Best Block Building Games For Toddlers: Buying Guide

Best Block Building Games For Toddlers: Buying Guide

Building Block Games For Toddler

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The block-building games for toddlers help in the development of good hand and eye coordination. Toys are very essential for the growth of the kids. There are different types of toys and games that help in the development of kids in different fields. Such as educational games, building block games, Puzzles, model building, and construction toys.

These toys help the development of motor skills, conceptual skills, creativity, and also enhances learning capability. The toys and games are also time engaging and make the kids free from the screen and do something new all the time.

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221 pcs blocks for open ended creativity
64 pcs blocks with decorative items
Colorful blocs with zipper bag for storage
72 pcs good quality and non toxic blocks
High quality 180 colorful blocks with easy grip

The games and books are the best friends of anyone. They have an important place in anyone’s life and helps them to be stress-free and mentally fit. Here are some importance of games for kids as well as adults:

  1. They help in learning various things while having fun.
  2. It keeps you physically and mentally fit.
  3. They prove to be the best friend of everyone.
  4. They help in the development of hand and eye coordination.
  5. Some games also help in boosting confidence in the kids
  6. The Games are also helpful in reducing the screen time in kids
  7. They also act as a stress-buster in adults.

Here is the list of the affordable and good block building for toddlers games that will help your little one in the development of the hand and eye coordination and makes them more creative.

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Building Blocks for Kids ,Multi-Color (221 pcs) 10692

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The LEGA creative brick building for toddlers has 29 different color bricks. It lets the kids go into the world of imagination and create an endless possibilities. The block set includes doors, windows, wheels, eyes, and propellers. The instruction card also includes some of the great ideas to get start with.

It is ideal for all age groups. The set also enhances creativity and fine motor and sensory skills. The set is so time engaging that the kids can spend hours with the games. It is designed to inspire open-ended creativity, with some imaginative ideas. All kinds of model pictures can be made from this set simultaneously as it has 221 pieces.

Key Benefits:

  • 221 pieces of Fine quality blocks
  • Open-ended creativity
  • Can make more than 1 model
  • Ideal gift for toddler
  • Helps in the development of kids
  • Can be used for all age groups
  • Variants available

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Adichai sweet home large building blocks with 64 pieces 1 base plate and 1 manual – construction and building block toy for kids- Multi color

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The Adichi 64 pieces Sweet home block set has a base plate and a complete set of trees, steps, wall and windows. It allows the ids to build a house of their own according to their thinking and and decorate it with the help new creative ideas. The blocks are of premium quality and is a popular brand in the kids toys and games.

It also helps in the development of motor skill sets, as well as hand and eye coordination. The various decorative material helps min construction of the new look every time you play. This enhances the creativeness. Most of the customers viewed it as good quality and helpful product as per the review. It can be a perfect gift for a toddler.

A wide range of variants are also available

Key Benefits:

  • 64 pieces block with decorative items
  • Improves imagination and creativeness
  • Builds hand and eye coordination
  • Can be used in groups/individual
  • Good for kids/parents
  • Good quality material


The blocks are very small and can cause hazard if choked, so not suitable for small kids.

FunBlast Building Blocks for Kids with Wheel, Bag Packing, Best Gift Toy for Girls, Boys Multicolor (100 Pieces)

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The Fun Blast building blocks are available in a wide variety of range giving you a lot of options to choose from.

These Building Blocks for Kids are bright and colorful that attract the kids and made their playtime the best time with some educational element also. The blocks come with a zippered packet with a handle to store them easily and carry them at your convenience.

The building block helps in enhancing motor skill, mental exercise, observed coordination as well as communication skills. The kids can make a variety of shapes and designs as per their convenience and imaginations. The set is an ideal gift set for growing kids. The quality and the material of the blocks are non-toxic and can be washed for cleaning.

Key benefits:

  • Affordable Non-toxic game
  • Bag for easy storing and carrying
  • Improves imagination
  • Can be played in groups and individual
  • Also, can be used for role-playing

FRATELLI Building Blocks for Kids – Certified European Saftey Standards

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FRATELLI Mega Home Building Block contains 72 pieces. So you can not only build Happy Home but Many Happy Palatial Homes and that too in many Shapes And Size. Detachable windows provide to enhance the beauty of the home you build. For more fun, we recommend you to buy two sets. With more pieces, the number of combinations increases multi-fold.

The blocks help to unleash a child’s imaginations and kids can do a lot of things with them. The blocks are made up of high-quality plastics with smooth and round edges to ensure full safety. Moreover, they are non-toxic to gives kids full safety. The kids can spend hours while playing with such kind of games, so they prove to be time engaging.

Key Benefits:

  • 72 pieces of high-quality blocks
  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Smooth and round edges
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Washable

Toyztrend Expert Building Blocks for Kids, 180+ Pieces Blocks.

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The Toyztrend expert block building for toddlers has 180 blocks that help the kids to make a lot of new models with the kid’s imagination. It also helps the children to imagine and develop their logical reasoning. The blocks are easy to grasp are can be fitted smoothly. it also enhances the sensory and motor skills and thus results in fine hand and eye coordination.

These blocks are made of high-quality plastics that are safe for kids. The time engaging activity that helps in the learning of new approaches to the construction of the various designed models. The blocks are most appropriate for kids above years as the small parts can be swallowed by little one.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves motor skills
  • Colorful blocks
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to grasp size

How to choose best block building game for toddlers

Every game has its own importance but they prove to be helping in the development of different kinds of skill in the kids. There are wide variety of games available in the market for playing and selecting between them is a very tough task. But here are some points that will help you in selecting the best blocks for your little one.

Age-appropriate: Choose the game according to the age of your child. This will help him in playing through fun and not stressing. The games played by the elder ones are difficult for toddlers. So they feel stressed and loses confidence if not doing it in a proper way.

Quality: The game should be of good quality so that it will not harm the kids while playing. The quality blocks also attract the kids and they feel good while playing the game.

Different skill sets: The blocks game should help in the improving of the different skill sets of the child as they need the all-round development and the coordination of various body parts.

Interesting: As the child gets bored easily so in order to help them and increase the interest the game should be more enjoyable and creative. This will help in the improvement of imagination and the development of the brain.


Games and sports are an important part of our life. While selecting the game one should keep in mind the creativeness and quality. The game should help in the all-round development and enhancement of the different skill sets. So, while deciding the block-building game for kids once have a look at our recommendation.

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