Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air In India

indoor plants

Having a natural touch in the interior of the house can add a charm to the house interior. The indoor plants act as a decorative items in the house as well as some of them also act as a air purifier. Thus, giving us fresh air even inside the house and make us feel fresh and energetic.

Here we are presenting a list of plants that can be placed inside the home and act as an air purifier

Snake plant:

Snake plant

The snake plant also called as Sansevieria trifasciata or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is one of the most popular house plant as it cleans the air while absorbing the formaldehyde and benzene. The plant has hard green color leaves with most of spies having light yellow color border. It requires a light sunlight and grows from about 6ft. to 12 ft. tall. The plant require a least amount of water watering is required when the soil becomes dry. Thus it needs a low maintenance.

Peace lily:

Peace lily also known as Spathiphyllum is not a real lily it belongs to the family of Araceae. It has white flowers with a hood sheath that resembles the surrender flag. The plant requires a minimum care and is an adaptable house plant. This plant also hold a position in the top ten air purifying plant as per the NASA report. Peace lilies prefer light partial shade, and can tolerate fluorescent lights.

Money plant:

Money Plant

Money Plant/Pothos are very beautiful plants, which require minimal care and are easy to maintain. Considered as wealth and fortune bringer money plants also act as air purifiers. They are efficient at removing airborne toxins such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Give the Money Plant bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight can burn the foliage and increase variegation. When the soil looks dry at the top its time to water the plant, and give the Money Plant enough water so that it drains from the bottom of the pot, but don’t allow it to sit in water.

Button Jade:

Button Jade

It is better to keep Jade plant in front of the office or in the office cubicle, so as to attract more business or more income. Jade plants are succulents and prefer full sun, but will tolerate light shade and the dappled light if exposed to sunlight for few hours once a week. Make sure that you don’t over water it.

Dwarf Syngonium:

Dwarf Syngonium

The syngonium plant is a dwarf variety with arrow shape pointed leaf which adds beauty. The plant spreads in an area of 6 to 8 inches. The plant require water in an adequate amount. The creamy white varition in the center of the leaves and a deep green around the edges, its beautiful colours and shapes are a great addition to any terrarium.

Areca Palm:

Areca Palm

The oxygen giving plant is widely used to brighten up the interiors. It features feathery; arching fronds and is one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors. With its long, graceful feather-shaped fronds, the green beauty will add a tropical feel to your decor

ZZ plant:

ZZ Plant

It is African Rhizome plant. It is basically used in office and corridor due to its shiny green leaves that adds beauty to the surroundings. The ZZ plant grows from a thick, large rhizome that resembles the potato. These rhizomes store water for plant which is to be utilized during the dry conditions. The ZZ plants are considered to toxic but it has the highest rate of removing the airborne toxins which makes it a favorite indoor plant.

How to take care of the Indoor Plants

Taking care of plants is as important as taking care of a kid. The plants are just like babies if you do not pay attention or give proper nutrition then they will not grow properly. So, we should take care of plants. Here are some tips that will help you to take care of the indoor plants properly.

Proper watering of plants

Water is an important source of plant growth. But some times over watering can kill the plant, so it is very important to give water in an adequate amount. Plant water on a regular basis.

  • keep the soil moist, not wet not dry.
  • Plant water if the soil becomes dry(cracked) or shed the leaves.
  • Plants in the succulent family require periods of dryness between watering.
  • If you see standing or stagnant water replace the pot or repot it, as it can kill the plant.
  • If you see mold on the soil then the plant is over watered.

Placing of the plants

Apart from water plant also need light and air to grow. A proper ventilated place is the best to place the plant. Below are the some tips for placing the plant properly:

Keep the plant in the place where they can get indirect sunlight or if sunlight is not possible then fluorescent light can also work on its behalf. Do not put indoor plants in direct sunlight as it can harm them.

Keep the plant in one place. Do not move them so regularly as it changes the plant surroundings and effects its growth. At least keep the plant at one place for 5-6 hrs. so that it can adapt to the change in the temperature caused due to change in place.

Give the plants humid atmosphere to grow and adapt to the environment. For this purpose you can put some water in the tray and create a humid amosphere.

Fertilizing and pruning of the plant

A proper fertilizer helps to grow a plant without diseases and pathogens. Always use a fertilizer that contains N(nitrogen), P(phosphorus), and K(Potassium) as these three are the basic elements the plant need for its growth. Make sure that the ratio of the elements are proper and do not hurt them. The over dosing of the fertilizer can also be dangerous for plants.

Pruning is also important as it will help you have a control on the shape of the plant you can change the desired shape and it also benefits you from preventing the repotting of the plant.

More over you can also add tea or coffee left over but be cautious while using it for the indoor plants as a little sugar can result in the ants and insects.

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According to a study if you keep indoor plants near the electronics appliances such as TV, Fridge, computer etc. it will reduce the radiation effects