folding baby cot/crib Portable bassinet and cot  4.5/5  Buy On Amazon 
4. Luvlap wonder joy baby bed cum cot  Rocker, Napper, and Play yard 4/5 Buy On Amazon 
5. Fisher-Price Georgia Baby Crib Cum Toddler Bed   Seasoned wood with four adjustable height 5/5   Buy On Amazon
6.  BAYBEE Baby’s Little Hut Play Pen Portable Travel Bed Cum Baby Cot  Airy Cot, Playpen, and Bassinet  4/5  Buy On Amazon

What is the difference between the Crib, Cradle, Bassinet, and Play yard?


It is a bed for a baby that has slats on the side to keep the baby from falling out or getting out.


It is a small bed for a baby which can be moved from side to side.


It is a small bed, especially for newborns to four months.


It is a portable enclosure for young kids to play in. It allows the kids to grow and learn many things within the closed area.

Hope you all got it now.

A baby cot/crib is among the most important item for a newly born till the age of five. It provides the baby with a comfortable and cozy sleep so that baby’s growth is not uninterrupted. The crib is also hygienic for her/him as she/he is away from the bacteria or infection carried by the elders during sleep together.


Sleeping in the crib inculcates the habit of independent sleeping at a very young age. It also protects them from falling while they started moving here and there. There is a variety of options from which we can choose the best crib for the baby. The main factor is the comfortableness of the baby as he/she is very delicate. Here we are providing a list of factors with pros and cons for the consideration before buying a crib.

Also, read the Buying Guide at end of the article to know the key factors that should be considered before buying a crib.

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Luvlap baby wooden cot with rocker:

baby wooden cot

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It has one of the most trusted products for the baby. The cot is made of New Zealand pinewood and is comfortable. Wheels with locks help conveniently move the cot across rooms and the wheel locks keep it steady when required.

The Cot can be easily converted into a rocking cradle, just flip the wheels and the rocker is ready. A detachable mosquito net is also there to safeguard from mosquito bites. It also has three height adjustments with a length increase also which allows the cot to grow with the baby.

Moreover, it can also be converted into a study table for further use. Thus, making it a long-term investment. The wooden material of the cot makes it more durable compared to the other cots.

Product Details:

  • Wooden cot.
  • Can be used as a rocker and study table.
  • Easily increase the length with the baby’s height
  • Huge stocking space.
  • up to 15kg weight.
  • Wheels with lock for easy movement.
  • Three adjustable heights.


  • It does not include a mattress with it.

If you go by budget this is the best option.

Luvlap baby wooden cot:

luvlap wooden cot


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It is made of pinewood with a polished finish. The cot is certified as per European standards. It can be easily converted into a cradle. The luvlap cot also includes a mosquito net. This cot also has good airflow.

Product Details:

  • A cot can be converted easily into the cradle
  • Detachable mosquito net
  • Good airflow
  • Certified by European standards
  • The maximum weight is 15 kg


  • It does not have wheels.
  • Can be used only as a cot


 R for Rabbit folding baby cot/crib:

foldable baby cot

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 This is also one of the trusted brands for kids’ products. It can be used in less space as it is portable. The cot has wheels that allow easy movement around the house. It has airy mesh on all four sides hence making it more ventilated.

The cot also includes a bassinet which can be easily used for newborns till 12 months. After it, the bassinet can be removed and can be further used for 36 months.  The hide and seek cot adapts to suit the needs of your newborn to infant to toddler, for years of use. It easily transitions from a baby play yard to a toddler play yard. It can also be a good option for a low budget.

Product Details:

  • Legs with wheels for easy movement around the house
  • Air mesh on all four sides for good ventilation
  • Removal bassinet so suitable for a newborn and toddlers
  • Can be converted into a play yard for babies and toddlers


  • Less durable as made up of fabric

Also look for R for Rabbit Baby’s Den Wooden Baby Cot with Mattress

wooden baby cot

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Luvlap wonder joy  baby bed cum cot: 

baby cot cum play yard

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The is certified as per the EN standards. It is a 3 in1 utility as it can be used as a rocker, Napper, and can be converted into a play yard as the child grows. The detachable and elevated zipper act as a sleeper base for the newborn. It also has 3 detachable pockets to keep the baby essentials handy.

It also has a detachable diaper changing table with safety straps to hold baby weight up to 15 kg. The airy mesh on the two sides provides ventilation as well visibility. The cot is travel friendly as well as you have more color options such as brown, blue and black.

Product Details:

  • Rocker, Napper, and Play yard
  • Detachable pocket
  • Airy mesh
  • Compact and foldable
  • Ideal for newborns to toddler
  • Certified EN Standard


  • Made of fabric so can wear and tear easily.
  • It is too deep to reach the bottom
  • The base is thin so you need an extra mattress.

Fisher-Price Georgia Baby Cot Cum Toddler Bed 

fisher baby cot

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A premium crib presented by Fisher-Price is constructed from solid seasoned wood, the crib comes with four adjustable mattress heights. The mattress can be set at different height levels, as your baby gets bigger. The virgin plastic teething rail on both sides prevents your child from falling off.

