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Baby High Chair

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When it comes to feeding the kids it takes a lot of patience and running through the whole house. It results in tiredness as well as the kids do not learn the discipline to sit and eat properly. To overcome all these problems here comes the invention of the baby high chair which can be used for feeding as well as other purposes like playing, sitting, etc.

The high chair allows the kids to eat food on their own and makes them more independent. Thus, boosting the kid’s morale by achieving a new benchmark. It is a  thing you must have if you have a toddler at home. Moreover, you can also leave the baby playing on the chair after harnessing properly if you have some house chores to do such as cooking, washing clothes, or cleaning.

S No. Product Name Description Rating Buy Now
1. R for Rabbit Cherry Berry high Chair  The convertible chair can hold up to 20 kg and 7 years  4.5/5  Buy On Amazon  
2. R for Rabbit Marshmallow High Chair Adjustable 7-level height can be used for 5 years   4.5/5 Buy On Amazon 
3. Luvlap Royal Highchair with 7 Height Levels Wheels with brakes can hold up to 15 kg  4.5/5  Buy On Amazon
4. LuvLap 4 In 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat   Convertible high chair 4.5/5  Buy On Amazon 
5. Little Pumpkin Classic Baby High Chair 7 adjustable heights can be used for up to 5 years    3.5/5 Buy On Amazon 
6. Kurtzy Baby High Chair  the aluminum chair supports up to 50 kg 4.5/5  Buy On Amazon 



This article will help you to select the best high chair for your little munchkin. Also, read the Buying Guide at the end of the article for easy assistance to find out the best baby high chair for babies in India

The two basic things which should be kept in mind while selecting the high are that it should be durable, easy to clean, and has proper safety features for the babies. It will be with you for around 4 to 5 years thus, select the one that has good features.

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R for Rabbit Cherry Berry Grand 4 in 1 Convertible Feeding Table high Chair with tray

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The R for Rabbit is one of the trusted names when we go for the kid’s products. It delivers quality products that are durable. Cherry Berry Grand has passed through the most stringent Safety certification of European Nation EN 14988 making it the safest chair for your Little One.

This convertible high chair gives you four features to use. It can be used as a booster chair, study table and chair, and high chair.

The chair design is without an acute angle(pointed one) making it safe for kids to use and reducing the risk of scratching. The anti-skid legs added more durability. There is an optimal back resting position allowing the proper posture and learning the discipline of eating and sitting.

The chair has 5 point harness. it can be used for 7 years and can hold up to 20 kgs. The chair also has 7 height adjustments. It has two color options. The tray and seat cover are easily detachable so can be washed according to convenience.

Product Details:

  • Non-Slip and Any Tipping 
  • Optimal Backrest Design
  • Arc Design without Acute Angle 
  • Convertible to Booster Seat 
  • Convertible to Study Table & Chair: 
  • 5-point Safety Harness 
  • Removable Tray
  • Age: 06 Months to 7 Years.
  • Weight: 0 to 20 Kgs.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable

R for Rabbit Marshmallow 7 Levels Smart Feeding Table High Chair 

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It comes with some more added features such as recline position, easy one-hand settings, 4 color options, dishwasher safe, etc. If you want to invest more go for this one. It is a higher version of the cherry-berry grand 4-in-1 convertible chair.


Luvlap Royal Highchair with 7 Height Levels

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Luvlap is also one of the most trusted baby products companies. It comes second on our list but it is not less than the above one. The chair is also Certified as per European Standard EN 71.


Luvlap high chair has 5 point safety harness which keeps the baby secure and keeps in a comfortable position. It is simple to use, and durable. It has 3 adjustable positions for the baby to sit on as per his age demands. The tray is detachable and can be easily washed after every use to provide hygiene.


Moreover, you can easily move the high chair/dining chair as it comes with wheels. Easy brakes are also incorporated with the wheels to avoid any miss happening. The high chair can also be adjusted at 7 levels as per the convenience of the baby and parents.


The chair can be easily folded and can be carried along. The seat cover can also be washed as per usage.


Product Details:

  • Seat Adjustable to 7 Heights
  • Adjustable 3 position Seat Recline, Foot Rest & Dining Tray
  • 360-degree Swivel Four Wheels with Brakes
  • Removable & Washable Dining Tray.
  • Age: 6 to 36 months
  • Weight: up to 15kg.

LuvLap 4 In 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat

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It is a lower version of the above high chair.


 Little Pumpkin Classic Baby High Chair

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The Little Pumpkin Classic high chair is the third choice as per our research and analysis. The Classic High Chair is EN149 Certified for Safety to make meal time completely safe.


The seat can be adjusted to 7 different heights as per your baby’s comfort. This high chair grows with your child. There is an adjustable & removable metal tray that helps the child to get more comfort while feeding or if the baby just wants to enjoy the sitting time.


5 Point harness to fully secure the child from the top as well as the bottom. There is 3 recline position so that the kid can also enjoy nap time. Moreover, an adjustable footrest is there to make it more comfortable. Classic High Chair for kids is safety certified high chair.


Product Details:

  • 7-level height adjustable
  • Adjustable & Removable Meal Tray
  • 3-recline modes
  • Five Point Harness
  • Age: 0 -5 years
  • Weight: Up to 15 kg

Kurtzy Baby High Chair

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The Kurtzy Baby High Chair is made of aluminum, and it Supports a Weight of 50 KG, which defines its quality as well as durability.


