Best Pressure Cooker For Indian Kitchen

Best Pressure Cooker in India: 2021

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We all are well known familiar with the pressure cooker. But if you think to buy a right pressure cooker for the kitchen it will be a great job as there are some popular brands as well as a lot of options are available in the market. It will be difficult to choose the one which is best suited to you.

In this article we will guide you to select the perfect pressure for your family. We will discuss about what is pressure cooker and its working, how to select the perfect cooker.

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1.Prestige Svachh, 202555L4.5/5 Buy On Amazon
2.Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker6L4.5/5Buy On Amazon
3.AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker4L4/5 Buy On Aamzon
4.Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker3L4/5 Buy On Amazon
5.Vinod 18/8 Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker3L4/5 Buy on Aamzon
6.Butterfly Blue Line Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker3L4/5 buy On Amazon

What is  Pressure cooker and how it works?

A pressure cooker is a pot that help sin cooking food faster and easier with the help of the steam produced while heating up of food.

The main principle behind the cooking in the pressure cooker is the steam cooking. The whistle releases the air and retains the steams that helps in the cooking of the food faster. You can easily cook most f the food that require steam and water based cooking easily at a very less time.

Importance of cooking in the pressure cooker

  1. The food gets cooked fast. So, it saves time and when you return form a long hectic schedule from the work and want a good, delicious but healthy food you can get it easily with out much effort.
  2. It helps in saving the energy so you get less gas bill or the cylinder will last for a longer time.
  3. It helps in retaining the important nutrients which can lost while cooking through the conventional cooking methods.
  4. You can also cook food in less oil as compared to the cooking in the other cooking techniques.
  5. It is easy to clean as the design of the cooker lets it thoroughly cleaned rom inside.

Types of pressure cooker

On the basis of the material there are three kinds of pressure cooker viz. Aluminium, Stainless steel, and anodized.

The Aluminium pressure cooker are the traditional one which are easy to use but the old and corroded one can prove to a health fatal. Whereas the stainless steel comes in the good and fine category but it more expensive as compared to the other one. At last the anodized cookers the aluminum cooker which have  a coating of the protective film which makes it suitable for the use for  along time.

ParameterAluminium Pressure cookerStainless steel pressure cookerAnodized Pressure Cooker
Weightlight weightheavy weightLight weight
Cooking timelessmoreless
health issuesold and outdated can have some impact health no  impact on health .no impact on  health

How to choose the cooker for your home

Here  are the some key factors that one should look for while selecting the cooker for the personal use or for home.


A pressure cooker can be used two to three time a day so it must be durable and with stand the usage. It must be able to survive for at least 10 years which is considered as the good life of the cooker.


Since  a lot of options are available in the market such as designs, handi, multicolor, etc. which adds the high price tag so we should always look for the cooker which can be affordable and with stands all the parameter we need in our daily use pot.


Different sizes are available which range from 1.5 L to 10 L. the most common used size in the kitchen is 3L. In this contrast we  have illustrated the table below which will help to select the best cooker for you as per the sizepressure cooker capacity


It is one of the important factor as the cooking utensil material can have a direct impact on our health. Based the three materials available we have following relation:

 Aluminium> Stainless steel > Anodized pressure cooker

Best pressure cooker for Indian kitchen

Prestige Svachh, 20255, 5 L

prestige swach presusre cooker

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The prestige is one of the most common name in the kitchen appliances. It covers almost all the range of the products that are required for the kitchen use. The cook ware by the prestige are durable and easy to use. It also deals in the non stick cook wares and induction cookware. This prestige cooker is the best selling one due its deep lid spillage control. Which helps in keeping the gas area clean even if the water gets spilled out of the cooker due to excess or over flowing. 



Hawkins Stainless Steel Induction Compatible Pressure Cooker,6litre

Hawkins pressure cooker

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The Hawkins is the leader in the pressure cooker market in India. The pressure cooker designed by Hawkins has a inside fitting lid that is far safer than the other conventional cooker. To open it you have to bend down the lid which will not be possible without gas release. It ensures its safety.  This pressure cooker by Hawkins can be used in gas, ceramic, halogen and induction cooktop. 

Key Features:

Food grade superior stainless steel: The cooker body is made up of the superior quality stainless steel 18/8 which means 18% chromium and 8% nickel for giving high grade anti corrosion resistant. It is type 304 stainless steel that ensures long life if used properly.

5.8 mm thick and sandwiched base: The thick base is made up of the 4.1 mm of the thick aluminum that spreads the heat evenly and the outer part is ASI grade 430 magnetic stainless steel which makes it easy to use in induction as well.

