Best water heater/geysers brand in India

Best water heater/geysers brand in India

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There are a number of geyser brands in India but choosing the right one is  a great task. The right geyser not only saves the energy but also easy and convenient to use. These geysers has a  least standing loss and results in low electricity bills.

In this article we are going to discuss about the major and top brands of geyser in India. So, lets get started.

List of top brands of geyser in India

  1. AO Smith
  2. Havells
  3. Bajaj
  4. Crompton
  5. Racold
  6. Usha
  7. Orient
  8. Venus

Out of these brands the AO smith and Racold are the international brands where as the others are our Indian brands.

AO Smith geysers

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The AO Smith is the first U.S. based water heater  company to enter the Indian market in 2008. It has been operational in U.S. from the last 140 years. The AO smith is well known for delivering the world class water heater as its products passes the world class standards.

AO smith is the first water heater company to produce the geyser with technology such as the blue diamond glass lining, glass-coated heating element, energy efficient insulating material with multi color option.

The water heater by  AO smith are known to prevent the standing loss as it is highly energy efficient. The glass lining as well as the glass heating element gives constant performance and hot water for years. Moreover, its tanks are corrosion free so they are more suitable for hard water.

A.O. Smith has a nation wide presence with its satisfied customer all country. Moreover it is well known for providing the world class customer services or after sales services that is why it is in the top of our list.

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AO smith geyser

Havells water heater

havell water heater
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The Havells is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida. It is one of the leading manufacturer of home and kitchen appliances in India. Deals with both domestic as well as commercial products.

The water heaters produced by the  company are instant, storage , solar, gas, heat pumps, as well as immersion rods. Therefore, a large range of products are delivered by the company. It also has a large volume of trustable and valuable customers. 

Most of the Havells geysers comes with ferrous glass lining in the inner tank for the safety from corrosion as well as they have the fire retardant wire which keeps it safe during the short circuit situation. They are also, suitable for high rise building  as it can with stand  a pressure of 8 bars.

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BAJAJ Water Heaters

bajaj water heater
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Bajaj Electricals limited is one of the oldest Indian company in the field of the home appliances. It deals with a wide variety of products including the majority of the home and kitchen appliances. The products delivered are energy efficient as well as safe to use.

The modern range of bajaj heaters are equipped with new and modern technologies but keeping in mind the customer safety. These re also equipped with the two highlighted features of : Auto shut off and child safety.

The auto cut off prevents the burning of the wires as well as the inner tank as the it gets off by itself when the water reaches the certain limit of set temperature. The child lock prevents the accident caused due to the high temperature as the setting will let the temperature down and saves the little one.

The after sales service provide by the company are the best as well  as the spare parts are also easily available.

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Crompton Geysers

crompton water heater
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The Crompton greaves or Crompton has a legacy of more than 75+ years of manufacturing the home appliances in India. The company has the two major segments of the manufacturing viz: lightning and electrical consumer durables. It is also well known for producing the new and innovative products as per the latest trend in the market.

The Wi-Fi enabled solarium is one of the latest water heater. It has got the performance which is irresistible and  the feature that you cannot ignore once look for. The ISI marked nickel coated element in the water heater makes it more in demand.

Moreover you gets the tree level of safety in the geyser related to the pressure, temperate and the  multi functional valve which makes it easy and safe to use. The corrosion free tank lets the user to use it for a long duration. The warranty period of water heater is 7 years.

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Racold water heater

racold water heater
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The Racold is a brand that always deals with the innovative and redefining category of the products. The company offering ranges from the domestic instant, storage and gas water heater to the commercial thermal and solar water heater.

The 5 star rated energy efficient water heater are one of the remarkable and best offering by the brand. Moreover, the quality of the products are world class that defines its standard. The Racold has also won the award for the “Appliance of the year, 2020” which marks the 10th victory in the BEE rating  of the year.

The Racold geysers can be purchased at a very affordable rate as well as they have a brilliant performance. They are also easy to install and are handy to use.

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Usha Water heaters

usha water heater
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 The Usha is one of the oldest brand providing a high class of home appliances. Water heater by Usha are affordable as well as they look so elegant and designs are perfectly fit for the modern kitchen and bathroom. The geysers are easy to install and are user friendly.

It deals with instant as well as storage water heater  for kitchen and bathroom respectively. The magnesium anode and glass coating makes its performance more efficient. It has also rated 5 star geyser as per the BEE energy saving modes.

A variety of models are available online. The service quality is also very good. Moreover, you can easily found the service centre near by due to its popularity.

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