Choosing the right refrigerator for your home?

Choosing the right refrigerator for your home?

Are you thinking of purchasing a refrigerator for your home? 

Then you are in the right place. Just scroll down and you will get the perfect choice for your home.

The refrigerator is a big as well as a long-term investment. Once purchased it will be with you for at least a decade. So, think twice before taking any decision.

Let’s explore the topic.

Factors to be considered

Size of the family

The size of the family plays the biggest role in choosing the refrigerator. The no. of members in a family is directly related to the refrigerator size. 

If you are an individual you will need a single door and a small refrigerator (190 l) but for a bog and joint family, a large and multi-door refrigerator is required. Let’s look at the table below about the requirement of the size.

No. of members

Refrigerator capacity

Type of refrigerator

Individual (1)

50 – 200 Litres

mini refrigerator, single door

Couple (2)

250 – 300 Litres

single door  or double door

Nuclear family (4)

300 – 350 Litres

Double door or multi door or side by side

Joint Family (6 or more)

400 – 500 Litres

side by side refrigerator

The eating habits of the family

If you eat more of the fresh food then you would need a less capacity fridge as the storage of the cooked food will be less. 

Moreover, if you have kids and older at home you will require more space in the door. For it, we suggest you consider the side by side refrigerator.

At last, if you live far from the city and require to store the veggies and fruits for a longer duration consider the whirlpool crisper refrigerator for keeping the food fresh for a longer time period.

Door Type

The preference of the door should also be considered before buying the fridge.

Single door refrigerator: The single door refrigerator has a single door to access the fridge and freezer compartment. It does not include the auto defrost feature so needs to be defrosted if there is excess ice in the compartment.

Double door refrigerator: The double door refrigerator has two compartments one for the freezer and the other for the freeze. It has the auto defrost process so no space for the ice lumps to be formed. These are more spacious as compared to the single door.

Some double-door refrigerators are convertible too. These provide you with extra freeze space when needed.

Multiple doors: The multi-door has more than two compartments. These are useful for a big family or the persons who need extra space in the refrigerator. Side by side refrigerator is such an example. 

The right power consumption

The power consumption of the refrigerator depends on the star rating given by the BEE ( Bureau of energy efficiency). It is a government body that gives ratings to electrical appliances on the basis of their performance. Lets us take a look at how much energy is consumed by the refrigerator.

Star rating

Power Usage (annual)

65 units

146 units

182 units

226 units

Top brands of the refrigerator in India

Some people are brand loyal and prefer a brand that they have previously used while others tried the new brands.

Here are some of the popular brands of refrigerators in India


Samsung captures around 30 % of the Indian refrigerator market as per the survey conducted in 2021. It shares a cut-throat competition with the LG. It has refrigerators which give the high-end performance with good customer service. The Samsung refrigerator price ranges from medium to premium.

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samsung refrigerators



lg refrigerator

The LG is a tough competitor of Samsung. It is a South Korean company that has a well-established range of refrigerators. The LG deals with the high class, elegant look, and new technology refrigerator. Look for LG side by side refrigerator. The price also varies from the mid-range to the premium class.

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LG refrigerators




Next comes Whirlpool in terms of market share. It shares around 18% of the refrigerator market. The Whirlpooldeals with the technology such as Zeolite. active deo and 6th sense. That makes it perform well as compared to other brands. The price range also varies from medium to premium. It also deals with all kinds of refrigerators.

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Whirlpool refrigerators  


The Godrej is one of the oldest refrigerator brands in India. It offers good quality and a wide range of refrigerators. The Godrej refrigerator comes in the medium range but it misses out on the multiple doors and french door refrigerator.

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Godrej refrigerator

More features to look for

Some more features to look for a good refrigerator is as follows:


Nowadays some brands offer a refrigerator in which one can easily convert the freezer section to the freeze. It gives you additional space to store food when needed. The brands such as Samsung, LG are widely contributed 9in this range. 

Inverter compressor

The inverter compressor technology helps to run the compressor on the intermode too.It is one fo teh energy effecient technology. Now a days most of teh refrigerator comes with this  technology. It helps in working of the refrigerator in silent mode as well as it saves energy too.

Inner body

The inner material of the refrigerator should be made up of toughened glass. The toughened glass is hard to break and ha steh long life. More over, ypou cna also look for the featiures such as fresh crisper, vegetable space etc.

Water dispenser

Some refrigerator has the water dispencer system too. In this system the water can be easily drawn from the door without opening the refrigerator door. Such refrigerator has the instant ice building features too.

Smart refrigerator

In the current scenerio the smart refrigerator are also available which has teh direct connectivity throught he wi fi. It helps in regulating the refrigerator from the mobile it self. The refrigerator also tells to do list, shows videos, play songs and even you can see what’s inside the freeze from your mobile.


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