Best Truly Wireless Ear Pods In India: may 2021

Best Truly Wireless Ear Pods In India: May 2021

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The truly wireless ear pods are something amazing that you might feel while using them. Their light weight allows them to carry easily and listen to music while waking around or doing work out.

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History Of Truly wireless ear pods

The birth of the true ear pods took place in the year 2015 when the Japanese company “Onkyo W800BT” launched it in September 2015.

Though the ear pod has many flaws such as connectivity issues, short battery life, and voice distraction it gave the world a new ray of hope. That’s why some of the big players enter the market and make ear pods that offer quality products after prolonged testing and advancement.

Major players such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Philips, bOAT, etc. come into the race and make the product more affordable to reach the big pool of satisfied customers.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 441 TWS Ear-Buds

boat air dopes ear buds

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Bluetooth: YES ANC: NO Charging type: USB c type IWP Instant Pairing Battery life: 5 + 25 hrs

bOAt Airdopes 441 TWS earbuds take you on the music journey in a truly wireless way. It is a comfortable ear pod with the latest v5.0 Bluetooth offering uninterrupted connectivity. The ear pod is ergonomically designed to provide ease of use.

Key features:

IWP technology: The IWP(insta wake N’ pair) is a technology that means as soon as you open the charging case lid, the earbuds turn on and enter the connection mode.

Sound quality: The ear pod has 6 mm drivers for immersive sound and excellent bass. The normal sound level is soft but if you go 65 onwards you will really feel the magic of the ear pods.

IPX7 rated it as water and sweat-resistant. Hence you can easily use it while working out with no fear of sweating or water falling into the ear pods.

Voice Assistant: Supports instant voice assistance from SIRI and OK google with the touch from the control panel.

Blue tooth distance: it can be used from around 10 m to 15 m away from the device but beyond that, the connection starts to fade off.

Battery Life: 5 hours battery life with the playback time and 25 hrs with the case support. Also, you have to use C type charger which is compatible with most smartphones.

+ Good battery life for long-time support – ANC is not available
+ IWP technology allows the instant connection to the last activated device  
+ C type charging pin which is most common for smartphones  
+ Small case to carry along  

Philips Audio TAT1225 TWS Headphones/Earbuds

Philips Audio TWS ear buds

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Bluetooth: YES ANC: YES Charging type: USB cable Battery life: 6 +12 hrs. IPX4 splash-proof

The Philips ear pods are one of the best ear pods in terms of sound, weight, and style. The stylish look adds a status symbol to one’s personality. Philips has been continuing the advancement in delivering quality products to the customer which always tends to experience better and more better sound quality with new innovations.

Key Features

Sound quality: the earbuds have 6 mm neodymium drivers for crisp and clear-cut sound. In addition to it, the punchy bass makes you feel more energetic and filled with enthusiasm. It is a perfect ear pod for working out or connecting to office calls.

Voice Assistance: Easily connect to the voice assistant with the controls from the earbuds. It can respond to SIRI or Google assistant for playing music, making calls or asking about weather conditions, and a lot more.

Replaceable ear tips: The interchangeable ear tips makes the user make it perfect for it according to the suitable size. The fit ear tip makes it comfortable to sit up easily on the ear without any discomfort.

Playtime: It has 6 hours of playtime for the single charge and the extra 12 hours can be added from a full charge case. So a total of 18 hrs playtime is given at a time.


+ Interchangeable ear tips for a perfect fit – no negative point as far
+ good battery life.  
+ Trust of Philips brand with the earbuds  
+ Built-in mic for echo cancellation so has good voice clarity.  

Sony WF-XB700 TWS Earbuds With Mic

sony earbuds with mic

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Bluetooth: Yes, ANC: no, Battery life: 9 +9 hrs. Water-resistant, Tri-hold structure, Microphone: Built-in, quick charge operation, Charger type: USB Charging

Sony always delivers a quality product in the terms of electronics be it Smart TV, speakers, headphones, or other devices. These ear pods by Sony give you all the awesome features that one headphone should have.

Key features:

Sound Quality: It features an Extra Bass for high punchy sound and also supports low-end sound. the 12 mm driver’s unit delivers the bass-lines sound that is irresistible and clear-cut music lets you enjoy it the most.

Ergonomic tripod structure: the earbuds have three different points of contact with your ear to make them secure and comfortable to wear for a long time without any discomfort or irritation.

Long Battery life: It has A 9 hr. battery life with playtime and an additional 9 hr. is provided with the charged case. so the total of 18 hrs. the battery allows you to enjoy it for a long duration. You can even make calls using one earbud easily and clearly.

Water-resistant: The ear pod is water-resistant so as not to wear rain or sweat during the outwear.

Low Latency: The smart BT chip helps in the transmission of signals simultaneously on both ears and lets the user take calls easily without voice distraction. Moreover, the earbuds are easy to use with all the control in the left earbud.