The High Chair keeps your toddler safely sitting down during mealtimes. This makes it harder to stand up or push the legs against a table and fall backward. The table lock cannot be opened by the toddler. The high chair features a removable metal tray that is extremely convenient when you would like your baby to sit up close to the dining table.


The chair is very easy to fold, just fold the leg rest and push the Tray upwards to fold the chair. The chair has two color options white and off-white.


Product Details:

  • Safety Harness
  • Foldable
  • Bright colors
  • Safety Belt
  • Foot Rest
  • very Soft Cushion
  • Age: 6 to 72 months
  • Weight: up to 50 kg

The product is made up of an aluminum frame so check on the pointed edges before placing the baby on the chair to avoid any scratches.


Buying guide for a high chair

As we know that we are buying a product that will be used by a baby on a daily and routine basis so be sure of the quality and material of the product. Here we have provided all the information that will help you to find out the suitable product for your little one at an affordable price.

Importance Of High Chair

A high chair is a thing that every parent should have in their home in order to discipline the baby to sit and eat at a place. The kids not only learn how to eat properly but also learn to sit at a place for some time. The best time to buy the high chair for the baby is when you start giving solids to the baby. The modern high chairs are designed such they can be converted to study tables and chairs, as well as booster chairs. So, it is a wise investment for every parent as it will be used for a longer time.


However, there are some points that should be noted before you purchase a high chair either online or offline. These points are as:



As we know that safety comes first for every person. Here we are talking about babies so we should be more concerned about safety. Always choose the have a good safety harness as it will keep the baby in the right place and reduces the chances of falling down while using the high chair. The harness is easily accessible by adults but babies cannot open it. Mae is sure that the harness is always properly placed when you place your child on the high chair.


Basically, there are two types of harnesses available in the high chair. These are:


3- Point Harness: The 3-point harness only tie up the baby from the bottom and has three belts that secure the baby by harnessing from the legs.

5- Point Harness: The 5-point harness tie-up baby from all sides means top and bottom. It is safer than the 3-point harness.



It is the second factor but it is also as important as the first. Since we are going to use the high chair for a long time so the material of the high chair should be good enough. Moreover, the baby’s products are usually washed and cleaned after each and every use. Therefore, the high chair should be good enough to tackle all these things.


A stable high chair is a must for a baby as it will not fall off with some of the super active babies. For a stable high chair look for the width of the legs as well as the height of the chair.


A good quality washable tray is highly recommended to make it germs-free and wash frequently. Most of the high chair trays are dishwasher safe and be easily detached, and cleaned. Check the edges and the shape of the tray so that no pointed things are near to the babies that can hurt them.


The tray also acts as the front barrier which protects the baby from falling down front. The tray should always be used while babysitting on the high chair.


Belt material:

The belt material should be made up either of fabric with a plastic lock as the metal locks can be hard and can hurt the baby. Moreover, the belt material should be soft so that the baby is not hurt at all while harnessed

Seat and backrest:

The seat should be cushioned and must have enough back resting space so that the baby can be positioned right in the high chair. The seat should be cleaned from time to time to make it germ-free.


The high chair must be adjustable for using it properly with the growth of the child. Modern high chairs are equipped with 7 or 5 points adjustable height. The recline chairs are also in trend which allows changing the position while sitting. The baby can also take a nap in this kind of high chair.


The high chair should be easily movable to carry from one place to another. If you are looking for such a chair the foldable one is the best to be bought. Moreover, some chairs have wheels that allow easy movement. They also have a brake which makes them stable at a place whenever you want.


There are some guidelines that must be followed while using any product. Here are some do’s and don’t that you must keep in mind while using the high chair.


Always keep the harness placed while using the chair to prevent the fall of the baby.


  • Keep the sharp and breakable objects out of reach from baby
  • Clean the tray as well as seat from time to time to maintain hygiene.
  • Make sure that baby is positioned correctly.
  • Lock the wheels of the high chair before you seat your baby on it.
  • Do not place the high chair near the kitchen countertop.
  • Don’t leave the baby unattended for a long time in the high chair.
  • Use the waist strap and crotch strap to keep your baby secure on the chair.

Some FAQ,s for the High Chair

What age is appropriate for a baby to sit on the high chair?

A baby aged between 6 months and above. when the baby start sitting and you introduce solids into the baby’s diet.


At what age can we use the high chair?

Most are used till the child reaches the age of 3 years it becomes too short for the baby to sit on and he/she feels uncomfortable while sitting on the chair.


Are the high with wheels suitable?

Yes, the high chair with wheels is suitable as they have an interlocking brake system just like the stroller.

How suitable is the convertible high chair?

The convertible high chair is convenient as you can use it in different ways such as a high chair, booster chair, and study table and chair for a grown-up.


How frequently the chair must be cleaned?

The chair must be cleaned on a daily basis to give hygiene to the baby.



At last, we come to the conclusion that the R for Rabbit high chair is the best high chair for babies as it provides you all the features a high must-have. It gives you the best quality and durability. Moreover, it is our humble request that you should always look for the safety feature of the high chair to make sure that the baby is safe all the time while enjoying meal time.


For further queries please comment on the box below we would be happy to help you.


Thank you.


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