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pulse oximeter

“Health is wealth” we all are well familiar with this quote. As the saying goes the health of a person is the most prominent thing. We all know after this pandemic the one of the most important thing is maintaining a good health and immunity. The pulse Oximeter is used to measure the oxygen level in the blood.

What is pulse oximeter?

The pulse oximeter is a painless device that helps to determine the pulse rate as well as oxygen level in the body of a person with in seconds. It is easy to use and monitor. The oximeter helps us to detect the how much efficient are our lungs to extract oxygen from the air we breathe in and pump it to the blood throughout the body. Just clip of the oximeter onto the peripheral areas of the body such as finger tips, toes or ear to check out the oxygen level in the body. It is measured in SpO2.

What is normal oxygen level?

The normal oxygen level of the body is 95 or more than 95 SpO2. It is considered to a healthy level. The level below 95 is considerer to be low and one should contact the doctor immediately.

The person having some lungs infection can also have a oxygen level of 90 SpO2 which is low level of oxygen.

How does it works?

The pulse oximeter has a clip and LCD display. The clip sends a sensor and an emitter which sends a frequency and a wavelength with the help of a light beam. The beam passes through the nail and learn the frequency of the heart and the amount of oxygen present in the blood.

Kindly note that the nail is clean and does not have any color which measuring oxygen level. Moreover, allow a least movement while using the pulse oximeter.

Importance of pulse oximeter

The next question is when and why we need the oximeter?

As we are living in the situation where anyone can fall ill and it will be difficult to consult doctor at odd times. So, a handy oximeter will tell you about your health status.

If someone in the family is covid positive and you are in a isolation then a pulse oximeter can tell you about the day today condition of your health and helps in monitoring the symptoms. It better to be before time then late.

If you love to do hiking and trekking then this oximeter can help you to have a track of the oxygen level in the areas where the level of oxygen is low.

It can also be used to check the oxygen level if you have difficulty in breathing and feels restless. The SpO2 level can depict the health of your lungs.

Accuracy of the reading

Though the reading of the oximeter is accurate but it’s result can vary from -/+ 2 percent from the clinical methods done through the arterial blood gas. But it is enough to detect the symptoms of the covid patient and monitoring them.

Best pulse oximeter in India

BPL Medical Technologies BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

BPL Pulse oximeter

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The BPL finger oximeter has six display modes and four direction display can be used for kids and adults. . It measures the blood oxygen levels, pulse rate and Perfusion Index (PI) graph. Perfusion index is an indication of the pulse strength at the sensor site. The PI’s values range from 0.02% for very weak pulse to 20% for extremely strong pulse.

Key features:

High accuracy: the minimum deviation in the result is +/- 2% which depicts its high accuracy in the result display.

Color OLED Display: The four directional OLED display makes the reading easy to read with a clear view.

Alarm Indication: In case of the high/low measurement the alarm rings and alters you instantly.

Low power consumption: the device consumes a minimum of the battery as it auto shuts off when not in use. Use two AAA battery. It has 20 hrs. of continuous battery life

1. Includes perfusion index reading also 1. Price is on higher side
2. Easy to use with compact design. 2. Need careful handling as sudden fall can result in damage
3. Alarm and alert for high and low measurement.  

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BPL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oxy 02

BPL Oxi meter

Dr Trust Signature Series Pulse Oximeter

Dr. trust pulse oximeter

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The Dr. trust pulse oximeter is one of the Best and doctor recommended oximeter. It is affordable and give an accurate level blood oxygen saturation levels. The single button operations makes it easy to use. The oximeter is helpful for athletes and pilots to check the oxygen level. It is also useful for COVID patients to monitor their health.

Key features:

Water resistance: The oximeter is able to withstand the accidental splash of water. But if the product is dipped in water of higher depth it will become unusable.

Accuracy: The device promises to give the accuracy of the results if checked under normal conditions.

compact and reliable: The size is small so it can easily be handled without hassle and reading is displayed on a large screen so that it is easy to read and view.

Perfusion index: The device is also capable of measuring the perfusion index which determines the relative pulse strength of the body. More over the product has long battery life.

Includes lanyard: The device comes with the lanyard so that is easy to tie it up along with you when your are busy in work.

Hypoallergenic Design: . Hypoallergenic latex free material is coated inside the finger chamber making it anti-allergic for all those with sensitive skin. Moreover it is made up of high grade ABS material.

1. Accurate and reliable 1. The price is on higher side
2. water resistant.  
3.Lanyard for easy hang on.  

DR VAKU® Swadesi Pulse Oximeter Fingertip

dr. vaku oximeter

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The Dr. vaku emerges as the no. one choice if one goes for made in India product. The main feature of the device is the accurate and the reliable PI(perfusion index) and the plethysmograph to determine the reading. The OLED helps to use it in the dark as well as bright sunlight. The portable and compact makes it outstanding among all the other oximeter.

Key features:

Fast and accurate: The result is displayed within 8 secs on a large OLED screen which is easy to read and view under day light as well as dark.

Multiple usage: suitable for mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, aviators or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate while on the move.

Long battery life: the two AAA batteries are required to operate it which are long lasting as the device automatic switch off when not in use. It can also give result under low battery condition also.

Suitable for wide range of finger sizes: Our SpO2 saturation monitor can be used for finger chamber with SMART Senior. Pulse oximetry can used for all ages but more accurate works for ages 12 and above.

1. Lanyard for easy holding while out for work 1. Not suitable for children under 12 years
2. Accuracy and reliable  
3. multi directional display  

RENPHO Professional Finger Pulse Oximeter

pulse oximeter

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The RENPHO Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is used to monitor arterial hemoglobin oxygen saturation(SPO2) and pulse rate. It also display the perfusion index and is very easy to use. The device is suitable for all age groups be it adult, old age or child. It also has a warranty period of 24 months if any issue with the quality of the device.

Key Features:

Easy evaluation: the device is great for checking the oxygen level, pulse and other data at home with ease and convenience. It is especially good for symptoms of COPD, heart problems, respiratory ailments etc. Precise and accurate result in 5secs.

Large screen for display: The device is compatible to give the result quickly which is easily readable on the large digital OLED display. Beep for the low and high indication. You can turn off the beep just by pressing and holding the button for 2 secs. and vice versa.

Warning: The oximeter gives warning when your SpO2 is below 90% and pulse rate is below 50 or above 120. So, its a device which will always monitor your health and gives alertness before its too late.

Easy to carry: The device is portable, compact and light weight so it is easy to carry to take along. More over a lanyard is provided to take it with you easily.

Motion Sensing: the oximeter is capable to sense the motion and give result accordingly. moreover, it also gets auto off in 8 secs.

1. Suitable for all age groups. 1. quality not up to mark
2. Easily sense the motion. 2. after sales service not good
3. Silicone non slip material with micro chip detection  
4. Large screen for display  


Health is the most prominent thing for everyone so do not do any kind of neglect behavior to your as well as your loved ones. Precaution is better than cure so buy a good quality oximeter and be safe in the current scenario. Hope this article will help you to get the best oximeter.

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