Best Hand Blender (mixer) in India

Best Hand Blender (mixer) in India

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Having the appliance which make our work easy and comfortable in the kitchen saves times. A hand blender is one of them. It is also called as hand mixer or stick blander due to its design and usage.

The blender makes our work easier as it mixes directly in the vessel so no need to transfer the ingredients from the bowl tot he mixer and then again to the bowl. This feature makes it more useful than the food processor.

Best Hand Blenders In India

S. No.Product Name RatingBuy Now
1.Inalsa Robot Inox 10004.5/5 Buy On Amazon
2.Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer4.5/5 Buy On Amazon
3.PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender 250W4/5 Buy On Amazon
4.KENT Hand Blender- 300 W4/5 Buy On Amazon
5.Kent Hand Blender SS-160444/5Buy On Amazon
6.BOSS E113 Hand Blender4/5Buy On Amazon
7. Bajaj HM 01 Hand Beater4.5/5 Buy On Amazon

Now a days the hand blender also have some features of the processor such as chopping. It must be keep in mind that the blender can only be used to chop the small quantity as compared to the food processor.

In this article we will discuss about the best blends available in India, buying guide and the frequently asked questions in its basis.

Uses of Blender

A blender can be used easily to make the following things:

  • Soups
  • whipped cream
  • Shakes
  • Smoothies
  • Purees
  • Sauce
  • Cake mix
  • Pancake mix
  • Butter making 

Difference between hand blender and food processor

The food processor as well as the hand blender as its own importance. But we recommend you to use both in the kitchen as the food process is used to do the more complicated things, easier such as kneading dough for chapattis, grating coconut or carrots for sweets etc. whereas the hand blender blends and mixes the shakes, juices, boiled pulses and vegetables easily. It can be used easily to mesh the soup and make food for small kids as they do not give much time to prepare a meal.

How to select the Hand Mixer

Few things to look for before buying the hand blender are:


The material is the most important thing one should look for a blender. The attachments materials are also important as they need to be removed frequently for washing. In this case we recommend to buy a hand blender which is made of the stainless steel rather than the plastic as it will be more durable and blades will give you fine results.


The blender’s motor get heat up quickly so it need to be used with pause or else it will damage the blender too. Some blenders have the over heat protection which prevents the damage from the heat so you can opt for that. In addition to that you can also look for the copper motor.


Weight is the next thing one should look for. As the blender will be held by the hand when in use so a heavy weight blender can strain your arms and shoulder muscle. Always look for the blender which is under 2 kg.


The simple blender has the only blade attachment whereas more modern have the multiple attachments such as the chutney jar, blending glass or a chopper. These needs to be checked before buying.

Cord vs. cordless blenders

The blenders also comes with cord and without cord select according to your usage. The corded blenders have more power but it can only be used near the power plug so before buying check the switch available in the kitchen.

Running time

Also look for the time period for which the blender can be used continuously.

Some tips for using hand blender’s

  1. Always keep the blender clean and wash it thoroughly after use or it will leave stains.
  2. Always use a large bowl for mixing so that it will not spill out while blending.
  3. Do not use it for a extremely hot liquid as it can spill out and burn you.
  4. Make sure you have the sufficient quantity of food  for mixing or it will not give the desired result.

Best Hand Blender in India

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000

inalsa hand blender

Buy On Amazon

Inalsa is one of the leading manufacturer of the small kitchen appliances. The Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 is a hand blender with stainless steel finish which allows a smooth and powerful working with 1000 watts motor. It also has the multiple speed control options. 

key features:

Light weight with detachable blades: The hand blender is light weighted of only 1.4 kg which can be easily held with the hand without stressing the muscles of the arm. Moreover the blades can be easily detached fro the motor and can be cleaned after use.

Speed controller: The dual speed performing gives the user to select the texture of their own choice as per the requirement of the ingredients.

Anti splash cover: The blades in the bottom has the anti splash cover made of stain less steel which prevents the direct contact of the blades with the vessel as well as it also reduces the spillage of fluids while blending.

Lock and press operation: On pressing the button attach the blending wand, chopper and the whisker as per the requirement.

Warranty: 2 year warranty is provided with the product and 24 hrs. customer service assistance.

Also Available with potato masher 



Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

phillips hand blender

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The Philips is one of the leading manufacturer of the small kitchen appliances and is serving the nation since a decade. The products are innovative and always appreciable by the customer such that  lakhs of loyal customers are in company account. This blender by Philips makes your kitchen work as it can be used for multiple functions which can be done with it easily and quickly.

Key Features:

5 Speed settings: The mixer has 5 settings of speed with a turbo to let you use as per your requirements. It makes the churning more powerful.

Easy to detach: The large button is present to easily eject the beater with one touch. So it is a easy to use hand mixer.

Long Cord length with clip: a cord length of about 1.2 m is given for the ease of use as well as it can be easily handled with a cord clip provided with the beater.

