Best Baby Stroller In India(Buying Guide)

Best Baby Stroller In India(Buying Guide)

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A baby stroller is one of the important things for ease and convenience. A baby at home requires a full setup for its safety as well as growth. There is a list of things one must have with a baby. A stroller is one of them. What is a stroller? A stroller is basically a chair on wheels used generally used for carrying a baby along with you outside the house without tiredness. It helps you to do outside work more easily as you don’t have to carry the baby on your lap thus making shopping an easy task.

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1. luvlap baby stroller  4/5 Buy On Amazon 
2. R for Rabbit baby stroller 4/5 Buy On Amazon 
3. little pumpkin baby stroller  4/5 Buy On Amazon 
4.   Mee Mee baby pram 4/5 Buy On Amazon 
5. Chicoo baby stroller  4/5 Buy On Amazon 
6. Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller  4/5   Buy On Amazon
7. LuvLap Tutti Frutti Stroller/Buggy  4/5 Buy On Amazon 

Moreover, the baby can play in the stroller and accompany you while you take a walk for fitness. A baby can also sleep there if you are outside your house.


There are a few points that must be kept in mind while a baby is seated in the stroller. These are:

  1. Always make sure that baby is seated properly and the seat harnesses are properly tacked to ensure safety.
  2. The position of the brake should always be checked before stopping the stroller.
  3. Do not any heavy objects such as bags, or purses on the handle as they can misbalance the stroller.
  4.   Always read the manual before using any product.

Based on our research we are presenting you with the best stroller available online. For more details read the full article to have the right choice for your little munchkin.

The various strollers for the baby available in India are:

luvlap baby stroller

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Luvlap provides you with the best safety measure for your baby as far as concerned.  It is a  trusted brand among baby products. When it comes to the baby products it stands in the no.1 position.


  • Has secured five points among the safety measures.
  • It is Foldable and compact so can be easily carried.
  • Provide 3 positions for baby seating.
  • Detachable seat cushion and mosquito net with a window to look inside.
  • Storage basket as well as a back pocket.
  • 360° front wheel swivel with lock and rear-wheel breaks.
  • Offer a wide variety of color options.


R for Rabbit baby stroller

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R for rabbit presents a colorful stroller for you which has a very attractive look and is liked by the baby. The main aim of this stroller is to provide high-quality safety for the baby. The main feature of the stroller is:


  •  It provides a suspension in the front wheel to give the baby a smooth ride
  • 3 seating positions for the Baby’s comfort
  • It is very easy to fold just push the bar below the handle.
  • A high-quality frame of the stroller
  • The wheels are of high quality and have good rotation
  • It also gives you a soft detachable seat cushion with a window to look inside

little pumpkin baby stroller

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Little pumpkin offers you a really user-friendly stroller that is easy to use and handle. It has good quality in terms of material as well the safety.


  • The stroller is lightweight so it is easy to carry along while traveling.
  • It is very easy to fold you just have to push the handle to fold.
  • The wheels are also designed for an easy ride with a good suspension
  • The reversible handle to use pram from both sides
  • There are three positions in which the child can be seated
  • The soft cushion seat is also provided for the baby’s comfort.


Mee Mee baby pram

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Mee Mee provides products by understanding today’s parents’ needs and challenges. The pram is really easy to use. It has a variety of colors. Moreover, it is a good choice as per the reviews by the consumers.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • One can easily fold the stroller.
  • The frame is sturdy and of good quality to give comfort to baby
  • There are three seating positions available for the baby
  • Full canopy to cover the pram in order to keep baby safe even during rain and winter season
  • A good space is provided under the pram to keep all the baby essentials in a very handy place
  • It also has a double cushion which is washable and a detachable feeding tray
  • In the view of safety, it has earned a good safety points
  • It can carry weight up to 25 kg
  • A wide range of colors is available for choice.

Chicoo baby stroller

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Chicco stroller is designed for a trend following moms as it gives you a contemporary style.  Yet it gives you excellent comfort and is easy to use. This proves to be the best choice for mothers as well as babies. The key features of the stroller are:


  • Modern designed with matching metallic pipes with matching seat cushions.
  • light-weighted so easy to carry along while traveling.
  • It also has an umbrella fold design which helps to ease folding.
  • The wheels are given a good suspension to have a comfortable ride.
  • It is made up of sturdy material with a cushion at the back for baby comfort.
  • It can carry a weight of up to 15 kg.

Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller



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The summer 3delite+ is a convenient and easy stroller that is lightweight and durable so can be used for everyday work. Moreover, it also has the large storage behind which is convenient for her parent to hold on to their belongings. The key feature of this stroller are:

Key Features:

  1. The stroller has premium fabric with high-class stitching so need to worry about the wear and tear of the material easily.
  2. Equipped with 5 points safety harness. It can recline up to 142 degrees horizontally.
  3. It is compact and foldable so can be carried easily along while outing.
  4. The anti-skid and lockable wheels add on the extra safety features.
  5. It also has the cup holder, mobile holder as well as a zipper back pocket for easy use along with the baby.
  6. The body is made up of aluminum and weighs only 14 pounds so it is a very lightweight stroller, yet durable.


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The Luvlap tutti fruti stroller is popular for its color and durability. It is easy to fold and portable so a perfect fit for traveling with a little one. It has passed the European standards for the safety purpose of the baby. Its main features are as follows:

Key Features:

  1. It is suitable for babies aged between 6 months to 3 years and can carry a weight up to 15 kg.
  2. Assured 5 point harness system to ensure baby safety.
  3. 360-degree rotating wheel with the brakes on the rear wheels.
  4. a looking window is present for keeping an eye on the baby’s activities.
  5. Adjustable leg rest with foot support and the detachable pocket add on the more attractive features to the stroller.
  6. 5 different attractive colors are available to choose from.

How to select the stroller for baby

Before buying the product for a baby one should be looking for the various features as the babies are very delicate and can be hurt with a little negligence. So, here are some points that one should consider before buying the stroller:


Safety is the first and foremost thing when it comes to the kids. It is important that the stroller has passed all the safety norms and has the harness that can ensure the baby’s safety and intact them at a place. It is recommended to buy a stroller with a 5-point safety harness as it is considered to be the safest one.


The next is comfort. Unless and until you have a good and comfortable stroller the baby will not sit there properly. It is recommended to choose a stroller that has cushioned seat and that has the material which can be sweatproof to provide ease while sitting.


The frame must be sturdy and durable.  Light and the low standard frame can cause breakage and can hurt the baby. It is recommended to buy a stroller that has a metallic framework that can withstand a long time.


Do not try to buy a too much costly stroller as it will be of no use after the 2 years. So, you can go for the moderate range that you can afford and it will also not be of low quality.

Brakes and wheels:

Make sure that wheels have brakes in order to keep the stroller in a place safely and easily. Moreover, the good wheel quality also adds extra safety to the stroller. The wheels should also be rotating to give a smooth movement while riding. 


The baby stroller is a must thing for kids as it relaxes the baby as well as new parents. The stroller must be sturdy, durable, and comfortable for kids. We recommend you to buy the Luv lap baby stroller as it is comfortable, durable, and sturdy and a wide range is available to choose from. 


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