Best kitchen Chimney in India: 2021

Best kitchen Chimney in India: 2021

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In India the food served is rich in oil and spices. While cooking such food there is lot of hot fumes formed which sticks to the walls and other cabinets in the kitchen. In order to get rid of all these things one should install a god kitchen chimney. So, that all the fumes get out of the kitchen at once and you are left with odorless, smokeless and fresh kitchen.

In tis article we will get to know all about the chimneys and you will also get some of the best selected chimneys that you can buy online.

S.No. Product NameRatingBuy Now
1.Elica 60 cm auto clean chimney4/5Buy On Amazon
2.FAber 60 cm auto clean chimney4.5/5Buy On Amazon
3.Hind ware Nadia auto clean chimney4/5Buy On Amazon
4.Hindware auto clean chimney4/5Buy On Amazon
5.Eurodomo kitchen chimney4.5/5Buy On Amazon
6.Inalsa Kitchen chimney3.5/5Buy On Amazon

Best kitchen chimneys In India:

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Elicakitchen chimney
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Elica is a Italian joint stock company established in 1970. It provides the products related with the  kitchen such as induction, gas cooktop, kitchen hobs etc. It is a major player in the field of silent kitchen hobs. The hobs are of good quality and has elegant design that goes with the modern kitchen flawlessly.

Key features:

Filter less technology: The filter less technology enables the powerful suction and removes the unhealthy smoke and oily fumes with in seconds leaving behind the smokeless kitchen. It also has the high quality metal blower  that keeps the smoke fully out of the kitchen.

Motion sensing technology: the motion sensing technology enables the startup o the chimney on sensing the hand movement. Waving of hand toward right start up the chimney and more waving increases the speed whereas the left side waving will decrease the speed.

Oil collector: The separate oil collector is present to collect the oil and other dirt which make chimney easy to clean. The oil collector is made up of stainless steel and is rust free and durable.

Heat auto clean technology: The motor of the chimney has the heat technology that collects the oil in the motor with help of heat and makes it easy to dispense from the oil collector. Thus the cleaning of the chimney is hassle free.

Touch control Panel with LED: The stylish and easy to access control panel that allows to control all functions through it. It also has  two LED high efficiency light for the giving good lightning during cooking.

Maximum suction Capacity: The 1200 m^3/ hr. suction capacity ensures the maximum cleaning. Moreover the  operation is noiseless so no irritating sound while using it. The chimney is energy efficient and needs least maintenance.

Warranty: 1 year warranty on the product and 5 year warranty on motor from the date of purchase.



Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass, Autoclean Chimney

Faber kitchen chimney
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The Faber is one of the renowned name in the kitchen appliances. Most of the Faber appliances are of superior quality and performance. The appliances include: Water purifiers, Dish washer, gas heater etc. The Faber always delivers world class innovative product that meet the customer requirements. They uses the robotic as well as automated technology in the manufacturing.

Key Features:

Thermal Auto clean technology: The chimney has the thermal auto clean technology that helps in the automatic cleaning of the oil or dirt in the chimney with the help of heating coil. The oil is then collected  in the oil collector which can be easily disposed off. 

oil Collector: An oil collector is present in the chimney which collect the extra oils and makes it easy to clean .

Touch and gesture control: The chimney is enabled wit the touch and gesture control to regulate its all functions. The waving if the hand can be used to switch on or switch off the chimney.

Filter less technology: The filter less is another feature of the auto clean chimney. The motor position is as such it directly takes out fumes out of the kitchen without any hassle and maximizes the air flow.

Powerful suction: A powerful suction of 1200^3/hr. cleans the smoke instantly and makes the air clean asap. It also maximize the air flow in the kitchen and makes you feel fresh.

Warranty and installation: The chimney comes with a warranty of 1 year on the product and 5 year on the motor. Moreover, a installation kit is also available with the chimney for easy and hassle free installation.



Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney 

Hindware kitchen chimney
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Hind ware appliances is a consumer durable brand by the Hind ware. It is famous for producing the quality products and its commitment towards the customers. They are also well known for delivering the innovative durable products that last with the customer for a longer period and gives them total satisfaction. This chimney by hind ware is one of the bestselling product as its features care almost unbeatable.

Thermal auto clean: The chimney is thermal auto clean so no need to clean it with hands. The heating in the motor helps in the removing of extra oil which is collected in the oil collector. This oil can be easily disposed off manually.

Oil collector: The chimney also has the metallic oil collector which is highly durable and rust free. The oil collector collects the extra oils and required to be cleaned manually.

Maximum suction: However the powerful suction of the 1200m^3/hr. helps in the removal of the smoke and fumes from the kitchen but the odor may be left out.

Motion sensor and Touch control: The motion sensor and the touch control makes the operation of the machinery easy and quick. Just wave your hand and the chimney will start and wave it in opposite direction it will off.

Warranty period: a 10 year warranty is provided on the motor by the manufacturer.



Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

hindware kitchen chimney
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The hind ware Nevio 60 is also one of the best product from the hind ware appliances. It is one of the best selling product and has good customer review. The chimney has the elegant design and as well as it is ergonomic to use. 

Key Features:

Baffle Filter: The stainless steel baffle filter for cleaning of the grease and oil particles. The Baffle filter has different curves that retain mots of the dirt and grease in it and are 30%  more efficient than the mesh filter.

Metallic oil collector: The metallic oil collector is present that helps to collect the oil residues and easy to clean which is s a must for the Indian kitchen.

Touch panel with LED: The soft touch panel is present in order to use the chimney effectively and easily. Two LED are also there to give good lightning while cooking food. These are highly efficient and consumes a very less electricity.

Thermal Auto clean process: The heat in the motor helps in the auto cleaning of the chimney. The auto clean can be done in 2 to 3 months to get eh maximum efficiency.

Warranty: 1 year warranty on the product and the 5 year warranty on the motor is included by the brand



Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

Eurodom kitchen chimney
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Eurodomo is a European brand that is renowned for the kitchen appliances, sinks and other accessories. The brand is well known for delivering the excellent products with high durability at a affordable price. The brands beliefs in delivering the simple products that makes your life easy and simple.

Key Features:

Baffle filter: The chimney has the steel baffle filter which cleans out oil and spices separately. It needs to be cleaned every 6 months.

Suction capacity: the suction capacity is 1200m^3/hr. which is suitable for the kitchen size of 200 sq. ft. and also good for deep frying/ grilling.

Elegant looks: The chimney is built in such a  way it goes flawlessly with you modern kitchen. It looks great in the kitchen adds on more charm to it.

Heat auto clean technology: the one touch cleaning helps in using it without hassle of cleaning and just you have to clean the oil collector where all the oil is being collected after the usage. 

Oil collector: The simple to clean oil collector is there which can be cleaned just by simple wash.



Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF

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The Inalsa  deals with a wide range of kitchen appliances from years. It is  known for producing the durable products which satisfy the customers needs. Most of the products have good rating and considered as the perfect choice by the consumers. This chimney by Inalsa is one of the most selling product due to its unique features.

Key Features:

Push Button control: The chimney has the easy to push button which can regulate the suction speed as well as the led light. The high, medium and low suction use depend on  the food you cook.

Stainless steel baffle filter: The SS baffle filter cleans the grease and oil easily and makes the air in the kitchen clean and fresh. It is easy to clean manually. Refer to the end section. 

LEd lightening: Two 2 watts LEDS are present to give enough light for the food cooking. These are energy saving light and are efficient also.

Warranty: 2 year warranty on the product and 7 years warranty is given on the motor.



How to select Best Kitchen chimney

While buying  the kitchen chimney we should look for the following features:

Size of burners: 

A chimney having 60 cm size is suitable for the 2 to 4 burner stove where as the chimney having 90 cm size is suitable for 5 burner gas stove. In general words the size of the chimney must be slightly larger then the size of burner to get the maximum efficiency.