When required, the sides can be easily removed and you can convert the crib into a stylish junior bed. This convertible crib also features a spacious drawer underneath for additional storage. A strong and sturdy wood construction makes the crib durable and lasting for years together. The design features zero lead paint finish. Suitable for Infant babies to up to 5-year-olds. 

Product Details:

  • Converts easily from crib to toddler bed.
  • Suitable for newborns to 5 years old.
  • It is made from solid seasoned wood.
  • It has four levels of height adjustment for the mattress base.
  • Highly durable.
  • Zero Lead paint finish.
  • Two colors: Grey and white


  • Very Expensive

BAYBEE Baby’s Little Hut Play Pen Portable Travel Bed Cum Baby Cot

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The BAYBEE Travel Lite crib has a space-saving design that’s 20% smaller than our traditional play yards so it’s easier to fit into your life… It’s a great size for small rooms or apartments and can fit through doors more easily too. The crib has airy mesh on both sides making it fully ventilated.

The crib also grows with your child as it can be used for newborns with a bassinet and then for toddlers. As well as it can be converted into the play yard. Moreover, the combination of Wheels and Legs makes the baby bed/cot stable and portable, and easy to move around the house.

Product Details:

  • EN 716 certified for Safety
  • Basinet layer for newborn
  • Grows with the child
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Foldable and compact
  • Travel Friendly


Buying Guide for Crib/Cot

What is a baby cot?

As discussed earlier that a baby cot is initially a bed for a baby where a baby can have his/her rest time without any disturbance. The baby cot is something you need to secure your baby from being fallen down while sleeping on the bed as well as when he/she is alone in the room. It is considered one of the important things for new parents who live alone.

Importance of Baby cot

A baby cot is as important as a baby stroller. Here are some points that describe the importance of the baby cot:

  1. We know that sound sleep is important for the growth of the baby. So, a baby cot provides an undisturbed sleep during the daytime as well as at the night.
  2. The baby is safe while sleeping in the cot as it is safeguarded by the railings which do not allow the baby to fall down and hurt.
  3. The cot is designed such it the baby likes to play in it and can sleep at their own convenience.
  4. The convertible cot can also be used in a variety of ways such as play yard, rocker, study table, etc.
  5. The baby cots also have storage space that allows parents to keep the baby stuff in a place such as toys, diaper,s etc.
  6. If you travel freak then the portable and convertible cot will help you to spend holiday calmly with the baby

Factors to be considered before selecting the cot

Here is a list of the factors that one should be considered before selecting the baby are:


It is the first and most important concern for the baby. Always look for a cot that has passed the certified standard. The certified cot are best and ensure safety of the baby.


The cot should be durable as the baby will use it in different ways. It should be made up of good quality material.


The cot should provide enough rest to the baby at its own comfort level. It should have a soft cushion mattress so that the baby feels the softness and coziness while resting in the crib.

Easy to handle:

The cot should be easy to use and if convertible can be easily changed from from one use to other.


The cot should be easy to clean so that the baby gets hygiene environment. The baby bed must always be kept clean.


Always have a check on the dimensions of the cot so that it easily fits at the place you have decided.


The cot should have wheels so that it can be easily to move when required.


If you are looing for a cot with other features also then buy a convertible cot which can also be used as a rocker, cradle, play yard etc.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts while using a cot for a baby

Here are some do’s and don’ts that must be kept in mind while using the baby cot:

  • Always make sure that the wheels are locked, so that it cannot move while the baby is inside the cot
  • Make sure that there is no near by objects on the reach of the baby
  • Do not put clothes or too much stuff inside the cot
  • Leave the cot with only one or two favorite soft toys for playing.
  • Always use clean bedding for the baby.
  • Change the bedding immediately after it gets soiled to reduce the chances of infection.
  • Check for safety railings
  • Monitor the baby with the help of a baby monitor from time to time.


Some FAQ’S for baby cot

which is the right time to buy a cot?

As soon as the baby is born you can go for a bassinet cot as it is best suitable for the newborn as well as it can be used as the baby grows.

Is the cot safe place to sleep for the baby?

Yes, a certified and standardized cot is considered safe for the baby. Always loo for the certified cot that has pass all the test.

How much time a cot can be used?

It depends on the usage, quality and the durability of the material. But you can use a cot for a sibling if properly used.

Which cot is perfect traditional or convertible?

If you want to keep the cot at a place with out much movement and use it as a cot then the traditional wooden one is good but if you want more out of the cot and is tend to travel here and there the convertible cot is the best.


As a parent, we personally recommend you buy a cot for the baby so that both can have a good sleep time. As per the research and analysis, we recommend the Luvlap baby wooden cot with a rocker as it is highly durable and can be used for years due to its convertible nature.

For any queries feel free to comment in the comment section below. we will be pleased to help you


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