Best Laptop Stand In India: Buying Guide (April 2021)

Best Laptop Stand In India: Buying Guide (April 2021)

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When it comes working on the computer for long long hours. It requires a lot of sitting at a place which result in back and neck pain in long term. A laptop stand can be a solution to such problem.

S No. Product Name Rating Buy Now
1. Portronics My Buddy Laptop Stand  4.5/5 Buy On Amazon
2. Amazon basic laptop Stand  4/5 Buy On Amazon 
3. Striff Laptop stand  4.5/5  Buy On Amazon
4. Callus Ventilated laptop Stand    4/5 Buy On Amazon
5. Proffisy Laptop Stand 4.5/5  Buy On Amazon 
6. Rife Laptop Stand  4/5  Buy On Amazon 
7. Portronics POR-835 My Buddy   4/5 Buy On Amazon


What is a laptop table and why we need it?

The desktop work can be done on the table as it is more convenient but it is large and occupy a lot of space moreover, you cannot move it easily. So, we prefer a laptop to work which is easy to carry and require a less assembly. But it with convenience it can cause problems related to our back and neck when we do work bending down. So, we require a laptop table.

A laptop table or a stand is an elevated stand that helps to adjust the height of the laptop as per the user. It helps us to dot he work better as the screen comes near the user and there is a less stress on the wrist and neck. It is also good for laptop as it allows the air to flow out and reduces the heating up of the laptop when used for long term.

Importance of laptop stand

The laptop stand is as important as the office table and chair as it helps in improving the work efficiency and reduces stress in the body while working for long hours.

It also helps us to keep the laptop base cool by giving it a proper flow of the air from underneath with the help of a fan. So that you can use the laptop for a longer time without heating.

Reduces strain on eyes and headache as the screen comes closer to you and you will be able to see the objects more clearly and conveniently.

The Laptop stand can be used on the table as well as the bed and the ergonomically designed stand can help you to adjust the height according to you.

It can also be utilized to clean the clutters on the table as you keep the mouse and keyboard under the stand when not in use.

More over the stand is portable and lightweight so it easy to carry and move form one place to other.

Some laptop stands have advanced features that help us to add on the extra USB cable, Mobile holder, a small drawer and cable management system.

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Types of laptop stand

There are basically two types of laptop stands

Fixed laptop stand

fixed laptop stand

This type of stand does not allow you to adjust the height according to the user. They are previously set at a specific height and can be set at that mode only. So they are not user friendly and you have to adjust yourself according to the laptop settings.

Adjustable laptop stand

adjustible laptop stand

This type of stand allows the user to change the height according to the comfort and the ease. These can be used at a variety of desk or work space as the height can be adjusted accordingly. So, they can be used for a variety of purpose apart form the laptop stand such as book reader, magazine holder or paper holder.

How to select the laptop stand

Some of the factors to look on for selecting the laptop stand includes

Height adjustability

The laptop stand must gives you this feature as every person has its own way of doing work and has different levels of comfort. So in order to be a user friendly the stand must provide a height adjustment.

The height adjustability with tilting function allows you to view the laptop for various angles easily and conveniently.


The size of the laptop stand should match up with the laptop size so that it easily fixes in the stand. More over you should also have a measurement of the work space so that the stand fit easily there also in order to give you a comfort ability.

For example if you have a laptop size of 15 inches then you should go for a laptop stand size of 16 to 17 inches.


The laptop stand must be ergonomics to fulfill it purpose of ease to do work. It must allow the user to set up the laptop as per his/her convenience. The ergonomics stands are easy to use and gives you all the benefits you want from the stand.


The stand must be affordable and not too costly. It must come in the budget that suits you including the features you want to have in the stand.


The style is one of the important consideration as there are different laptop stands that suits the different position such as bed, table, desk etc. while choosing the stand make sure where you prefer to work more what type of stand you like to have.

Built in fan

The laptop stand must have a built in fan to provide a good cooling capability to the laptop. The base of the laptop gets heated when used for a long time so we need some cooling from the downside to maintain the proper temperature. In this case the stand helps to keep it cool and helps it to perform better.

