Best Office/Study Table For Home in India: 2021

Best Office/Study Table For Home in India: 2021

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Working from home has lead us to do all the office work from the home itself. But there are some essentials that one cannot deny to have while doing wok from home. These include office chair, office table/desk, laptop, laptop stand, Wi fi modem, Router, headphones etc.

In this article we would like to help you to get the best office table for home so that you can work comfortably and effectively.

Importance of office table For Home

The office table in home is as important as it is office. If you have bought an office chair without office table then you are only half office ready as the worth of the chair is with table for ease and comfortably.

  1. You can make a space at home for a work form where you will get minimum disturbance.
  2. It will help you do the work efficiently and that will reflect in your performance.
  3. Moreover, it can be used by the kids for study purpose.
  4. The office stuff can be placed at a place so that they did not mixed up at home.
  5. The chair and table set helps you to have a correct posture thus reduces the risk of health issues related to long sitting hours.
  6. It is very beneficial for working moms or women as you can leave your stuff unattended and can find easily when you return back from house chores.

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Things to be considered before buying office table

Some factors to be look for while choosing the office tables are:

Height and Weight

The table height must be Between 28″ to 32″ which is considered to be a static height. The light weighted table is more preferred over the heavy weight as it can be easily movable and does not create problem in adjusting at home.

Durable and sturdy

Always make sure the furniture you buy for the home is sturdy an d durable or it might will cost you more and will need repairment more frequently.

Compact and Stylish

The compact and stylish table will add on the style and classy look to the house . Moreover it will be easy to store and shift whenever required. The stylish table will also makes you to sit longer are do work for a long hours when required.


The material available for the office table are engineered wood, plastic and wood(sal, seesham etc.). The price of the table vary on the basis of the material. the wooden tables are costly as compared to the engineered wood and plastic. Moreover they are more durable than the other two.


The table must be affordable. If you are looking for the engineered wood table the budget may be in between 5k to 10 k. Whereas for pure wooden table the price may go up to 30k. Go as per your requirement and need. Moreover if you travel a lot then the engineered wood is a better option to go for than the pure wood


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Best office table for home

BLUEWUD Mallium Engineered Wood Matte Study Table

wood matte study table

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The Bluewud Mallium is an exclusive designed multi-functional table/ desk made up f premium quality high grade pre-laminated engineered wood. The compact size and flat top surface with two underneath shelves makes it really awesome for use. It can also be used as study table and adds a style to the room.

Key features:

Product Dimensions: L x B x H (40x 15.7 x 28.5 inches)

Material: Prelam engineering wood with natural wood finish. Which is sturdy and durable.

Product Color: Wenge | Product Style: Contemporary | Product Weight: 16 Kgs.

Assembly: DIY with instruction or get it done by local carpenter

Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects

1. Stylish design with sturdy construction 1. No assembly given by company
2. Multi functional  
3. Suitable for students and professionals  
4. Good support team  

DeckUp Giona Engineered Wood Matte Finish Office Table

deck up office table

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The DeckUp Office table is an elegant looking table with a full leg space underneath for extra comfort with two drawers at the side for the ease to use and keep the things. The fine engineered wood with matte finish makes it look awesome and durable. One if the drawer is locked to keep the valuables safe.

Key Features:

Product Dimensions: L X B X H (46*22*28) inches

Material: Engineered wood with laminate.

Color: Walnut, finish: matte, Style: contemporary

DIY Assembly: The product can be assembled by an individual using the assembly instruction

Board thickness: 15mm

E2 European standard board with a large space to withhold stationary easily

1. Good leg spacing with spacious desk top 1. some times its hard to assemble with yourself so need to contact a local carpenter
2. Sturdy and stylish  
3. Drawer with locker  

Woodbuzz Engineered Board Office Table

woodbuzz office table

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The house of Woodbuzz which is India’s leading furniture manufacturer. Woodbuzz products are made from top brand raw materials which are 100% sourced from India. The space saving design makes it suitable to be used as a study table, computer desk, office or WFH table. The table is strong, durable and tough.

Key Features:

Product dimensions: L x B x H (39.2*17.7*29.5) inches

Material: Premium quality engineering board of Tessa brand. Rust free for long life.

Self Installation: East to install DIY with instruction manual.

Warranty: 1 year

Rounded corner so safe for kids also.

Compact design so easy to fit at any place in home.

Available in two more colors.

1. Rust free material for long lasting 1. no negative point so far
2. Easy to clean and place.  
3. Durable and sturdy  

Spacewood Winner Study/Office Table

Spacewood table

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The Space wood Study/ Office Table Winner is an artistically designed table with plenty of storage space will fit right in any room of your home. The table has several shelves to store books and stationary, and an adjustable top which can be opened when needed. The table also has 3 closed cabinet with open able doors to keep important files and documents.

Key Features:

Product Dimensions: L x B X H (40*108*120) cms

Material: Engineered wood wit wood pore finish and Rigato walnut color.

Adjustable top with open as well as closed shelves for easy storage for files and books.

Water resistant, Fungus, termite and Scratch Proof

Warranty: 3 years

Required assembly: Assembly should be done under an expert supervision


1. Full space storage with movable and adjustable top 1. Need to arrange a paid carpenter for assembly
2. Long life wood free form bacterial infection  
3. Good leg spacing  

JSB Metal+Engineered Wood Folding Computer Desk with 8 Hooks

JSB computer desk

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The JSB Computer Desk is Simple & Modern, while Practical for Your Home & Office. Flexible Table Can be Used as Computer Desk, Learning Desk, Gaming Desk, Dining Table, Picnic Table. Folding Desk is easy to clean.

Key Features:

No Assembly required: Just unpack he box and follow the instruction to make the product ready to use.

Foldable: Easy to fold so can be move from one place to another.

Side hooks: There side hooks for easy hang things. The hooks are removable so you can remove them if not in use.

Product dimension: L x B x H(29.53* 17.7*35.4) inches

Sturdy and durable: The metal base and MDF boar makes it extra durable and rust free.

1. Metallic base table which is highly durable. 1. Sometimes it becomes unstable and makes you trouble to use.
2. Foldable and easy to use  
3. Can be used to keep the belonging near by.  


The office table must provide a comfort for work and should be designed as such it gives stylish and elegant look tot he office space in home. Before going for the purchase decision once have a look at our buying guide. for more details or any queries comment in the box provided..

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