Best Skating Shoes For Kids In India: Buying Guide And Review

Best Skating Shoes For Kids In India: Buying Guide And Review

Skating Shoes For Kids

Skating shoes for kids

Skating is one of the most interesting hobbies among kids nowadays. It not only helps them to learn to balance but it also helps in physical exercise. As we know that to choose anything for kids is very difficult but this buying guide will help you to choose the perfect skates for your champ. The skating shoes for the kids are an ideal gift for your little one. Read the full article for all details.

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    Star Rating
Basic skates suitable for 6 to 14 years and beginners
Aluminum body inine saktes for size 5 to 8
Roller skates ideal for professional skating
Skates ideal for kids with rubber wheels
Heavy duty inline skates with size perfection

There are basically two types of skates:

  1. Quad:  it has 4 wheels and is generally recommended for kids and beginners. The four wheels help in good balancing.
  2. Inline skates: it has four wheels attached in a line and is generally used by professionals and most adults. It requires good balancing skills.

Note: Always use skate gears while doing skating to avoid may injury caused by falling down during the skating

If you are a beginner make sure to use skates under a coach or an adult.


JAspo skating shoes for kids

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Jaspo is a world-class sports equipment manufacturer that is known for delivering quality products, at the right price with superior quality and design. It is a leading manufacturer in sports equipment, footwear, and accessories.

These roller skates are lightweight with easy adjustability of size. The length can be adjusted from 21 cm to 27 cm.

There is a toe stopper at the front for easy brake applying. The guards are also included with these skates. The helmet is made up of a hard PE shell with a vent. The knee pads, elbow guard, wrist pad are made of 4 layered fabrics and have elastic for easy to wear.


  • 60 mm anti -skid vinyl wheels
  • Adjustable size
  • Breathable foam inner lining
  • Colors option available
  • Toe stopper for speed control
  • Guards and bag included
  • Good for 6 to 14 years of age


  • Heavy weight


kimachi inline skates for kids

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KAMACHI is a well -known brand in the field of sports equipment’s. It manufactures ‘high quality product with a long life and durability.

The in -line skates here are of good quality has a full frame work of aluminum. It has soft boot with triple cam lever buckle for the size adjustment.

It is a perfect skating shoe for kids and juniors. The soft inner lining in the shoe prevent blister and redness while wearing it.


  • Push button adjusting system
  • Soft inner lining for comfort
  • Hold a weight of 100 kg
  • Aluminum frame
  • Good print with vibrant graphic
  • Size available U.K. 39 – 42


  • Color option not available



roller derby skating shoes for kids

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The roller derby skating shoes for girls are a perfect one for beginners as well as the intermediate.

They have a soft cushion with washable inner lining.

It has easy push button for adjusting the shoe length therefore perfect for  the growing child. The 54 mm polyurethane wheels are anti-skid in nature.  The looks are also great.

It is available in various sizes-small, medium, and large. The skating shoes for kids combination is mostly white and pink which is best for girls.


  • 54mm polyurethane wheels
  •  Push button to adjust
  • Use for beginners as well intermediates
  • Fitting up to 6 years
  • Washable lining
  • Light weight (2kg)
  • Dimensions 27*12*42 cm


  • Not suitable for teenagers
  • Too costly



cosco skating shoes

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The Cosco  gives immense world class sports, health and fitness equipment. The skates have rubber wheels which are good enough  for a beginner to have a grip.

These skating shoes for kids are perfect for beginners.

The skating shoes are suitable for all kinds of floor. The lace in the front makes It adjustable to tie accordingly. It is light weight.


  • Rubber wheels
  • Metal base
  • Front lace
  • Good quality
  • Ideal for small kids


  • Not suitable for teenagers
  •  Only for beginners

Also look for cosco sprint roller skate if looking for high quality


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NIVIA inline skate is the one who will steal the customer through its looks, design, and durability. These skating shoes for kids looks attractive and awesome.

The skates have polyurethane wheels with a size of about 80mm. It is good for hard surfaces.

The heavy duty shoes give you a perfection of fitting while skating.

The skates have a good color combination and have innovative look.


  • Looks awesome
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Good for hard surface
  • Built in brake system
  • Innovative technology
  • Push button for size adjustment
  • Small and medium size


 Heavy weight


Buying guide: how to choose the perfect roller skates for your kids

As we know that our kids have been addicted to screen, so in order to reduce the screen time we must initiate a hobby for them that will strengthen them physically as well as increase their concentration power. So the sating is the best where they can play on their own and enjoy their time with friends as well. But there are some factors which we must consider before buying skating shoes for kids. These are

Types of skate

There are two types of skates:

Quad: These are for beginners. They have four wheels which help in easy balancing. They are perfect for kids. These are basic skates that helps the kids to learn the skates easily.

Inline skates: these are for the intermediates and professionals. They also have four wheels but all are in a line so it is difficult for beginners to balance in it. These are used for high speed as well as exercise.


Speed skates: 

The skates are generally used for high speed as they are made so. The low cut shoes provide a free ankle movement for good. These skates are built with bearing to give speed to the skater.

Outdoor skates: 

The outdoor skates allow you to do skating in rough surfaces a well. They are just like indoor skate but the main difference is of the wheel.

Indoor skates:

The skates are for artistic use e.g. artistic rink, dance shows, etc. these are designed with good looks and soft.

Roller derby skates:  

These are high-quality skates for those who want to go for professional in skating or for competitions.  They are of durable nature, good acceleration, and comfortable.

Kids skate:

The skates are designed for young skaters. The skates have low speed and can be used roughly for learning skating.

Artistic skates:

The skates are used during performances such as dance, circus, shows, etc. The beautiful design and smoothness make them more attractive and it has a well built-in brake.


The size matters a lot while choosing the skates. You should always go for a adjustable skate if choosing for a kid as their size changes. But for the adult choose the size same as that of shoe size as it will be comfortable to wear.


Always look for the surface where you will be skating. The incorrect choice for the wheel can lead to the wear and tear.

Importance of skating

The Skating plays an important role in the development of the kids. It is good for physical as well as mental well being of the child. The different ways by which the skates helps in the development of the kids are as follow:

Mobility of the joints:

While doing the skating there is the good movement of the joints fluids which gives a high mobility of the joints which is essential for the joints development in the young age. It also helps in the building up of strong joints and muscles.

Helps in development of limbs

The balancing and movement in the skates helps in boosting a good muscular development of the limbs. The legs movement pushes the legs muscle and helps to impart more power to the muscles where as the hand movement during the skating pushes the muscular development.

Builds Immunity

The Skating acts as a exercise and build in a good immune system and hence increases the physical stamina. It is observed that if a child fell less ill his growth and development will be good so, we should built in a good immune system of the kids and give them a bright future.


The skates shoes are one of the important thing you must gift your kids. The kind of skate you choose will depend on your budget, kids interest and the way they will be using skates. All the skates are more or less good in durability, usage and looks.

 As per our survey in e commerce we recommend the roller derby skates for it high quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions usually searched by people who likely to buy skates for kids

What is the right age to start skating?

The skating should be started at the age of 4 to 5 years. The kids can easily learn new skills at this age and it will help in the development of the child as well. But it should be taken into account that the kids always do skating under the adult supervision as the sudden fall might hurt them and create injury.

How to start skating?

For beginners you should always seek the expert guidance or search how to teach skating in you tube or google to have a thorough knowledge of the skating. Initially lock the wheels and try out balancing while walking and then slowly loosen up the wheels according to the kid progress.


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