Additional Features

Look for the additional features such as cable management system, mobile holder, USB attachment etc. This helps in placing the important things near you while working without any hassle. The cable system allows you to easily keep the wire easily and make the work space neat and tidy.

Best laptop stand in India

Portronics My Buddy Plus POR-704 Adjustable Laptop Stand

Protonics laptop stand

Buy On Amazon

The Portronics is a leading manufacturer of the computer accessories such as blue tooth speaker, headphones, fitness tracker, power tracker and laptop stands etc. The my buddy laptop stand by portonics is a portable laptop stand with a inbuilt fan for cooling the laptop.

Key Features:

Portable stand so can be easily carried from one place to other.

In built fan with USB that allows it take battery from laptop to operate so no need to fit on extra wire for fan. The working speed of the fan is 1800 RPM.

Completely foldable legs to ensure the compactness of the stand.

Soft notches on the top of the table to prevent the fall down of the laptop.

Legs can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees depending on the user convenience.

Compatibility: it is compatible for a 14 inches laptop.

Easy to clean: The top of the laptop table is easy to clean. Just use a damp moist cloth to wipe the surface and make it dust free

1. Easy to use adjustable laptop table with side notches 1. the light weighted aluminum legs sometimes can cause trouble
2. USB charger for easy working of the fan 2. the top is not big enough to move the mouse freely.
3. Portable and light weight  
4. Easy height adjustability  

Amazon Basics Aluminum Foldable Laptop Stand

Amazon basic foldable laptop stand

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The Amazon basic laptop stand is a aluminum laptop stand which is light weight and support a laptop of about 15 inches easily. The stand is n easy to use as it is portable and easy to carry along. It also features a 18 degree tilt with 2.95 inches of lift.

Key features:

Aluminum stand with flat storage: The stand is light weight and for folding tucks kickstand underneath and the stand will become flat which will ease the transport and storage.

Cooling mechanism: The stand allows the air circulation and helps in the ventilation which result in the cooling of the laptop when used for long hours.

Anti slip foot: The stand is built with rubber footing which prevents the slippage and scratch damages to the table or desk.

Easy to carry: It is a extremely light weight stand so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Non slippery top surface: the top surface is also made up of non slippery rubber material to keep the laptop in place.

Reduces Computer-Related Strain: The elevation of the laptop can also reduced the strain in your eyes as well as it corrects your sitting posture which reduces the health related issues.

1. Portable and light weight stand 1. very light frame does not guarantee durability
2. rubber stand and rubber top  
3. gives an elevation of 2.95 inches  
4. Easy to use  

STRIFF Laptop stand

Buy On Amazon

The striff laptop stand is designed to fix your laptop at your own ease of working. It allows to rest your laptop, or tablet on the stand and adjust to find the position you want. The stand is portable and easy to carry.

Key features:

Foldable, Portable and light weight: The stand is made up of thin and hard plastic frame which is light weight and easily foldable that allow it to take it with you to the place where you want.

Suitability: It is suitable for the laptop size of 11 to 17.5″ so, the top has good and enough space to move the mouse easily.

Air Ventilation: The laptop stand has large cut outs vents which prevents over heating of the computer. The height adjustment option allows air to circulate from all sides and helps in full ventilation.

7 options of height adjustment: This stand has 7 option of the height adjustment from 2.7″ to 6.7″. So you can easily do the adjustment accordingly. The clear and glare free view helps you to get the relief from neck pain as well as prevent eye straining.

Mobile stand: The phone can also be placed on the stand so that it is easily reachable and you can take the calls and share the screen whenever possible.

Warranty: Register yourself after the purchase and enjoy the free replacement on the manufacturing defect.

1. The stable design helps to keep the laptop secure and stable. 1.It is mostly suitable for Apple Mac notebook, other laptop might gets overheated.
2. Good height adjustment helps you to move the stand accordingly.  
3. Foldable and easy to carry from one place to other.  
4. Can withstand a weight of 25 kgs.  

Callas Ventilated Laptop Stand

Callus laptop stand

Buy On Amazon

The Callas laptop stand is a highly ventilated stand which helps to cool the laptop and prevents its crashing due to heat up. There is a stopper which helps in locking the stand and prevent the slip while working.

