Best stainless steel water bottles for summers

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Stainless steel bottle

With the scorching heat and warm winds the summer are approaching to our doorstep. But we should be prepared in advance. The stainless steel water bottles play a vital role in giving us relief from the summer thirst and tiredness. These are extremely useful for everybody be it kids or adults. In this article we will give you a full list of the best steel bottles, how to clean them, benefits, FAQ’s etc.

The stainless steel bottles play vital role in the cleaning of environment and its good to carry your own water bottle rather than creating plastic mess all around.

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Benefits of using stainless steel bottle

The stainless steel bottles are a healthy option to use as it has following benefits

  1. BPA free: the stainless steel bottles are free from any chemicals and BPA free. So, they provide a least harm to the human body when used regularly.
  2. No smell or stink: You can easily wash the bottles with the help of a soapy water so no smell occurs in it. moreover, if it is left with some fluid you can just wash it away with some soapy water and that’s it all the smell will vanish away.
  3. No bacteria or mold: the stainless steel bottle does not allow any mold or bacteria to grew inside as they are rust, stain and corrosion free.
  4. Sustainability: the bottle are eco friendly as once bought can be used for a longer time with some maintenance. So, they are ecofriendly as well as sustainable as compared to the plastic one.
  5. Temperature control: the water in the bottle maintains the hot and cold temperature for a longer time as compared to the other bottles.
  6. Natural Taste: the water tastes good in the stainless steel bottle as compared to the other. The natural taste of water is retained even if kept for a long time period.

Signoraware Aace Single Walled Stainless Steel Fridge Water Bottle

signora ware bottle

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The SignoraWare’s AACE Steel Water Bottle is an Eco-Friendly choice which reduces the need to use disposable bottles that only wind up polluting the environment. The beautiful design and light-weight bottle with a stylish cap. The bottle is safe for all drinks and ideal for everyday use. It is ideal for school water bottle, for office and at home The bottle is leak proof and light-weight making it easy to carry it in different places. The wide mouth opening makes it easier to clean and it can also accommodate ice cubes, if required.

Note: this bottle does not retain hot and cold water for a longer time.

Cello Puro Steel-X Benz Inner Steel Water Bottle

cello water botle

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The cello inner steel, outer plastic with polyurethane foam insulation layer in between for storing cold beverages. It is a complete leak proof and odor less bottle. It is suitable for all outdoor sports: hiking, camping, fishing, boating, yoga or gym fitness. The bottle is BPA free. It is simple using and easy to clean, the Inner Steel Outer Plastic with PU Insulation.

Borosil – Stainless Steel Insulated Flask Water bottle

borosil water bottle

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The no. 1 choice of the users is a leak proof bottle, the temperature retention up to 24 hrs. borosil stainless steel bottle has a double wall. The easy to pour, easy to handle and easy to carry bottle has a copper coating for retaining the health of the drink stored in it. Now you can carry your favorite beverage with you any where any time. Available in variety of colors and sizes Choose accordingly.

Kuber Industries Stainless Steel  Bottle/Refrigerator Bottle

KI bottles

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The kuber industries stainless steel water bottle are among the most popular brand of the customers. They have single wall high quality steel body with Plain design. The bottle can be used for the freeze storage as well as you can carry it to your office and outside the home. When not in use it is suggested to eep the lid open to prevent any odor. The bottle is easy to clean, use and handle.

Milton Super 1000 Single Wall Stainless Steel Bottle

milton bottle

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The steel bottle by Milton is especially designed for easy carry to work place, school, garden etc. made up of grade 304 rust free stainless steel. The bottles are easy to clean and handle. The taste and nutritive value of the drinks remains intact making the bottle very appropriate choice for storing beverages. The ergonomic design of the bottles makes it easy for you to hold them while pouring out the beverage. These bottles can even be carried in the side pocket of your backpack.

How to take care of the stainless steel water bottles

Though easy to handle and use the steel bottle also require some care for its log term usage and prevent it from the damage.

  • Always store the bottle in a clean and dry place.
  • Use mild detergent to wash the bottle.
  • Do not wash such bottles in dishwasher as it can damage it.
  • Do not use hard scrubber while washing a sit can leads to scratches.
  • If not using for the long time keep the lid open to avoid any odor.
  • Make sure you do not share your used bottle with anyone without washing.

Frequently asked questions

Is it OK to put lemon in a stainless steel water bottle?

As the stainless bottles are chemical free so the lemon or any acidic liquid will not react with the bottle material. More over during the very high summer check the water before use. The stainless steel bottles are a perfect choice for keeping any type of liquid in its original taste as compared to the other bottles.

Can you put coffee in stainless steel water bottle?

Yes, you can surely put hot liquids in the bottle which has insulated property. They can keep the liquid hot/cold for at 24 hrs. But milk and other liquids which can ferment should no be store for a long duration.

Is it better to drink from glass or stainless steel?

Though the glass is considered to be the best option to drink water, juices or other liquid but the stainless is more preferred over it due to its durability and chemical free nature.

Is stainless steel rust resistant?

The non reactive nature of the stainless steel makes it rust and corrosion free. Moreover, you can easily clean the stainless steel utensils and use them for a longer time as compared to glass and plastic.


The stainless steel bottles has played an important role in the cleaning of environment. They need less energy in manufacturing and can be last for a long time thus reduces waste. So, it is advisable to choose from a wide range of the designs available in the market place of such bottles and inculcate a healthy habit of drinking pure and fresh water wherever you are…

While looking for such bottles just have a look at the list placed by us. For further queries comment in the box provided.

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