Best Fitness Tracker In 2021: Top Pick

Fitness is very important for all. It is for men as well women. Old or young. To be fit and track the goal one needs to have a good fitness tracker. It will do a lot of activities and gives you all the data that will tell you about the various activities.

We have selected the best range of the fitness tracker for you  so that you can make your choice easy and quick.

Mi Smart Band 5

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Features: 24 hrs. sleep tracking / 1.1 ” Amoled display/11 sports mode/Battery run: 14 days/ Magnetic charging/ 5 ATM water resistant.

The MI Smart band is one of the best selling  fitness tracker as it is affordable and serves the purpose of given data related to the heart rate and steps you walked and the calories burned during the activities. 

The Band has especially designed for women as it  can gives the track for the monthly cycle as well as ovulation. It can also be used to keep a record of sleep and the stress level too. 

The band can also be accessed through MIfit app which gives a detailed view of overall health. The Personal activity Intelligence(PAI) helps in giving the details on the basis of the gender, age, and existing fitness level.

This band is useful for the person who goes to gym, do yoga, have heart related problems etc.



Fitbit Charge 4 fitness tracker

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Features: Built in GPS/ Water resistant/Active zone minutes/ new exercise mode/sleep tracking/7 days battery life.

The Fit bit charge 4 is a complete of the fitness as it has most of the features a smart band must have. The results of the Fitbit are more accurate and can be trusted easily. 

The charge 4 is one of the prominent band if you look for the over all performance. It has more advance features when compared to the leading brands such as xaiomi, samsung etc. 

Fitbit charge 4 has  the built in GPS that lets you to see your pace and distance on screen while you are cycling, hiking, riding and lot more. Moreover, It is also beneficial for women as it keeps all record of the menstrual cycle or ovulation day  so that nothing can be missed and kept recorded.

The fit bit band also has the connectivity with the smart phones including IOS and Android and allows the notifications on the display screen.

It is one of the best fitness tracker as per the accuracy of the reading. 



Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

fit bit inspire2 fitness tracker
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Features:- Active zone minutes/ 20+ exercise modes/10 days battery life/ weight: 30 gms/ water resistant: 5 M

The fit bit inspire 2 is one of the perfect smart band for the gym goers or the active persons as it tracks downs all the activities of the day and night. It also records the type of sleep and tells the hours of light, deep and REM sleep.

The various activities tracked by the band are heart rate, calories burned, hourly activities and steps walked. The 5 ATM water proof makes it usable during the swimming and shower time. 

Moreover, you get 1 year free fit bit premium trial for the personal assistant  that will help you to reach the goal fast and guide you too.



OPPO Smart Band

oppo smart band
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Features :- Battery life: 14 days/ SPo2 saturation level/ 13 exercises mode of tracking/ 1.1″ amoled screen/ 5 atm water resistant.

The OPPO is one of the prominent brand name when we go for the smart phones sections. So, is the case with the smart watch. It is reliable and reasonable band.

This band helps in tracking the 13 exercises mode such as yoga, walking, running, cycling, fat burn exercise, Swimming, cricket etc.

Moreover, you can also find it with a detachable strap that lets you change the strap easily. An extra strap is included with the band for change of the look. The band looks stunning and goes with the outfits easily.

However, it helps in tracking the heart rate, spo2 level of the body and the steps plus the calories burnt. The band is useful for all age groups and gender.



Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker

FItbit wireless activity tracker
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The Fit bit charge wireless activty tracker