Best Learning Toys For Little One In India

Best Learning Toys For Little One In India

Learning Toys For Babies

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Toys are the best friends of all kids be it young or grown-up. There are a number of toys available that help in the overall growth of the baby. Some of the toys help in learning while playing which is the best strategy to follow. As we now that the more we learn through our visualization the longer time it is retained in our mind.

Learning Games For kids


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Certified toy based on montessori technique
Fun puzzle with various colors and shapes
Learn about season, month,date and time
Learn english alphabets and number with fun
Helps in learing basic maths and colors

Wooden number learning toy

As we know that the initial years of a baby are very crucial as it leads to major brain development. If a baby plays with toys he will be able to learn more and it will help in his motor skill development as well. Here we are presenting you with a list of learning toys that will help in overall development of the kid.

Orapple by R for Rabbit Little Master Activity Cube Kids Multipurpose Toys for 1, 2, 3, 4 Years Old

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Product Details:

The Orapple Activity cube toy for kids is a certified toy that is made based on the Montessori technique. It involves hands-on self-directed learning activity that helps in developing the cognitive and coordination activities for kids. The toy has a 4 key piano and musical tunes that help in developing the musical sense whereas the vibrant colors make the toy more interesting and attractive for the kids.

Apart from this, the toy has games such as beads game, gears game, shape sorter, and many others for sharpening the logical skills. Moreover, the toy has a movable hands-on clock hands with multi-color dial which helps in learning the time. Thus this makes the toy useful for kids from age 1 to 5 years.



  • Certified toy
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Musical learning (develops music sense)
  • Logical learning ( develop cognitive learning)
  • Clock reading (helps in time)
  • Shapes reading ( identify shapes)
  • Useful for infant to toddler
  • helps in developing creative skills


  • The price is on the higher side
  • Battery operated

Wooden Intellectual Geometric Shape Matching Five Column Blocks Educational & Learning Toys

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Product Details:

A fun puzzle toy with various colors and shapes helps the kids to learn the matching of shapes and make a proper sequence. It helps in developing cognitive skills as well as the coordination activities of the kids. The wooden material of the toy makes it more durable and causes no harm as it is chemical-free.

The wood is of good quality and the toy is sturdy. It is a time engaging toy as the kids will love to play by putting the various shapes at their proper place. Moreover, you can also use it to learn counting. It is also helpful in improving concentration and hand and eye coordination. It is a good learning toys for kids.


  • The wooden toy does not harm the environment
  • Good quality wood
  • No battery required
  • Useful for hand and eye coordination
  • Can also be used for learning numbers
  • Affordable price


Sometimes the wooden rods are not properly fixed so need to fixed with some glue.

WISHKEY 7 in 1, Wooden Calendar Clock Preschool Educational Learning Toys for Kids

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Product Details:

This Wishkey wooden calendar clock is one of the amazing toys for kids to gift for. It is an awesome educational toy for little ones. It helps in learning about seasons, months, days of a week, and time in one game. The color and the material of the toys are non-toxic.

It also helps in the cognitive recognition of the shape and colors. The toy is highly durable with smooth edges. The toy also helps in enhancing creativity and reasoning, basic physics, fine motor skill recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

It is perfect for young learners; Montessori kids, preschool graduation gifts, daycares, classrooms, schools, toddlers, birthday presents.


  • Amazing quality
  • A good bunch of skill development
  • Interactive toy
  • A great gift option
  • Helps in the overall development
  • Can be used for 2 to 5 years


The price is on the higher side

Also look for

WISHKEY Wooden Educational Colorful Fruits, Numbers, Geometric Shapes, Animals,Vehicles, Alphabet – Set of 6 Puzzle Board

This toy is also made from wood so it is a good quality product and can be used for Montessori kids to learn various thing while playing. It also helps in engaging kids for a long time as the product has six set of puzzle board with various attractive colors and kids friendly.

Little Genius Number Puzzle – 1 to 10 with Knob & Bus Tray with Knob & English Alphabets – Uppercase with Knob

The little Genius combo set is a perfect fun learning for your kids. The number puzzle helps the kids to learn the numbers as well as the numbers sequencing in an easy way. The Genius English alphabets helps to remember the alphabets and its patterns so that the kids can learn them easily. The letters can also be used for making the short three letter words also.

The set also comprises of the transport puzzle helping kids to learn the vehicles and their uses. Learning while playing is one of the best policies for early learners as it lasts forever with you. The puzzle also helps to sharpens observation, exercises’ memory, develops hand eye coordination, stimulates discussion and builds imagination


  • Wooden toy (ecofriendly)
  • No battery required
  • Full basic education in one toy
  • Build imagination and creativity
  • Enhances the memory
  • Best gift option
  • Durable and long lasting


The knobs are shorter for kids to hold

Explore more learning toys for little ones:


Toyshine wooden calculation abacus shelf for counting, addition and subtraction

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The EN 77 (European) certified and ASTM( American) safety requirement passed calculation shelf will help your child to learn the math at a very early age. Since the math is a very tough learning subject the early it is introduced the more kids are able to do it properly.

The 55 colorful beads are interchangeable and helps to learn the basics of addition and subtraction at a early childhood. The abacus skills helps to do the calculation fast just like a calculator. It’s an engaging and educative toy.

Built on the concept of explorative play this amazing toy can sharpen math skills, motor skills, color & pattern recognition and hand-eye coordination in your toddlers. The matching colors and number labelled boards facilitate the overall learning experience.


  • Mathematical educational toy
  • Makes learning Math a fun
  • Durable
  • Wooden with non-toxic paint
  • Easy for learning calculation


The detachable slider sometimes becomes loose.

FunBlast Wooden Digital Colourful Number Train – Educational Toys for 2 Year Old

Product Details:

FunBlast Digital Train Toy Set contents 1 Engines and 10 wooden trains designed and crafted with attractive colors which attracts toddlers. Each train has 4 sliding wheels which glide easily. The fun learning toy will help the kid to learn fast the numeric numbers with its attractive color and design. It will keep you little on engaged for some time with this curious fun learning toy.

It is a perfect gift for toddler in any occasion. The wooden material makes it more durable and sturdy. It will also help in increasing the hand and eye coordination as well as the motor skills.


  • Wooden toy
  • Highly Durable
  • Good for hand and eye coordination
  • Makes learning easy and fast
  • Best for gifting


You need to assemble the toy.

Importance of the learning games for kid


As we now that the maximum development of the brain takes place in the early childhood. These fun learning games provides an opportunity for the over all development of the kids. They have the following importance:

  1. Increase the eye and hand coordination: Since the games need the hand and eye movement they helps in the development of the hands and eye coordination. It also helps in the memory retention as the kids are need to recognize the place and order of the numbers and alphabets.
  2. Learning the basic math: secondly they are helpful in the introduction of the math at the very early age which makes them friends with the number or else we see a lot of fear of math in the older kids.
  3. No toxic colors : Most of the toys are wooden which are eco friendly and have a non toxic paint which does not harm the kids in any ways.
  4. Increase the intellectual skill: These toys also helps in the development of the intelligence as the kids play and learn with the help of the sensory and motor skills.




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