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What is a BP monitor?

A BP monitor or blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure the flow of the blood with in the human body. A good or appropriate BP is a resemblance of the healthy body.

In today’s day to day life every one is running around no one has the time to do some exercise or the physical work that makes a person fit and fine. Thus, it is after 30’s one feels a sudden change in the BP. To tackle such problem we need a handy solution and the answer to this is the BP monitor. Which allows you to measure the BP by your self with not less than 5 minutes.

Therefore, a BP monitor is a must thing one mush have in his/her home now a days ,when the health has become so important.

What is the normal BP of a healthy person?

The normal BP of a healthy person is generally is 120/80 mmHg. It includes systolic and diastolic pressure.

The systolic pressure is the pressure creates by the heart to pump the blood into the arteries. It is generally 120mmHg for a normal person.

The diastolic pressure is the pressure in the arteries between the heart beats. It give the bottom level. It is generally below 80mmHg – normal person


Blood Pressure Range



what to do



less than 80

healthy body need to  maintain this BP



less than80

Change some life style, do exercise

High blood pressure



Change life style, Do exercise, Take proper diet and advice form doctor



90 or higher

medication and follow doctor instruction


180 or above

up to 120

immediately consult a doctor and extreme take care required

What is high blood pressure and low blood pressure?

High Blood pressure

The hypertension or high blood pressure is nothing but the higher force of blood to the artery walls. It forces the heart to work hard and pump out the blood at a high force as compared to the normal flow. The BP above 80/120mmHg is considered to be the high blood pressure.

If left untreated for a long time this can result in the heart attack, strokes and kidney failure.


The exact cause if the hypertension is not known till now but in medical terms the follwiong might be the cause of he high blood pressure

  1. Obesity
  2. Smoking
  3. Alcohol
  4. Improper sleep
  5. Tension/stress
  6. Improper diet
  7. excessive salt in diet
  8. Genetics
  9. Diabetes
  10. No exercise/ yoga


The high blood pressure usually shows no symptoms therefore it is called as silent killer. But a majority of people notices headache, anxiety and sleep disorder as the prominent symptoms. In more severe cases the nose bleeding occurs.


Most of the doctor suggest the medications for high blood pressure but it can also be controlled with the change in lifestyle, including proper diet, adequate sleep, reduce alcohol and smoking etc.

Low Blood Pressure

Hypotension or low blood pressure is caused when the brain does not receive the adequate amount of blood . In this condition, the blood pressure typically falls below a Systolic value of 90 and Diastolic value of 60. The low blood pressure can results in faintness, dizziness or tiredness.


The drop in the blood pressure can be normal if a person does not eat for a long time he/she can have a low blood pressure. How ever some of the underlying conditions responsible for the low blood pressure are:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Thyroid
  3. Blood loss
  4. dehydration
  5. Improper diet
  6. Unbalanced schedule


The underlying symptoms of the low blood pressure are:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Breathing problem
  4. Nausea
  5. Blurry vision


The low blood pressure can be treated with the incorporation of the exercise, proper diet, sleep and some medications if required

Best BP Monitor in India

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense Technology

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The Omron is among the best selling BP monitor. The Omron 7120 BP monitor is a compact and fully automatic operating machine which works in the principle of the Oscillometric. It measures the blood pressure and the pulse rate in an easy one touch operation. The product comes with 3 year warranty and lifetime support. The cuff size is medium(22-32cm). The device uses its Intellisense technology for ease of the inflation without any pre setting.

Note: This is a medium cuff size BP monitor for cuff size more than 32cm use a wide size.

More BP monitor from omron

Omron Most Advance Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with 360° Accuracy Intelli Wrap Cuff for All Arm Sizes

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Omron HEM 7130L Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Large Cuff

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Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

dr. morpen bp monitor

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Dr. Morpen Bp 02 is a fully automatic, digital blood pressure monitor for use on the arm, which enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as the pulse frequency by way of the Oscillometric method of measuring. This device is a user friendly device offers a measurement accuracy like a clinical tested BP. product is very light weight.

It works with 4 AAA batteries and the measurement range from 40mm Hg to 230 mmHg with a pulse range from 40 beats/min. to 199 beats/min. (measurement accuracy pulse: +/- 5% and pressure +/- 3mmHg.

If you are looking for a combo of glucometer and BP monitor then go for

Dr. Morepen BP02 Blood Pressure Monitor and BG03 Glucose Check Monitor Combo

Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine

dr. trust bp monitor

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The dual Dr. trust BP smart monitor is easy to use as it has dual talking mode which can guide you to accuracy of the BP. Mute mode also available. It can work with USB devices as well as the 4AAA batteries. It is easy to carry along due to its travel friendly nature. The efficiency level is also high and takes the accurate measurement of your systolic+ diastolic BP and the heart rate and pule irregularities. Easy wide cuff makes it usable for all (22-42 cm). It can also store up to 120 measurements for 2 users so easy to recall and maintain the record.

BPL Medical Technologies BPL 120/80 B18 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

BPL BP Monitor

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The BPL BP monitor comes with the detailed WHO classification describing the trends and makes the user understand the chart of the BP. It works on the Oscillometric principal and measure the BP in one touch. The monitor runs with the help of 4 AAA batteries as well as the 1 A micro USB adapter. The cuffs of the monitor are latex free that provides ultimate comfort to the patient. Moreover, it also give a check on the pulse rate. The device is easy to handle and use with a single touch.


As per our research and study we found that the digital blood pressure gives a result of +/- 5 mmHg as compare to the device used by the doctor but it recommended to keep such device handy with old age people or the patient having problems of the high and low BP as it can help to figure out the condition in case of emergency. All the BP monitors mentioned above are trusted one and you can choose any one of the them as per your taste and preference.

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