Voice Assistant: It also supports Google assistance and Siri with a smart button click. So, you can easily play music, get directions, and weather reports and answer calls with just a tap.

Quick Charge: during a hurry or emergency a mere charge of 10 minutes can give a battery life of up to 60 minutes.

+ Long battery life with tri pod structure makes it comfortable to use. – Price is on the higher side as compared to other earbuds
+ Magnetic and compact charging case.  
+ Ease of operations  
+ Thousands of trusted customers’ feedback  

JBL C115 TWS True Wireless Earbuds with Mic

JBL wireless ear pods

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Bluetooth: Yes, ANC: no, Battery life: 6 +15 hrs. Water-resistant, Autonomous Connectivity, Microphone: Built-in, quick charge operation, Charger type: USB C-type Charging.

The JBL in the sections of the headphones is an irresistible name. Whenever one is looking for headphones he/she might talk about the JBL. These JBL earbuds are very well known for delivering excellent sound with a comfortable fit.

Key Features:

Sound Quality: The JBL Earbuds is the one that offers pristine sound quality with their 5.8 mm drivers. It produces natural bass with no distortion of sound in between even at the full volume. This means the music beats are delivered as such it is produced without the additional interruption.

Insta Connect: It gas BT 5.0 chip that establishes connection as the instant the case is open within seconds. It usually connects to the last used device automatically while the case opens.

Autonomous Connectivity: the earbuds have both stereos as well as mono modes so that you can use either earbud or both according to your choice. Using one earbud can save battery life as you can use the other when the battery is exhausted for the one when you have long calls.

Jumbo Battery: The total battery provided by the ear bud is 21 hrs. of which the 6 hrs. is for the earbuds and an additional 15 with with case. Moreover, in the case of instant charge you get 1 hr. playback time while you charge for 15 min.

Voice integration: The single-touch operation enables you to answer the calls and connect to the voice assistant easily. It also has three ear tips so you can check the best fit for yourself.


+ Three size ear tips for a comfortable fit. – No negative point so far
+ Portable and compact design  
+ Crystal clear sound quality  
+ 1-year warranty  
+ Four color options available  

Jabra Elite Active 65t Truly Wireless Earbuds

JAbra elite truly wireless earpods

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Bluetooth: Yes, ANC: no, Battery life: 5 +10 hrs. Water and dust resistant, quick charge operation, Charger type: Micro USB Cable Charging.

The Jabra elite 65t is engineered for truly wireless calls, sports, and music. It has featured a secure-fitting design with an in-ear setting for the active work purpose. The is enabled with high defined recent features.

Key Features:

Sound Quality: use the Jabra sound+ app equalizer to customize your own music and enjoy it at your own pace of listening. Moreover, the earbuds work on the integrated motion sensor.

Comfort Fitting: The ear pods come with three different-sized ear gels which can fit your ears and provides you comfort for long-time usage.

IP56 Rated: these are IP56 rated that give the 2-year warranty against water and dust when registered through the Jabra sound+ app after purchase.

Voice Assistance: Integrated voice assistance gives one-touch access to SIRI, google assistant, and Alexa. It is a true third-generation wireless headphone.

Note: Remember to update your firmware in the Jabra Sound+ app to experience the high sound quality


+ lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use – No such negative point
+ Water and dust warranty  
+ Jabra app for a complete guide  
+ Also work on stereo and mono mode  

Some more functioning Jabra elite earbuds

The sidetone will reflect your own voice when you are on a call so it is recommended to do settings in the Jabra sound+ app for smooth call making.

Secondly, if you remove one ear bud then the music will get paused only for 60 sec after that the ear bud will convert to mono mode saving the battery life.

Next, the earbud will automatically turn off when away from the device for more than 15 minutes or is not in the charging case and will be deactivated after 1 hour. The left bud will also automatically turn off if not connected with the right one.

To activate them place them in a charging case or press the multi-function button. For unpause/pause use the multi-function button.


Noise Shots X5 PRO Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds

Noise Shots tws earpods

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Bluetooth: Yes, ANC: no, Battery life: 8 +142 hrs. IPX7 Waterproof, Qualcomm AptX, Quick pairing, Charger type: USB C type Cable Charging.

The noise has been listed as a bestselling brand on Amazon and Flip kart for the last four years. In 2019, Noise was the biggest Indian seller of wireless earphones in the country. It is also the only Indian brand among the top 5 brands selling wireless earphones in India. The Noise shot X5 is a budgeted earbud with excellent audio delivery and designs.  

Key Features:

Sound Quality: The Noise shot delivers Hi-Fi Audio with its newly designed graphene speaker drivers and supports the Qualcomm Aptx and AAC codecs. So the sound quality is awesome with its new and advanced technology.