Warranty: A warranty of 2 year is given by the manufacturer.

Can be used easily to mix, blend and dough.



Also look for :

PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender 250W

hand blender
Buy On Aamzon

Philips Hand blender HL1655/00 enables the user to quickly blend larger quantities of ingredients for a longer time duration of 20 minutes. The product is ergonomically designed for a better grip along with a rust proof metal arm to blend hot and cold dishes with just a single press. Easy to clean and maintain also. The compact design makes it store easily at one corner of the kitchen.

KENT Hand Blender- 300 W

kent hand mixer
Buy on Amazon 

Kent Hand Blender can do multiple works/chorus in one time. It comes with multiple beaters and dough hooks that helps in blending, mixing, and whipping ingredients with ease. Its turbo function is ideal for faster blending and mixing and saves your lot of efforts when you’re short on time. Also, its powerful 300W copper motor is perfect for great results and the product’s long life.


Key Features:

Powerful copper motor: The blender has the 300 Watt powerful motor fro giving high efficiency. more over the copper is a good conductor of conductivity so it makes keeps the motor cool while constant usage.

Over heat protection: The machine automatically switch off when it is over heated and protect it from damage. Thus you can easily avoid any damage caused by over heating such as wire burns etc.

Multiple attachment: The multiple attachment can easily be used and assembled with just a push button. so, you can change the blades as per the usage.

Speed control: The 5 variable speed can give you smooth and fine textured mixes as well as the turbo adds on the super speed thus saving time.




Also look for:

Kent Hand Blender SS-16044

hand blender
Buy On Aamzon

The 400 Watt hand blender with Stainless steel attachment gives you blending options with two variable speeds and easy to store as it has  a compact size. The blender tough and has high durability. Moreover, to add on to that, its stylish design makes it the smart kitchen appliance that you’ve always wanted.

BOSS E113 Hand Blender

boss hand blender
Buy On Amazon

The Boss is a renowned company which deliver quality products and always work for the new and innovative products that meet the  consumers demand. This boss E113 blender is handy and portable that makes the kitchen work easy and fast. The boss delivers the quality and high durable products which can be used ergonomically without much hassle.

Key features:

Durability: the stainless steel body and the easy to hold grip makes it a perfect blend of a high durable chopper. The blades are easily detachable and can be cleaned thoroughly.

Additional jars: Two separate jars are also there including chutney jar and a chopper jar to do the small chopping easily and without hassle.

Wall mounted stand: The easy to hang the wall mounted stand is also included to hang it easily and use. So it require a minimum space to hang on.

Warranty: a 2 year warranty is given by the manufacturer on the product.



Bajaj HM 01 Hand Beater

bajaj hand beater
Buy On Aamzon

Bajaj has been one of the major player in the small household appliances since a long time ago. It is a renowned company  that promises quality assurance and high durability. This Bajaj blender makes your kneading, mixing, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks easy and efficient. 

Key Features:

Powerful motor: a powerful 250 watt motor provides you to use it efficiently and for more time. It also consumes less power as thus results in low electricity bill.

Eject button: The attachment must be changed with the help of a eject button else it will not come out. So, it provides a good guard as the attachment cannot fall out suddenly.

Attachments: Two attachments are there one is the dough attachment for making dough for pizza, bread and cookies whereas the beater attachment is used to whip ad blend the smoothies.

Warranty: A warranty of two year is given by the manufacturer on the product.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Hand Blender for beating eggs?

Yes, you can surely use it mix the eggs and it is one of the best way to beat the eggs an gives you the fluffy texture. More over the hand blender can also be used to mix the cake batter also and making of the whipped cream.

What are the key benefits of using hand blender?

The hand blender is a affordable yet easy to use. You can use it directly into the bowl for mixing the various liquids and makes the shakes, smoothies, cake mix, whip cream, soups etc. with in minutes. Which in a mixer can also work but it need to be transferred from one bowl to the other.

How can we clean hand blender?

The cleaning of the hand blender is very easy. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Clean the attachment after every use.
  2. Make sure you have unplugged the hand blender.
  3. Take out he attachment as per the instruction.
  4. Dip them in the water so that all the tiny particles gets removed.
  5. Now clean them with the regular dish wash and dry it before storing.
  6. For cleaning the machine part wipe it off wipe a damp cloth after use to avoid stains.
  7. You can also wash them in the dishwasher as the attachments are dishwasher safe.

How many watts should a hand blender be?

The hand blender power wattage should vary from 300 to 600 which is enough for the machine to operate and do no gives more bills.


The hand blender are easy to use and you must have one ion your kitchen to dot eh work easier and faster. We recommend you to buy the Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 due to its excellent performance. More over you can also go for
Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer as it is a
trustable brand. These products consumes less power as compared to the other products and are highly durable too.

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