Best Ride-On Toys for Kids In India(Overview)

Best Ride-On Toys for Kids In India(Overview)

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Ride on Toys For kids

Playing with toys while growing is one of the joyous moments for every kid and parent. There are a variety of toys for kids such as learning, blocks, ride-on etc. The ride on toys for kids are as important as learning as it helps in the development of motor skills and you can easily take your little one for a ride in garden or park. It can also be used in home as well.

There are a lot of ride on toys available in market some are battery operated while some are push on manually. Both have their own benefits. Here in this article we will give you an overview of good ride-on toys for kids, some do’s and don’t sand FAQ’s.

R for Rabbit Iya Grand Magic Swing Car for Kids Twister Ride on

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Riding the swing car with your child can be done with this R for Rabbit Grand magic swing car as it has a weight capacity of 120 Kg. It is built keeping in mind the safety of child. The car has no sharp edges and is EN71 certified and BPA free. The ABEC 7 bearing makes the ride to go smooth and fast. This swing car has PU wheels which makes it to ride indoor as well because they left no marks on the floor.

Key Features:

  • Useful for adults and Kids
  • EN71 certified
  • Capacity: 120 Kg
  • PU wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearing
  • Does not produce mark on floor
  • Easy to ride

R for Rabbit Iya Iya Grand Magic Swing Car for Kids Twister Ride on

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Baybee Baby Ride On Push Car for Children

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The Babybee ride on car is a perfect and smooth ride for toddler(age 1 to 3 years). The product is EN 71 certified so it is the safest product to use for babies. The car is constructed with the premium Virgin PVC plastic material. It is convenient to carry and control with the help of the rear handle. The steering wheel lets the little one to try controlling the directions of turning left/right, forward/backward. The horn also sound sweetly and is liked by the kids. Car sea is spacious for kids to sit properly with a proper back support.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 15-20 kg
  • Dimensions: L 60 *W 32 * H 45 CM
  • Rear handle for parental control
  • Functional Steering wheel
  • Secure And safe ride
  • Spacious seat with back support

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Baybee 2 in 1 Baby Horse Rider-Kids Ride-On Push Car

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GoodLuck Baybee – Kids Ride On Push Car 

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GoodLuck Baybee ride on push car is constructed by entirely high quality material. It is secure for your baby to ride on freely! This ride is suitable for kids from 1 to 5 years as it helps in the development of the motor skills in the most funniest way. The car has 3-in-1 design which allows it to do three fuctions such as: Sliding function: normally slide this car. 2. Swing function: equipped with universal wheels, your baby can turn this car more flexibly. 3. Push function: It also comes with a handle that can be used for both pushing and pulling. All functions are different for different age groups. The surrounded guardrails gives extra protection to the kids and with high comfort with the use of the spacious seat and back rest support.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 ride on push car
  • Slide car, push car and ride on car
  • Smooth handle bar
  • LED light system
  • Safety back rest
  • Comfortable and sturdy design
  • Colors option available

The main drawback is that the product is very light weight

Airel Ride-on Child Walker Toy Carriage Baby Car Without Pedals

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If you are looking for some expensive but good and fun ride for the toddler then go for this ride car. It look like the real car with streamlined design and the bright headlights. The car is controlled with a pedal and a switch to control the speed. It also has a reverse button. An adult must incorporate the child while he is riding the car. The car need to be charged for about 12 hour for 1 to2 hours of smooth ride. The battery can be checked in the battery control panel.

Key features:

  • Easy to control
  • Regulated car speed
  • Music and headlights
  • Lockable double door
  • Handle for easy transport

JoyRide Baby Italian Ride-on Scooter

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Joyride presents the children’s super scooter.The handle bar grip that gives a realistic feel will let your child enjoy the scooter to the max. This unique Italian scooter design ride on has a musical horn and an attractive LED headlight mounted on the handle bar. There is a smart utility storage under the comfortable seat of the ride on. This ride-on helps in developing the motor skills essential for the child’s growth. It is a healthy and a super fun companion for the young riders. The material and design are totally safe for children. This is a perfect gift for your little one.

Key features:

  • Realistic feel scooter
  • Comfortable ride and seat
  • Helps in developing motor skill
  • LED headlight
  • Musical horn with Italian design

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JoyRide Bullet Trike Push Bike Baby Ride On Bike

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Some do’s and don’t s while using the ride on toys for kids

  1. Always read the manual and safety instruction before using the ride on toy.
  2. Never leave the child unattended on with the toys.
  3. Use safety guards before the ride.
  4. Do not put kid forcefully in the ride car.
  5. Clean the car regularly to maintain proper hyegine
  6. Do not over burden the cycle basket with toys or other things this can result in dis balance.
  7. Use ride mostly on the smooth smooth surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ride on toys?

The toys that are used by kids for a ride or which can carry kids along with them are called as ride on toys such as bicycle, swing car, scooter etc.

Are ride on toys worth it ?

Yes, the ride on toys are useful for kids as they helps in the development of various skills such as motor skill, balancing and strength the muscles. They are also time engaging and gives a lot of fun to the little one.

When can a baby use ride on toys?

The kids between age 12 to 18 months can sit properly in the ride on toys where as the kids above 2 years can ride it properly and learn a lot of things.

Are ride on toys safe?

Yes, the ride on toys are safe if used with utmost care and after reading and following the safety instruction properly. Do not leave the child unattended while the child is using or sitting on the car or a cycle.


After a long analysis and research we would like to conclude that the ride on toys helps in the development of the motor skills and balancing of the kids. They also strengthen the muscles and helps in the growth and development of the child. hence they are an important part of the childhood.

Here we would like to suggest that the R for Rabbit Iya Grand Magic Swing Car for Kids Twister Ride on is the best ride toy for kids because of its features ,usability, and affordability.

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