Built-in power bank: the case of earphones acts as a power bank as it can support the charging of the mobile also.

Touch panel: It also has full control with its touch panel and you can do the following things such as playback, volume phone call, voice assistance, etc. Just access all the features with a finger touch.

Ergonomics shape: The earbud has an optimized design for better comfort and a secure fit. Moreover, it has a USB C-type charger which is easy to use.

Voice Assistance: Supports SIRI and google assistance.

Warranty: 1-year warranty from NOISE by registering on


+ Built-in power bank with high battery life. – no negative point as far
+ Audio bass quality is awesome.  
+ Supports Qualcomm AptX and AAC codecs.  

OPPO Enco W11 Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

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Bluetooth: Yes, ANC: Yes, Battery life: 20 hrs. IP55 Waterproof, Quick pairing, smart Operation.

The OPPO Enco earbuds are one of the most advanced technology-based for the new experience in the TWS earbuds. It delivers good bass with all new features and supports most devices.

Key Features:

Sound Quality: The unmatched and full bass gives you the clear and actual feel of the music as well as the call’s clarity is also too good.

Noise cancellation: It also allows the noise cancellations for more clarity calls in addition to blocking the background sound to minimize distraction.

Once paired always paired: After pairing with a device it will automatically pair whenever it comes in contact with the device unless you remove the device from the list.

Smart operation: The earbuds are smart as they power off themselves once put in a case and turn on when the case opens. It also starts the music where it has been paused last time.

Long Battery life: The earbud has 5 hr of battery life and it can be extended o 20 hrs if used with the case.

+ Smart and innovative earbuds – fitting can be sometimes a great challenge.
+ ANC available  
+ Light, compact and portable  

Some do’s and don’ts

While using the ear pods one must follow some rules for benefiting most from the earbuds

  1. Most of The earbuds are sweat and water-resistant but do note that the case is not waterproof so keep it safe and away from water to avoid damage.
  2. DO not expose the earbuds to an extreme low or high temperature as it can damage the Ear prods physically and deform their shape.
  3. Avoid the usage of abrasive material to clean the ear pods use a soft damp cloth to clean and gently wipe them.
  4. Dispose of them just like other gadgets as they can contaminate the surface and be hazardous to nature.
  5. Keep them away from sharp objects and kids’ reach.
  6. never listen to loud music for a long duration as it can cause permanent or temporary loss of hearing.
  7. Do not try to disassemble the ear pods by yourself without expert guidance.
  8. Always makes sure you have an expert technician to tackle any problem regarding the earbuds.

How To Select Best Earbuds

Here are some points that one must look for while selecting the earbuds


The size matters the most in order to make the earbud fit. As the loose ear bud can cost you more as they can easily fall down while working or doing work out whereas tight ones can harm your ear as they can cause pain or itching when used for a long time.

So it is recommended to buy an earbud which has multi ear tips so that you can select the best fitted and comfortable one.

Battery time:

This one of the important features of an ear pod with less battery time is proven to be useless as they become irritable to charge every time before use. It is recommended to buy an ear pod that has at least 10 hrs. of battery life with a case so that you can use the full day without hassle.


Most of the earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth connectivity as it is easy to use and gives you good connection establishment. But it is recommended to check the Bluetooth interface of your device and the ear pod. So, they both are compatible with each other. For checking the Bluetooth version go to the description section of the product.

Water and dust resistant

The ear pod must be sweat-resistant so that it can be easily wearable while doing the workout. Moreover, an ear pod with water resistance can also be chosen. If the added dust resistant feature is also there it will be a great option for the buyer.


Make sure that the earbud is easy to control with the buttons provided. All the features such as call answering, volume control, pause, or voice assistant must be controlled with these buttons. It should be ergonomically designed.

Supporting Codecs

A Codec determines how the music is transmitted from the device to the earphone. It converts the digital signals to analog signals so it is usually a coding and decoding process of the sound.

The most common codec supported by the ear pods is the SBC, but it is recommended to have the ear buds which support APTX or AAC codec as they provide a better sound interface than the SBC codec.

Sound Quality and Volume

The sound must be clear for attending voice calls or meetings and have a good bass so that it can give you bumps while listening to the music.

Some of the earbuds have good bass at 50%sound level but some give above 60% so choose according to your need and requirement.

Charging Case:

The wireless ear buds has a charging case to prevent and store the earbuds when not in use. Make sure that the case is durable and compact.

Some more functionalities:

You can also look for the features such as Bluetooth range, ANC, Design, charging type, etc. so that you are easily compatible with the ear pods and make the maximum benefits out of it


The ear pods are easy to use and are compact so easy to carry along in the case provided. But make sure whenever you buy any electronic product check its review as well as the return policy. If you love music and make calls or attend a meeting for a long duration in a day then it is important for your health and avoids problems such as neck pain or sprain in neck muscles.

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