Baby Bottle Sterilizer In India: Buying Guide And Review

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The baby bottle sterilizer is easy and convenient for making the bottle germs-free. Every mother is always concerned about her baby’s health and immunity. A healthy child is brought up with proper nutrition. As we know that mother’s feed is best for an infant for up to 6 months but as the baby grows he/she needs more nutrition for proper growth so we need to introduce the bottle feeder which eases the work of the new mother and saves time.

Our Best choice

With the use of the bottle feeder, it must be noted that it should always be kept free from germs. For this, we need a bottle sterilizer that easily cleans the feeder and keeps it safe from all types of microbes.

S No. Product Name Description Rating Buy Now
1. LuvLap 4-in-1 Electric bottle Sterilizer  Can be used for 4 processes such as boiling eggs, steaming bottles, warm food, and making steam food  4/5 Buy On Amazon  
2.  Chicco Sterilizer 2 in 1  uses steam with auto cut off can be used for 2 and 4 bottles 4/5   Buy On Amazon
3. Philips Avent 3-In-1 Electric bottle Sterilizer   Kills germs by steaming in 6 minutes 4.5/5   Buy On Amazon
4. Baybee 6 in 1 Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer  multi-functioning sterilizer with 2 bottles capacity at a time 4/5 Buy On Amazon  
5. R for Rabbit Hot Bottle 5 in 1 bottle sterilizer  advanced Japanese PCT technology 3.5/5   Buy On Amazon


There is a variety of feeders available in the market. This article will help you to find a good and reliable sterilizer for your baby. Here is the list of the top 5 baby sterilizer by doing market research and studying the consumer reviews.

The best baby sterilizer in India are:

Features/brand Philips luvlap Chicoo Morrison
Process steam steam Steam Steam
Cycle time 6 8 8 8
Auto cut Present Present Present Present
No. of purpose Used for sterilizing toys, teether, soothers, etc. 4(sterilize, warm and steam food, egg boiler) 2( compact 2 bottles, full 6 bottles) Only for bottle sterilization
Miscellaneous Bpa free Transparent lid 24 hr. germ protection Quick to use

LuvLap  4-in-1 Electric
bottle Sterilizer

luvlap sterilizer

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The luvlap is the most trusted brand of baby products among all the companies. It has been serving about 180 countries through its wide range of products. The sterilizer here provides the following features:

  • It kills 99.9 percent of germs without using chemicals
  • 4 in 1 benefits: sterilizes baby bottle, warm food, and milk, steam food, and boils eggs
  • Sterilizes 6 bottles in eight minutes
  • Led display with sound indicator
  • Transparent lid
  • Content remains sterilize for 24 hrs if the lid is unopened
  • Include accessories such as tong, egg tray, and measuring cup.

Chicco Sterilizer 2 in 1

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Chicco is one of the trusted brand names among baby products. It has been producing baby products since 1958 and is worldwide trusted. It is operational in about 120 countries. It offers a wide range of products. The main features of this bottle sterilizer are as follows:

  • It cleans the bottles with the help of steam thus killing 99.9 percent o germs
  • It keeps the bottle/objects sterilized for up to 24hrs till the lid is closed
  • Provide two option for different configuration: full size(6 bottles) and compact  size(2 bottles)
  • Product quality is not affected as it cleans by using a steaming process
  • Auto switches off at the end of the cycle.
  • The product is easy to use.

Philips Avent 3-In-1 Electric bottle Sterilizer

phillips baby bottle sterilizer

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This brand is known by everybody as one of the largest electric product companies in the world. Phillips provides quality assured products that are tested by a wide range of groups before releasing for the end-user. The various features of the electric steamer by the Phillips are as follows:

  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for wide neck and narrow neck bottle
  • Auto shut off with 6 min cycle
  • The product is BPA free
  • Kills 99.9 percent of germs by the steaming process
  • Using can create a spot of scale that can be descaled by using vinegar
  • Cleans teats, soothers, breast pumps, toddler plates and spoons, baby bottles, and more.

Baybee 6 in 1 Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer


bottle sterilizer

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The baby bee bottle sterilizer is the 6 in 1 multi-functional sterilizer which can be used conveniently. The Instant warming of food and milk from a baby is one of the additional features of the bottle sterilizer. it has a big vent to keep the bottle so you can easily keep the bottle in large size. The main features are :

  • 6 functions: defrosting, heating, warming food, sterilizing bottles, Automatic warming, and temperature setting.
  • Keep milk warm for 24 hours.
  • Made up of food-grade PP Safe material.
  • 30 minutes disinfection time.
  • Instant warming: take up to 3 to 7 minutes to warm up to the 30 ml milk.
  • can also disinfect baby food utensils such as spoons.

R for Rabbit Hot Bottle 5 in 1 bottle sterilizer

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The r for Rabbit is made up of 100% BPA-free plastic that is safe for the baby and a food grade. It can be used in 5 different ways that will surely help the new parents to tackle the baby at the time of acute hunger. The advanced Japanese PTC technology helps in the maintenance of accurate temperature. Its main features are:

  • 5 in 1 function: egg steamer, sterilizer, juicer, heating food, and warm milk.
  • Auto shut down: built-in thermostat helps in the auto shut down of the sterilizer which helps in preventing the burning.
  • Suitable for all types of bottles.
  • complete process in 20 to 25 minutes.
  • can also be used to sterilize the breast pump parts.


Some Do’s and Don’ts for feeding baby

  1. The baby bottle should always be sterilized after every use.
  2. The formula milk should be used as per the guidelines in the pack.
  3. Use fresh homemade food whenever is possible
  4. Try to inculcate a healthy eating habits in the baby. Breastfeed your baby for at least 6 six months.
  5. Always check the allergy in the baby before using a new product.

  • For this use a little amount of a new thing you introduce into your baby’s diet
  • Wait for 24 hrs. to check for any kind of discomfort in the baby like fever,  rashes, etc
  • Consult the doctor immediately if the complications are there.

Final Thoughts:

Hygiene for the baby is one of the most important things and the feeding bottle should always e cleaned before and after use. It is highly recommended to have a bottle sterilizer at home to keep the bottles clean and free from germs.

As per our analysis, the Phillips Avent bottle sterilizer is one of the best sterilizers available for the sterilizing process.

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