Best Bean Bag In India: Buyer Guide And Review

Best Bean Bag In India: Buyer Guide And Review


A bean bag is a sealed bag that is filled with the dries foam beans to ease the comfort to sit. They are one of the most popular home furniture. Bean bags are nowadays very popular and easily found in the home. They have become the family favorite in the home furniture as they are comfortable to sit and look stunning.

The bean bag just occupies a corner of the home and can be move easily from one place to another. They come in a variety of shapes. This makes them amazing in-home furniture

They also need very little maintenance. The only thing you have to do is just wiping out the dust with a damp cloth. Thus they have become an important part of home furniture.

Baby High Chair


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Fade resistant fabric with double layered stitching
Leather beanbag with footstool
Faux Leather with Foot stool
 Premium leather with 6 months warranty
Leather with double zipper and velcro
Leather with double stirched

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1. About bean bag

a) Material of the bean bag

The outer cover of the bean bag is most important as it should be strong enough to handle all the roughness during its use. The various materials used for the outer cover of the bean bag are Leatherette, faux fur, cotton, denim, faux suede, canvas, Lenin, lamb’s wool, twill.

Based on the usage and comfort level one can choose the bean bag fabric. All of them are easy to clean and comfortable. Thus, a bean bag has become a family member by sharing its own space in the home. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. According to your need, you can select the right one.

b) Size of the bean bag

The bean bag comes in different sizes. These are: small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large,xxx-large. The small and medium bean bags are good for kids as they can hold less weight and required less space. It needs 1 kg of beans for filling. The large and x-large bean bags are very common they look good and are suitable for all age groups. The beans required for filling this bag is around 1.5 kg. The XXXL and XXL are big in size and loos like a sofa in the living room. It needs 2 kg to 3 kg of beans for refilling.

c) Shapes of the bean bag

The different shapes of the bean bags are Chair bean bags, armchair bean bags, lounge chair bean bags, football, muddha, kids bean bags, sack shape bean bags. All have a different comfort level. Based on your requirement you can choose the one.

Important note:

Keep the burning and the sharp objects away from the bean bag .


Here we will tell you about the various beanbags available in the Indian market with their pros and cons


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The solimo bean bag cover is one of the best beanbag covers among all brands. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The main features of the bag  cover are:

  • Made up of fade-resistant fabric with superior seam and strength.
  • The stitch is also double layered to give strength to the bag.
  • Available in xl, XXL, and XXXL sizes.
  • Give you a one year warranty on the manufacturing defect.
  • Handle at the top for easy carrying
  • Provided with Velcro as well as a zipper to prevent bean spilling.

The beans should be bought separately with these bean bags.


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The Orka bean bags cover gives you a style and is a symbol to enhance the living room and elevate the look with its simplicity. These are made so comfy that the person using it will fall in with the product. The key features of the bag cover are:

  • It is made up of leather.
  • Easy to clean. Use a damp cloth to clean the spots
  • A footstool is provided to rest your legs.
  • Height and width are for a single seating
  • Xxxl size can hold a weight of 90 kg
  • Double stitching to provide strength with a strap handle for easy moving.



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Couchette presents you with an elegant modern chaise lounge bean bag cover. It is comfortable and easy to use. Decorative piping makes the bag looks most awesome. The key features are:

  • Made up of faux leather.
  • XXL size need 3.5 kg of beans
  • Easy to clean
  • A made in India product.
  • A footstool is included for ease in work.
  • Superior quality inseam stitch to give strength.



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Satvaa classic bean bags are an evergreen bags with style and indulged comfort level. It gives a classy look to the home as well as the office. The bag is filled with beans so it is ready to use the product. The key features of the bags are:

  • Made up of premium leather fabric.
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty.
  • Need only spot cleaning
  • XXL size needs around 2 kg of beans.
  • A 500 gm. beans should be refilled in 6 months to keep it healthy and happy
  • The product is 100% made in India.
  • A large variety of bags are available with the brand.


Luxerious bean bag

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A good quality bean bag which is suitable for the living room, playroom as well as the kids’ room. Soft and comfy, useful for all age groups. The key features of the bags are:

  • Superior seam with extra strength.
  • Made of leather fabric.
  • Easy to clean just wipe out.
  • Double locking with zipper and Velcro
  • Triple stitched
  • Ready to use product
  • Hand wash/ machine wash the suitable cover


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It has a collection of all types of colors and types of bean bags. The quality is superior. The bags are soft and comfortable. The key features are:

  • Made of leather.
  • Require minimum maintenance.
  • Double-stitched.
  • Ready to use the product.
  • Available in all sizes.
  • it does not have any warranty.

How to take care of bean bag

Here are some points that will help you to take care of your bean bags so that it will be with for a long time without any wear and tear

  1. Don’t place sharp objects near or on the bean bag. It can damage the bag cover.
  2. Don’t put burning thing near the bean
  3. Clean the bag with a damp cloth regularly.
  4. Use only mild detergent for cleaning. Harsh detergent can cause stain marks on the cover.
  5. Always wash the bean bag after removing the beans as the beans are made of polystyrene that can dissolve in a machine

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