Best Walker For Patients In India: (buying guide and review)




walker for patients

Walker For Adults

Time is not same for every one there are some hard days when one need support even for walking be it due to accident, illness or age related issues. Though our loved ones are always with us but one need some support to walk on independently. For this purpose one need a walker to support while walking. A walker for patients makes him feel like he/she has becomes independent and they can do their personal work on their own.

As we know that the uncertainty is truth of life and we should be able to accept some uncertain situation. In such situation just gift your loved one with some thing that will help them in recovering fast make them more independent as feel good.

Importance of Walker for Patients

There are many ailment which can result in bed ridden person or someone who can cannot walk properly due to accidents, surgery such as knee replacement, spine surgery, or surgery related to legs, or old age. These circumstances are unavoidable but the patient can easily recover with these uncertain situation if a proper care and movement of the affected part are imparted to them. Here comes the importance of the walker for patients as they can move easily and helps in the speedy recovery.

The walkers are easy to use and most them are fold able so easy to carry with. They also require a least care and are trusted by most of the doctors. They are durable and do not slip unless you push them hard.

How to use walker

Here are some points that will help you to use walker more perfectly as wrong usage can result in increased pain and fall due to slip down

1. Height Adjustment

The adjustment of the right height is most important as the higher or lower set up of height can result in excess pressure on the back. If a physiotherapist is available it good as they are the expert in this but if not you can do it yourself. So, in order to adjust the correct height one should place the wrist on the handle and make sure that the elbow is bent to 15 degree when standing straight. The patient should not have any extra pressure on the back or the shoulders. The shoulder should always be straight while walking or else it can cause pain in the body. When the arms are hanging the top of the walker should inline with the wrist of the person using it

2. Stand up and Sitting Instruction

For standing up

  • Hold the chairs arm and push up your body
  • Now stand up and hold the walker’s arm
  • And adjust according to yourself

Do not lean over or tilt the walker while standing as the walker can slip out and cause fall and injury.

For Sitting down

  • Take your body down and feel the fool with the legs
  • Next, hold the arms of the chair and comfort yourself in the chair.

3. Waking with the walker

It is important to learn how to walk with the walker correctly as the right walking and standing position as it affects the recovery and pain of the patient.

Keep the walker at arm distance just in front of you. Firmly push the walker forward while taking off the weight from your hand.

Always put the weaker leg in the middle and walk while taking the small steps to move forward. If both legs are of equal strength you can put any leg forward.

Push the walker smoothly with the handles and move legs with a strong grip. Do not push the walker so far from yourself as it can slide unexpectedly.

Best Walker for Patient

Stander Height Adjustable & Fold able Walker

Stander Height adjuster walker

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The light weight and fold able walker is only 3.2 kg in weight and can be folded with just a using finger. The adjustable height is 32 to 388.5 inches so it is suitable for 4ft. 10 inches to 6ft. 8 inches. The sturdy frame is made up of aluminum which can bear a weight of 180 kg. The wheel make an ease to move in a narrow spaces like the doorways in your house, supermarket, shopping mall, restaurant or even inside the aero plane.

Key features:

  • Light weight and portable
  • Height adjustable
  • Swivel and stationary wheel
  • Easy to move on and glide

The walker is a bit costly.

Dr Trust (USA) Portable Aluminium Height Adjustable Foldable Walker for Adults Patients and Old Age People

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It is a portable and light weight walker with a weight capacity of 100 kg. The frame is sturdy, highly durable and can be folded easily. It is easy to carry as the carry as the walker weight only 2.76 kg. Even beginners can start using it safely with a one-touch button release and no worries of falling. You can adjust the height assembly easily as per the need or height of the user. You can convert it to the reciprocal walker by changing a clip easily.

Key Features:

  • Weight :2.76 kg
  • Weighing capacity: 100kg
  • Aluminum Frame work
  • Fixed to reciprocal walker