Best Teether For Babies In India(2021)

Best Teether For Babies In India(2021)

Teething is one of the important milestone in growth of the baby. Though it is painful for babies as well as parents but a lot of pain can be reduces by using the tether for babies. The tether toys are one of the favorite toys of the babies. A variety of tethers are available in the market but to choose the right one is a tough decision. In this article you will get to know all about the tethers.

Importance of teether for babies

Teether are important for soothing the itching in the gums due to the teeth eruption. These are a hygienic option for a drowsy and irritating baby caused due to teething. The teether not only soothes but it also helps in the development of the motor skill as the little one learn to grasp and grip the objects with their little hands.

How to Check if the teething has started or not?

If you are a new parent you would be worrying about how to notice the teething and what to do for ease and tackle the problems regarding that?

Teething generally starts after 4 months and last up to 2.5 years as per my personal experience. But it vary from child to child the time and the pain while eruption of teeth. Here is a list of symptoms that you might notice before the teething starts

  1. Drooling
  2. Reduced appetite
  3. Constipation
  4. Loose motion
  5. Ear itching
  6. Biting
  7. Putting every thing in mouth
  8. Irritability
  9. Crankiness
  10. Improper sleep

Note: the forehead becomes a little hot while teething in kids as compared to normal days but do not correlate it to fever.

Chic Buddy teethers for Babies BPA Free Silicone Soft Baby Toys

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This teether is made of 100% food grade in one solid piece of silicon ring. So it does have a chance of the parts to break off and has zero choking hazard. Its grip also provide motor training to the infant which is important for coming years. The teether is not too hard and not too soft. You can also chill it for little extra soothing touch. This teether can also be a gift for new born and little one birthday.

Key Features:

  • Easy grip for longer time hold
  • Can be chilled for extra soothing
  • Useful for improving motor skill
  • Helpful in relieving the teething pain
  • A great gifting option
  • Solid shape so non toxic and no hazard

LuvLap Silicone Teether, Ice cream

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A high quality food grade liquid silicon teether has a easy grip to hold on for a longer time by the little one. It provides a gentle relief for the irritating gums. The teether can be refrigerated to chill and helping in the pain relief. The pack also include a travel case so can be carried in the bag easily. A large no of fun shapes and colors available for kids interest.

Key features:

  • Easy to grasp
  • High quality silicone
  • Ideal for baby above 3 months
  • Travel friendly
  • BPA free

BeeBaby Infant Soft Silicone Teether 100% BPA Free Cookie/Biscuit

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KidDough Baby Soft Teething Mitten Teether Glove | Teething Pain Relief Toy Glove

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