BoAt Rockers 450 pro Headphones Review

BoAt Rockers 450 Headphones Review

The BoAt is an Indian company that has emerged in the year 2013. It has made its own place in this competitive world with the new and advance experience in the field of the audio system.

The BoAt audio system includes headphones wireless and wired, speakers, air dopes, bass head etc. that has the sound quality with gives you a thrilling experience of the sound and the beats that you comes across. 

The BoAt Rockers 450 pro headphones is a on ear wireless headphone with mic that can  be easily connected through the blue tooth to the mobile or laptop. The headphones can be used for music, online classes and office meeting so that no one gets disturbed while you work with the music .

boat rockers 450 pro headphones
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The 40 mm dynamic drivers helps in pumping the awesome quality of music all day long.  The high quality bass is one of the outstanding feature of the BoAt headphones gives you goose bumps when you listen to the music. It just feels like a live concert.

Ergonomic design

The on ear headphones are comfortable to wear for long time without any pain or irritation. You can easily carry them and put it on for the music and calls for long hours. So, no need to touch the phone and go wireless usage and do whatever you want while listening music or attending calls.

The padded  and foldable ear cups makes them more comfy. It is also very light weight.

Battery Life

A 15hr. battery life is being given by the headphones. It can easily be used whole day without charge or ends up all the playlist before doing the charge next time.


The blue tooth connectivity is available for the version of V4.2  is supported and you can seamlessly connect to it wit just a tap. Moreover it also support AUX mode for connectivity. So, you have dual mode of connectivity.


The headphones are compatible with IOS, Android and windows. So its easy to use with any device which has the blue tooth.


All controls can be done via the multi function button present on the ear cup with out any hassle. So go deep into the sense of the music without tension.


  1. The headphones are budget friendly. You get most of the features at a minimum cost.
  2. Three attractive colors to choose from. Black, hazel and aqua blue.
  3. Support voice assistant too so get most out of the phone without carrying it.
  4. Adjustable headband makes you to select the size as per you head.
  5. Sound quality of the headphones are very good.
  6. Higher version of BoAt rocker 450 pro also available with better quality.


  1. The quality of the headphones in not too good so will not last for a longer time.
  2. Need to handled carefully else it with break down.


The BoAt Rockers are a headphone that can be used for a short duration but they are affordable and gives you most of the features that a costly headband has. It must be chosen for your self as it has the features that you cannot get at this price range.

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