Best OTG Pen Drive in India

Best OTG USB / Pen Drive in India

The OTG pen drive or the OTG USB  is a ready to use pen drive which can be directly connected to the smartphone or the android mobile to transfer the data, photos or documents easily.

The OTG USB can be used directly to the devices such as tablet, smart phones, or the laptop so that the data transfer can be easily done with whatever device you want.

Moreover you can also use it to store the data such as photos, videos, music and lot more. it helps in extending the storage space of the mobile.

Some of the best suggested OTG USB/ Pen drive are:

SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pen Drive

sandisk otg usb
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The SanDisk ultra dual OTG USB is one of the must have pen drive as it is easy to use. The micro USB connector and USB 3.0 connector lets you to use it directly on the computer, laptop, smartphones or tablet. It lets you to transfer the files and documents within minutes.

The SanDisk also provides you the file management app that lets you to easily use the storage space and manage the documents.


  1. Compatible with OTG enabled Android devices.
  2. SanDisk memory app fro easy file management.
  3. Free up space in your mobile.
  4. Auto back up of data when connected to the device.
  5. High speed USB 3.0 for file transfer speed up to 150mb/s.
  6. 64 GB storage space.

Also look for:

SanDisk Ultra Dual Type C USB 64GB

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This SanDisk OTG dual pen drive helps you to transfer the data  from any c type mobile or type A connector as it can be used with both devices easily. The USB is easy to carry and hold as it has compact design and can be attached with the key ring.


  1. 2 in 1 pen drive for multi connectivity.
  2. Compatible with c type smart phones, tablets, laptops and A type computers.
  3. High speed of 150 mb/s
  4. Dual swivel design protects the connector from damage.

More SanDisk Pen drive:

sandisk luxe type OTG USB
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Dual Drive Luxe with all metal swivel c type USB 1 TB

sandisk ixpand otg usb
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 iXpand Flash Drive Go for iPhone and iPad 256 GB

snadisk otg pen drive


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Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.1 256 GB

HP USB 3.1 Flash Drive 64GB x740w

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The HP is one of the leading manufacturer of the computer and its peripheral devices. It is also known to deliver high class products across the world. The HP pen drive is a cap less device with a metal housing that has sleek and stylish design to be carried away in a swag.


  1. three sizes i.e. 32GB, 64GB and 128GB
  2. Metallic mechanism to provide protection against scratches.
  3. Read speed of 75 mbps.

More HP Pen drives

Hp otg usb
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HP X304M Type C OTG Flash Drive 64GB

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HP X5000 Type-C + A OTG USB 3.1 Metallic Swivel Flash Drive 32GB

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HP HPFD302M 16GB OTG Flash Drive

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