Type of Mount:

There are two types of mounts:

Wall Mounted Chimney:wall mounted

The one side of the chimney is fixed on the wall and is fixed above the gas stove. It is fixed at a appropriate height so that the smoke is easily reached to the fan and taken out.

Ceiling Mounted Chimney:

This type of chimney is hanged directly from the ceiling in the centre of the kitchen. These chimney are suitable if you have the counter top in the centre of the kitchen.

Types OF Filter:

The different types of filter in chimney are:

Baffle Filter:

These are the layer filter which is made up of aluminum or steel and takes away the oil and spices in its first layer which need to cleaned on a regular basis. It is one of the best technology for the Indian Kitchen as a lot of oil and spices are used while cooking food.

The main disadvantage of such filter is that you need to clean it on regular basis but the suction of the chimney will not be affected even if the first layer of the filter is blocked with oil and grease.

Cassette Filter:

These type of filter have mesh which is made up of Aluminum. It has tiny holes which trap the oil and dust particles and keeps the kitchen fresh and clean. It has to be cleaned bi-weekly or depending on the usage of the chimney.  The cleaning required the washing with the detergent normally.

Charcoal filter:

This mesh is made up of charcoal and need to be replaced with in 3 to 6 months. These are usually used in combination with the cassette or Baffle filter.

Air suction pressure:

The air suction pressure defines how much is the speed of the motor to suck out the smoky air out of the kitchen. It is measured in cubic meter/hr. You can calculate it easily by taking the volume of the kitchen multiplied by the no. of times the air is being recycled. For a 200 sq. ft. kitchen a air suction of 1200 is very effective.

Ducted VS. Ductless chimney:

The ducted chimney removes the dust, smoke, heat and other airborne particles and makes the kitchen cooler and releases out heat out. Where as the ductless hood filter out the dirt but retains moisture and heat so it does not make the kitchen cooler. So it is recommended to buy the ducted chimney in order to keep the right temperature in the kitchen.

Auto clean vs. Manual clean  chimney 

Two models of chimney are available in the market. The one is auto clean and the other is manual cleaning. The auto clean gets the internal cleaning done by just pressing of the button. The heat or the thermal energy extract the oil and it gets collected in the oil collector which can be easily disposed off just by normal washing. Whereas in the manual cleaning you have to remove the external plate and clean it thoroughly with the help of detergent. It need more maintenance than the auto cleaning. it need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

 Other Features of chimney:

oil collector:

The oil collector is a plate that collect the residual oil that is present in the fumes of the smoke created while cooking food. These are easy to clean and are rust free as they are usually made up of metal.

Soft touch control panel: 

The soft touch panel allows easy access to regulate the operation of the chimney. It is used to increase the speed from low to medium to high. As well as it helps  in  the operation of the LED light easily.

Auto heat sensor:

The auto heat sensor detects the heat and oil particles present tin the kitchen and gets off automatically if not in use.

Motion sensation:

Some chimneys has motion sensation that helps in operation with the waving of the hand. The waving of the hand in left direction turn in the chimney and repeated use increases the speed where as the waving in the right direction reduces the speed and ultimately turning off.

Indictor/ buzzer:

It lets you know the time of cleaning and replacing the filter.


Frequently asked Questions:

Which are the best brands of chimney in India?

The list of beat brands of chimney are:

  1. Faber
  2. Hind ware
  3. Glen
  4. Inalsa
  5. Eurodomo
  6. Elica
  7. Sunflame

How frequently one should clean chimney filter?

The cleaning of the Baffle filter is needed in once a month or you can see the layer of the oil in the filter are clean it with warm water and detergent. It also depends on the usage the more it is more the more no. of times it need to be cleaned.

Which is better the auto clean or manual clean?

It depends on the personal requirement to choose. The auto clean chimney has oil collector where as the manual one does not have it so you need to clean it more frequently .


In the we would only like to suggest that the chimney is the one of the important thing in the kitchen as it takes out the smoke, dust and unhealthy fumes and makes the kitchen healthy and fresh.

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