Key features:

Metallic laptop stand compatible for 11 to 17 inches laptop size.

Height adjustable with a comfort for reading and typing. The tilt angle can be changed form 12 to 35 degree

Stopper at the back to prevent it from sliding and creating damage just at 0.6 inch for a comfort usage.

It can also used to hold printer, fax machine, scanner and books for reading.

The size of the stand makes it perfect to use for the laptop conveniently an easily.

1. The ergonomic stand allows to work for long hours in front of the laptop 1. The metallic frame is very light which does looks to be durable.
2. Height adjustment makes it easy to use  
3. Good air flow with the mesh.  

Proffisy Laptop Stand

Profissy laptop stand

Buy On Amazon

The proffisy desk Laptop Stand is one of the most suitable stand as it supports devices from 10-15.6 inches, including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Chromebook, Alienware, Sony, Samsung, ThinkPad, iPad Pro and more.

Key features:

Multiple angle adjustable design: The laptop stand allows you to adjust the height at 6 levels from 5.5 to 15.5 cm. Thus you can adjust the angle based on your need. It reduces the strain on the neck, shoulder, and spinal cord while working for long hours.

Portable and foldable: The stand is foldable which makes it easy to carry from one place to another. it can be easily stores in a bag used to carry laptop.

Anti slip foot: The stand is made up of aluminum and the foots are coated with rubber to prevent slipping and it also does not gives any scratches to the table.

Airy and ventilation: The Stand raises the laptop to certain height this prevents the over heating and reduces crashing of the laptop while using it for long hours.

A wide range of compatibility: The stand fits the laptop range from 10 to 15.6 inches in which most of the laptop falls so it can be used with most of the laptop easily.

Warranty: 2 Years Warranty against manufacturing defects caused by workmanship, does not cover natural wear or tear and damage due to mishandling.

1. Offers a wide range of compatibility 1. price is on higher side
2. Aluminum gives it more sturdiness and durability  
3. Portable and compact  

Rife Laptop Stand

rife laptop stand

Buy On Amazon

The Rife laptop stand is a awesome cooling pad for the wide range of the laptop screen as it supports the size from 12″ to 17″ respectively. The stand allows you to use the laptop for long hours as the fan gives you cool air while working and cools the laptop.

Key Features:

Ergonomically designed: The laptop stand has the 6 levels of height adjustment that allows the user to use the height suited for himself.

Portable and compact: The laptop stand is slim and light weight which can easily be stored and carried along with you.

USB Port: There is an extra USB port so that you can easily operate the fan and there is no need of the extra wire for running the fan.

wide range of compatibility: The laptop stand supports the laptop size between the 12 to 17 inches which is suitable for most of the laptops available in the market.

1. Sturdy stand with USB port 1. NO Such Negative point so far
2. Good Height adjustment  
3. Compatible with wide range of laptops  

Portronics POR-835 My Buddy

protronics my buddy laptop stand

Buy On Amazon

The Protronics my buddy laptop stand is a compact, portable and light weight stand that can be easily carried with you wherever you go. It is one of the most durable stand as it is made of steel .

Key features:

Design: The stand is ergonomically designed as per the need of the user it can be adjusted. The design helps to balance between the health and the work and keeps your posture right while working for long hours in the laptop .

Material: It is made up of the steel which is rough and tough material which proves it durability and sturdiness.

Anti skid foot: The foot of the stand is rubber based which makes it anti skid while working and makes it non scratched.

Stability: The laptop stand is highly suitable to carry weight up to 4kgs as it made of steel.

Easy to use: Simply pinch the base with your thumbs to open, stretch as per your needs and close the stand after use, you can set two angles in the stand to view the screen

1. Steel body for extra durability. 1. No such negative point so far
2. Portable and light weight  
3. Support up to 4 kg.  

Final Words

A laptop stand helps in improving the work lifestyle so it must be included in the office accessories . But while choosing the laptop stand one mist look for a sturdy and durable as well as portable laptop stand which will ease your work and fulfill its need.

So, have a look on the suggestion by use before buying a laptop stand

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