Best Steel Sipper for Baby In India(2021)

Best Steel Sipper for Baby In India(2021)

steel sipper

Steel Sipper

The transition from one phase to another in babies takes time and changing the habits also. So, once a baby is able to sit on her/him self try out giving the sipper instead of the bottle so he will be able to leave the bottle as soon as possible. The steel sipper for baby are a wonderful choice as against the plastic water bottle or sipper.

In this article you will get to now about the importance of sipper, how to clean them properly, and a list of the good quality steel sipper for baby.

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Importance of steel sipper

As we all know that the water or any drink in the plastic bottle is not safe to drink if stored for a long time so why we should take chance with our little one who has just started his new journey in our family. So, it is better to opt a safer option of steel sipper rather going for a plastic one.

  1. The steel sipper is easy to sterilize with the hot and boiling water.
  2. They can be easily cleaned with the use of the mild detergent.
  3. The sipper does not produce odor or leaves stain after the usage.
  4. The steel has a natural property of resisting bacteria and molds.
  5. They are light weight and easy to carry.
  6. The steel sipper are also available on thermos to maintain the temperature of the liquid.
  7. Stainless steel is more durable than plastic bottles.

How to choose the right sipper

Here are some points that will let you know the sipper more and choose the best sipper for your little one.


It is one of the most important factor as the small kids need a light weighted and small sipper so that he/she can easily hold it and sip their favorite drink without hassle. Where as a little older one need a large one to full drink when outside. So, a small sipper of 250ml to 500ml is sufficient for the little one where as the 500ml to 1L is recommended for older one.

Nipple/ Spout

The spout is one of the essential part of the sipper. The soft silicon spout which is just like a bottle feeder is good for the little one whereas the straw sucking or open one is recommended for older one. But one should regularly clean the spout or sterlize it to  maintain a good hygiene.

Leakage proof

The sipper should be leakage proof so that no mess is generated while using as it can spoil the floor as well as bed. And it can sometime even hurt if someone slips on it. So, it is recommended to buy a sipper which is 100% leak proof or air  tight.

Non toxic material

The material of the sipper should be BPA free as it will store the consumables. So, it is recommended to buy a plastic sipper which is BPA free or you can opt fro food graded steel sipper which are easy to wash and use.

How to clean sipper/bottle

Your water bottle or a sipper can be a home of a germs if not properly cleaned. An improper cleaning of bottle can lead to a lot of diseases related to stomach. Here are some cleaning tips that might help you out to clean the sipper/bottle easily.

  1. Cleaning with vinegar

Add 2 spoons of vinegar in hot water and put it in water bottle for few minutes and then rinse it with the water and let it dry. Keep the lid and straw separately while washing as wash them also with a good quality brush.

SYGA Baby Milk Bottle Nipple Straw Brush Sponge Nylon Cleaning Brush Cleaner Bottle Tong Set

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2. With bleach and baking soda

Mix a equal amount of bleach and baking soda and rub it inside out of the bottle or sipper with a cleaning brush and let it sit for some time and then wash with water. Let it dry after wash. Keep the lid and straw separate after washing.

Honey Boo 3 in 1 Baby Feeding Bottle Thermo-Steel Multifunctional-Sipper

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The Honey Baby feeding bottle is a ergonomically designed bottle with the multi functional usage as feeding bottle with nipple and sipper with a straw. The sipper has handles that ensures the baby with hold it properly so no difficult time in soothing. The vacuum seal aids in keeping the fluid at the moderate temperature and the nipple has a attachment which is interchangeable with most major brands. The bottle is antibacterial and constructed from high quality durable material.

  • Anti Bacterial Stainless Steel, Anti Colic, BPA Free.
  • Non- Leaching.
  • Baby Can Feed Uninterrupted Without Gasping For Air Hence Breathe Easy Bottle.
  • Maintenance Free Long Lasting Calibrated From Inside For Perfect Measure Of Feed.
  • Peristaltic Nipples Redirects Air so no air bubble while drinking.

M7STORE Stainless Steel Sipper Glass with No Spill Lid and Straw

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M7STORE brings to you durable straw sipper for your little ones. It comes with a sipper which protects the liquid from falling. Featuring an attractive shade, this sipper is a must-have for your little ones. Stainless steel is lauded for its durability and is also one of the safest materials used in the kitchen. The wide mouth design allows you to easily clean them efficiently to maintain hygiene. Airtight, leak-proof, Long-lasting and durable. Avoid hard scotch for long-lasting shine.

Milton Jolly 375 Thermo steel Kids Water Bottle

milton kids water bottle

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The Milton kids water bottle is a 300ml mini bottle for kids so easy to carry. The color choice is also available in a good variants. It is best for gym, sports, school and outdoors. The bottle has double insulated wall which can retain the temperature of the liquid up to 6 hrs. The bottle is suitable for toddler as well as the young kids.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature retention: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • BPA free

Note: use mild detergent to clean the bottle and pre condition the bottle with hot and cold water before usage.


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