Best Kitchen Weighing Scale In India: 2021

Best Kitchen Weighing Scale In India: 2021

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The weighing scale for kitchen is as important as the body weighing scale. If you include right and adequate amount of the nutrient in your diet then you should have a kitchen weighing scale. In this article you would know about the different types of weighing scale, how to use them, importance of weighing scale, some healthy recipe for weight loss.

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3. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine  4/5  Buy On Amazon
4. MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale  4/5  Buy On Amazon 
5. QERINKLE Multipurpose Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale  4/  Buy On Amazon 

Importance of Weighing scale

As we know that the balanced diet and proper nutrition is the need of every person in a family be it an adult or a child. But we are not able to measure the exact amount of the ingredients while cooking food due to lack of the good weighing machine. So here are the few points that will reflect the importance of the weighing scale in kitchen

In bakery and confectionery shops:

The weighing machine or scale is very important for the bakery and confectionery. A little inappropriate amount can result in the spoilage of bakery dishes such as cake, biscuits, bread, cookies, cupcakes etc. As a professional you cannot take a chance to distaste customer so a kitchen weighing scale is a must equipment to be used in the confectionery as well as bakery shops.

In fitness and diet management

The person who are on dieting and go to gym regularly need a described amount nutrition and food according to the diet chart. The mini weighing machine fulfill their requirement in an easy and convenient way. Moreover you can use the weighing machine to measure the ingredients before cooking as per your diet chart.

For cooking various cuisines

If you are fond of cooking and experiment different dishes then the weighing scale is important fro you as a improper measurement with spoon can ruin your whole dish. So, in order to have a perfect taste in the dish you need a scale to measure. Moreover it can also be used to make pickles and jams which require a proper measurement.

For cross checking

You can also use weighing scale to cross check the vendor from where you purchase the vegetables and fruits as well as groceries. This can help you to check his loyalty.

Parcel weighing

The scale can also be used to weigh the parcel before sending it to the courier service or it can be used to weigh the different items such as wallets, mobiles, chains, laptop, hand bags etc.

Measuring capacity

This is a not so popular feature of the weighing scale The weighing scale can also be used to measure the liquids with just a mere press of button it will convert the unit to the ml.

Best weighing scale in India

HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 40 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

healthsence kitchen weighing scale

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`The health sense chef-mate kitchen scale KS 40 is a aesthetically designed scale with high accuracy. It is a lightweight and sturdy with a concave rectangular design and rounded hoop to give an ease of hanging. The scale is appropriate for Indian as we well as international cuisine as it can measure quantity from 1gm to 5000g(5kg). The scale also features low battery indicator and error while measuring.

Key features:

Accurate and quick measurement: The high precision sensors are enough to deliver the accurate result quickly with in the limit of 1gm to 5000gm (5 kg).

Easy tare function: The tare function allows to calculate the weight of multiple ingredients one by one with just mere pressing of the tare button which will rescale it to zero and add more ingredients.

Power saving and display: The Scale has added feature of LCD display with large black fonts and Auto-off feature that contributes to the power saving.

Unit conversion: There is a separate buttons for the unit conversion. We can measure the ingredients in gms, ml, oz. which enables us to measure solids as well as liquids.

Battery Included: The scale comes handy with 1 ready to use CR-2032 battery which gives long battery life of more than 6 months when used twice a day.

1. Automatic switch off 1. Maximum weight measure is 5 kg
2. Three units of measurement  
3. Battery included  
4. Easy to hang  

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display

kitchen weighing scale

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The Amazon basic digital kitchen scale is a very easy machine to quickly weigh the food items or ingredients. The stainless steel scale has a wide LCD screen for display. The advance technology makes it more accurate and delivers a quick response. Moreover the machine does not contain BPA( bisphenol A) which is harmful for our health. It is a very useful tool while baking and cooking new recipes. The weighing capacity of the scale is 2gm to 5000gms(kg).

Key features:

Steel body: the stainless steel body makes it more durable and long lasting. The steel body can be easily cleaned and require less maintenance. It is also a BPA free machine.

LCD Display: The scale also has a wide screen for the display which can be easily readable. It can weight up to 5 kgs which is enough for the kitchen use.

Easy Tare Button and units: the easy to use tare button does not weight the container and you can easily get the exact weight of the food item. The scale also has three units to display the result i.e. ounces, grams and pounds.

Smart Design: The scale is designed in such a way it can hold large vessels or heavier food easily without slipping, so it weights them correctly.

Size and battery: the size of the scale is 8.7×7.1×1.6 inches (LxWxH) which makes it easy to store in pantry when not in use. Moreover the scale is battery operated which can be easily replaced when over or not in use.


1. Steel body for extra durability 1. can weight only up to 5 kgs.
2. Easy to clean and store  
3.Can weight in three units  

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine

dr trust weighing scale

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The Dr. trust small and sleek but elegant scale is a combination of precision and accuracy. The scale is suitable to measure the solids as well as liquids. The scale can also show the low battery indication and weight error if the item is not placed properly. A maximum of 5 kg weight can be measured with the help of the scale which is enough for the household purpose.

Key features:

Precise weight measurement: The scale is equipped with the high precision sensor which gives a quick and accurate result of weight measurement. So, that you can cook as precisely accurate nutritious meal meal with help of the correct measurement.

Multifunction scale: the scale can be easily used to measure liquid and solids as it can measure in Gms, Kg, Lb, Oz. and Ml. so you can use any of the unit according to your convenience.

Tare function: the tare function allows you to weight the small proportion as well as large proportion without including the weight of the bowl used for measurement. It can weight up to 5 kgs.

