Best Non stick Cookware India( Buying guide and review)

Best Non stick Cookware India( Buying guide and review)

The non stick cookwares allows the easiness of work as the food in the pan doesn’t stick to the bottom and it consumes less oil as compared to the other type of utensils. The best non stick cookware in India are easy to find if you want to spend some extra bucks on the kitchen crockery. The non stick cookware though considered less good for health but its easy usage makes it more popular in our day to day busy schedule.

There are a variety of non stick cookware in market but choosing the perfect one is a tough task but our Buying Guide, will let you know all the important keys. Keep in mind to not to go for cheap quality non stick as their coating is of low quality which will be harmful and dangerous for health.

Buying Guide

What to look for? is the main question when we ought to buy something. So, here we are presenting you some of the important points to look while selecting the non stick cookware.

  1. Coating: As we now that the Teflon coating of the non stick cookware is one of its important feature. A good quality Teflon coating is a must requirement so always make sure that the cookware is made up of 5 ply coating. which is considered to be the most durable coating.
  2. Safety: As most of the non stick cookware uses PFOA in manufacturing process which is not considered good for health. Always look for the cookware which are PFOA free.
  3. Durability: The cookware should be durable as we will be using it on a daily basis and if they tend to go more wear and tear we will have to the purchase again which is not possible as such. So, make sure that the cooking vessels are durable And has a good life time.
  4. Affordability: Do not go for very expensive cookware as it will put extra burden on your pocket. But make sure that the quality and price both go together or you will regret the decision.
  5. Function: As the non stick main function is that the food does not stick to the surface while cooking and it uses less oil. So, make sure that the pans are functioning properly and help you in the kitchen not makes your work hard.

Some Do’s and Don’t s

A list of some do’s and don’t s are here to make your non stick cookware last for a longer time

  1. Do not over heat the cookware as it will result in the emission of harmful chemicals from the Teflon coating.
  2. Don’t use metal spatula, knives, Fork and whisks.
  3. Avoid the use of sharp and coarse objects to clean the vessels.
  4. Avoid using the vessels which has scratched coating as it can accumulate in the food and cause harm to health.
  5. Do not use non stick utensils for deep frying as it high temperature can cause the formation of harmful chemicals.
  6. Always use good quality cookware.
  7. Make sure that when you store cook wares in cabinet they are thoroughly.

How to clean Non Stick Cookware

The non stick cook ware need extra care while washing as the normal washing can cause the scratches and resulting in the degradation of the Teflon coating. So, in order to wash the cookware let it cool for some time and put the soapy water to clean the pan. And thoroughly wash with the water so that no soap remain in the pan.

Always wash the pan after every use as a delay or periodic washing can deposit the oil on the cookware and damage the pans.

Some Non Stick Cookware

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