Common Mixer Grinder Problems and Solution

Common Mixer Grinder Problems and Solution

One of the most common easy machines used in the kitchen is the mixer grinder. It not only saves time but helps in cooking different recipes. Similar to other electrical appliances, there is a chance that using a mixer grinder could cause you to experience a few minor problems. These problems can occasionally become aggravating.

Even, if you buy the best brand you can face some issues while using the grinder. Here, we will discuss some common problems and how to fix them before calling a technician.

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Common mixer grinder problems:

Jar Leakage:

It is one of the most common problems of the mixer grinder and arises when the mixer becomes too old. Some of the common reason behind this is:

  1. Cracked Jar: Occasionally, a crack in the grinding jar causes leakage. If this is the case, you will need to replace the jar and start over.
  2. Loose Blade: If you use a blade for an extended period of time, the jar can become loose. It may result in leakage. To resolve this issue, you must first ensure that the blade is correctly assembled and tightly screwed. If you notice a leak even after tightening the blade assembly, the gunmetal may be faulty. For this, you need to call a technician.
  3. Worn our rubber gasket: Cuts in the rubber gasket can sometimes lead to leakages. This problem can be rectified after buying a new gasket.

Blunt Blades

Sometimes you might face issues that the blades do not grind properly or not working. This problem may arise due to the blunt blades. It can be rectified by using rock salt in a jar and churning it. This can sharpen your blades but if it does not work just buy new blades.

Overload switch-off

Whenever the mixer jar is overheated or overloaded it automatically shuts off to prevent any further loss to the motor. The overloading can be due to three reasons:

  1. Low capacity motor: If the mixer grinder’s motor is not very powerful and you use it for an extended period of time, the machine becomes hot and shuts down automatically to prevent further damage. Allow the machine to shut down for at least 30 minutes before turning it back on and using it again.
  2. Thick Ingredient: This problem arises when the food you are grinding is too thick or is in large quantity. To overcome this problem reduce the quantity or add some water to ingredient if possible. Try grinding in batches for better result and smooth usage of the mixer.
  3. Poor air circulation: Air circulation is critical for keeping the entire mixer grinder unit cool and preventing overheating. As a result, ensure that there is enough space for air to pass between the machine’s lower surface and the platform where it is stored.

To reset the mixer just press the red button present in the mixer and the mixer becomes ready to use again.

Damaged Couplers:

Blender couplers connect the blender’s base to the jar. After years of use, they usually wear out or break. Also, blending frozen fruits and vegetables at high speeds can damage or break the coupler, so avoid it! Because a coupler cannot be repaired, the only option is to have it replaced by a professional. We do not recommend replacing the coupler yourself because the mixer grinder blades are sharp and can injure you.

Stuck Buttons:

Another common issue that you may encounter when using a mixer grinder is stuck buttons. It usually happens when an ingredient or liquid spills and becomes stuck between the buttons. To resolve this issue, unplug the grinder and thoroughly clean it.

In some units, you may also be able to remove the button’s face. It is useful for cleaning or removing stuck food items. You can even clean this area with an old toothbrush.

Wiring Fault

The mixer grinder may shut down automatically due to faulty wiring. It usually happens due to poor build quality or if the machine is used for an extended period of time. You can solve this problem by opening the unit and inspecting the wires to see if they are in good condition. If not, you will need to replace the wiring. If you are unsure about completing this task, we recommend that you consult with an expert.

Stuck grinding jar

The jar usually becomes jammed when there is a leak from the mixer blade. Because of the leak, water seeps inside the blade’s bearings, causing corrosion and clogging the jar.

You can solve this problem by turning the grinding jar upside down. Apply some oil to the motor coupler. Allow it to remain for a while. Twist the coupler with a plier. After you’ve fixed this, run the empty mixer for about a minute. Now, add some water and re-run the grinder. Finally, wipe the jar with a soft cloth. The problem will be resolved.


The mixer grinder is an important kitchen appliance. You might face some issues while using it in day-to-day life. But some of them can be fixed by you if you act wisely. Hope the above tips will be helpful for your kitchen helping partner.

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