“LO” & “ERR” INDICATORS: the scale also has an indication for low battery and overweight while measurement. This helps you to check the weight with accuracy.

Easy to maintain: Being small in size the scale can be stored easily in the kitchen pantry and the ABS finish makes it easy to clean with just the wipe of the cloth.

Simple operation: The scale can be operated with the help of the two smooth operating button. Thus, you can easily use it with not much effort.

1. multiple units for measurement 1. After sales services not up to the mark
2. Easy to maintain and store  
3. Smooth and good quality buttons  
4. Accuracy with precision results  

MEDITIVE Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

maditive digital scale

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The meditive kitchen scale is a small scale which can measure up to 15 kg of weight with accuracy in two units viz. gms and kg. The scale has a super bright white LCD display for the easy reading of the result. Moreover, it can also be used for counting function. The scale can function on the AAA battery as well as electricity with the help of the adaptor included with the scale.

Key Features:

Small and Compact: the scale is small and compact so it is easy to store in the pantry. The scale can measure the object with a dimension of 17-20 cms. It is not suitable to measure the heavy objects such as cylinders.

Tare and counting function: the tare function is there for the ease of using the empty bowl with zero balance and More over you can also use it for counting the number of pieces.

Adaptor and battery operation: the scale can function in both the modes, it can work with AAA battery and the adaptor. Note that the adaptor will not recharge the battery but it can be used while plugin with the switch directly.

Two measuring units: The scale has the two units i.e. kg and gm to measure the actual weight of the items placed.

Usability: the scale has a weighing capacity of 15 kg so it can be used in small shop as well as kitchen. But be sure not to keep the heavy object as it can damage the scale.

कृपया ध्यान दें और खरीदने से पहले प्लेटफॉर्म का आकार देखें। यह एक छोटे आकार की वेट मशीन है। इसलिए यह केवल छोटी वस्तु के लिए उपयुक्त है.

1. Small, compact and sleek design 1. Cannot weight heavy, hard and wider objects
2. Can weight up to 15 kg 2. does not have low battery indication
3. Helps in counting no. of pieces  
4. Steel body so easy to clean and handle  

QERINKLE Multipurpose Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

kitchen scale

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The Qerinkle weighing scale is a digital kitchen scale which is very useful for everyday life. The scale has a high precision technology for accurate and quick result. Its accuracy is even not effected by the weighing in humid areas as it is splash proof. The scale also has multiple features such as tare function, unit exchange and over load etc.

Key features:

Size and design: The kitchen scale is compact, portable and easy to use. The design of the scale makes it a perfect fit for the kitchen interior.

Capacity: it can measure weight up to 10 kg. Which is a good weighing capacity for kitchen. The scale has been equipped with high precision strain Gauge system which gives 100% result accuracy

Indications: It also has the indications for low power, low battery and overload indicator with a wide screen display which is easy to read.

Tare function: the scale features the tare function apart from the unit exchange, over load indication etc. that makes it easy to handle and use. moreover, a sound of EEEE will come of the load is in excess

Low power consumption: The scale consumes a very less power as it gets automatically shut of when not in use.


1. Low power consumption 1. weight only in kg and g
2. accuracy with precision features  
3. Error indication with ‘eee’ sound  
4. Easy to use and store  

Buying guide for kitchen Machine

Before we go to buy a kitchen scale we should look for the following factors

Things to look for

weighing capacity

First of all decide the weighing capacity you usually weight in the kitchen. There are different categories 5 kgs, 10 kgs and 15 kgs. Select the scale according to your need and requirement. More over look for additional features such as over loading indicator, low battery, tare feature that will ease your use in day today life.


Make sure that the weighing scale is gives an accurate reading as the inaccuracy will ruin all your motives to buy the scale. To check the accuracy just place the different objects whom weight are already known and cross check it. Two three times checking can gives you a more clear result.


Buy a scale that is economic and does not put an extra load while buying. Most of the scales are not so costly and comes in the budget. Analyze the different scales and select the cost effective one.


Keep a check on how the scale work as the scale which work on the battery as well as with adapter are considered to be the best. More over the scales are adaptable to auto shut off which saves power.

How to use a weighing scale

Here is the step by step guide which will tell you how to use a weighing scale properly

  1. Open the package and bring out the scale carefully.
  2. Cut off the plastic wrapping and clean the scale with a dry cloth
  3. Put the battery included with the package in the machine properly and replace the cover of the batteries.
  4. Now Place the machine on a flat surface as the uneven surface cannot give the accurate measurement.
  5. Switch on the machine and then put a container on it.
  6. Press the tare button to bring the reading to zero
  7. Next put the item in the container you want weight.
  8. Cross check the results.

Frequently asked questions

Is a kitchen scale worth it?

Yes, a kitchen scale is an important equipment for those who want to lose weight without compensate on the nutritious value of the food. A diet chart can be easily followed with the help of a good weighing scale. More over it can also be used in baking and coking different dishes which need a perfection in taste.

How do I choose a kitchen scale?

The scale must fulfill following criteria

It must be accurate in result. Check for the accuracy by putting different object and compare them.

It must be economical.

The scale should have different units for measurement which will make it easy to use.

It must have a tare button and durable

How do you lose weight with a kitchen scale?

Buy a good quality kitchen scale. Register for a diet plan and get your diet plan from your dietician. Measure the food before cooking as per the plan and do regular exercise. As it is a known fact that the weight loss depends 80% on the diet and 20% on exercise. So a good weighing scale will help to fulfill your goal.


Eating right food is good for health and proper growth. The weighing scale gives us an opportunity for taking a balanced diet to have a good health. We recommend you to have a look on the article before purchasing a weighing scale.

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