Fixed sturdy pivot: There is a fixed pivot which allows to lock the lid in the correct position and ensures a steam tight seal. It also reduces the pressure on the handle as it is a metal part of the handle.

Long lasting Gasket: As the lid closes inside the cooker so there is  a minimum touch of the rubber and the cooker body which means less wear and tear during the usage.

Unique curved body: The cooker body is given the right curvature, which has three benefits:

  1. food is easy to stir during the cooking that is done prior to pressure cooking,
  2.  this helps prevent the food from sticking or burning which can otherwise be a problem in stainless steel,
  3. and clean-up is so easy.



AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, 4 L

amazon stainless cooker
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The Amazon basics products are manufactured under the most sensible methods and using the high grade quality to ensure it long life and cost effectiveness. These are easy to use and deals with most of the products we come across in our daily life. This pressure cooker by amazon basic is a 4l pressure cooker made up of satinless steel.

Key Features:

Two pressure levels: The cooker provides you the two pressure level : 50 kPa (kilopascal) for gentle cooking and 90 kPa for fast cooking. You can use it according to your need.

Bakelite Handle: The cooker has the Bakelite handle that is secure to use with any of the gas type such as gas cooktop, induction and ceramic etc.

Dishwasher safe: It can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher with the lid open so need to worry about the scrubbing and scorching of the cooker after use.

Pressure indicator: The red safety valves come sup when the pressure is formed inside and gets down when the pressure is released and safe to open the lid.




Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 3 Liters

prestige aluminium presure cooker

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The Prestige pressure cooker is one of the best selling in the category of the aluminum cooker. The prestige has been emerging as the one of the top selling in this category due to its new innovations and durable products. This pressure cooker is popular due to its heavy base and design.

Key Features:

Body material: a high grade Aluminium body that does not contaminate food and gives you high durability.

Thick base: It comes with an Aluminium base which is thick and machine pressed. The slight concave bottom ensures shape is retained for longer.

Precision safety valve: The first level of safety  is indicated by the release of pressure above 1 kg/cm2, which makes the cooking safe and time saving for you. It is made up of brass with steel coating on it for durability.

Gasket release system: The 2nd level of safety is  provided  in Prestige pressure cooker, in case there is any blockage of vent tube, gasket will bulge and steam will release through the slot. Thus making it extremely safe for usage.

Top fitted safety plug: the metallic safety plug ,makes it more easy to use and enable the 3rd level of safety.



Vinod 18/8 Stainless Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker -3 Ltr

vinod pressrue cookerBuy On Amazon

The vinod is one of the well known and established name in the field of the stainless steel cookware. The high durability marks the high quality of the products manufactured by the Vinod. The cookware id designed form the excellent quality of the steel which embarks the trust flow of the satisfied customer over a long period of time. 

Key Features:

Stainless steel body: high grade stainless steel body ensures no rusting or corroding while usage. It is highly durable as the weight is good.

Heavy base: The unique impact bonded extra thick 5 mm Aluminium core to ensure even heat distribution so your food does not burn or stick to the surface.

Silicone Gasket: the high quality silicone gasket ensures no odour, or taste added to the food. Moreover, a fusible safety valve is present to release the gas easily and makes it extra safe to use.

Can be used for open cooking without lid as a kadhai for cooking on a low flame as well.




Butterfly Blue Line Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, 3 Litre

butterfly pressure cooker
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The Butterfly manufactures a comprehensive rage of home appliance, kitchen appliances and cookware.  The quality of the products remarkable and satisfy the customers. The stainless steel cookware are one of the finest range of the  manufacturing unit. This cooker by Butterfly has some unique features that makes it a best selling product.

Key features:

Uni directional rotational handle: It comes with easy grip and cool handle. The special lock arrangement helps in moving the lock on one direction only. It makes it safe to use and avoid mishandling.

Gasket release system: the gasket release system makes it more safe to use and prevents any hazards. It lets the gas to release out on case of the whistle not working properly.

Easy to clean : The SS body is easy to clean and use. More over it is scratch resistant and non toxic in nature.

SS body : the durable and tough stainless steel body makes it outstanding in performance and long life.

Base: thick base for rapid and slow cooking with out burn or sticking on the surface. The base is also induction compatible.





The pressure cookers are used in day to day life in every household. But we should always read the manual before using it as it can be dangerous for us. We recommend you to by most bought product Prestige Svachh, 20255, 5 L and 
Hawkins Stainless Steel Induction Compatible Pressure Cooker,6litre to buy for your home.

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