Convection Oven Vs Conventional Oven

Convection Oven Vs Conventional Oven: Which one to Choose?

The convection oven and Conventional oven appear identical but are different in terms of heat distribution, capacity, working, and so on.

Are you stuck between the choice?

Then this is the right place for you. In this article, we shall discuss the distinguishing factors, their working mechanism, and the pros and cons. This will be the ultimate guide for your microwave shopping.

Before taking a leap we should first understand both types of ovens

What is Convection Oven?

An oven with a fan and the exhaust fan, to regulate the heat in the oven during cooking is called a convection oven. As the heat in the oven is evenly distributed the food gets cooked properly and quickly.


The two main components of the convection oven are the exhaust fan and the fan. These help in the even distribution of heat. Some models also have the third element which makes the cooking even more faster.

How does it work?

Once started the fan and the exhaust fan evenly distributed the heat and hot air all around the oven. This heat cooks the food faster and easier.


The convection oven comes with the convection setting which means when you want you can change the setting and turn off the fan and exhaust fan. In this mode, the oven works just like the conventional oven.


The cost of the convection oven is higher than the conventional oven.

Advantages of Convection Oven

The main advantages of the convection oven are:

  1. Cooks faster: The even heat distribution all around the oven cooks food faster and evenly. There is no patch of raw or uncooked food.
  2. Good for roasting: In the other oven the heat is high where the element is located and there is no escape from the humid air, which makes the food moist and sometimes dry. but in the convection oven, the exhaust fan releases moisture, which leads to the good caramelization of sugar and even rating of the meat and vegetables.  The food is crisp outside and moist inside.
  3. Energy Efficient: These types of ovens are highly energy-efficient. They help in cooking the food faster and at lower temperatures.

Disadvantages of Convection Oven

  1.  Such ovens are not good for baking you can bake faster in it, but the cake remains uncooked from the inside most of the time.
  2. You have to look for the temperature and time setting in the convection oven as most of the recipes are as per the conventional one. So, you must set the temperature to 25 degrees less and the time to 10 minutes less as mentioned in the recipe.
  3.   Replacement and maintenance of the convection oven are costlier.
  4.  Compared to conventional ovens, convection ovens are expensive.
  5. Keep an eye on the food or it will be overcooked.

What is a conventional oven?

The traditional oven having an element as the heating element is called a conventional oven. It does have a fan or exhaust fan that can circulate the heat inside the oven.


The conventional oven has an element that heats up when switched on. This element provides heat for cooking food.

How does it work?

Two heating elements are located at the top and bottom of a conventional oven, respectively. These heating elements warm up as the oven operates, heating the air inside. To allow the food to cook, they move it around the apparatus. Each component serves an important purpose. The lower heating element makes perfect cooking and baking possible while the upper one assists with broiling.

Any dish that is placed closest to the heating element, such as on the upper or lower rack, cooks the food more quickly. Because conventional ovens lack an internal fan to distribute warm air, food cooks at different rates depending on where it is placed inside the oven.

Special feature

When cooking, conventional ovens provide a lot of user comfort. Most recipes include information about the time and temperature based on standard appliances. You will need to modify the temperature and cooking time.


The cost of the conventional oven is lower as compared to the convection oven.


The conventional oven has the following advantages

  1. The time and temperature setting of the oven is easy.
  2. It is a perfect option for baking food such as cakes, pastries, brownies, and so on.
  3. It uses conventional cooking methods so easy to use and familiar.
  4. The conventional oven is cheaper than the other options.


Some of the disadvantages of the conventional oven are:

  1. As opposed to their convection-equipped counterparts, conventional ovens do not enable even cooking. As a result, you might have a dish with cooler air pockets on one side and one side that is properly cooked.
  2. To ensure even cooking, you might need to turn the sheet pan or baking tray halfway through.
  3. It takes more cooking time as compared to the convection oven.
  4. These are not energy-efficient and require pre-heating settings before usage. So, it uses more electricity.

 Convection VS. conventional oven

Air CirculationA convection oven uses fans to circulate the warm air throughout the appliance. They have an exhaust fan to maintain the temperature in the oven.A conventional oven does not have any fans. Instead, it uses a heating element to generate hot air.
CookingA convection oven helps cook the food evenly.A conventional oven causes uneven cooking of the food.
Time Taken To Cook DishesA convection oven cooks the food faster.A conventional oven takes more time to cook the food.
BakingIt is not a good option for baking food.It is an ideal option for baking food.
Cooking CapacityIt has a higher cooking capacity than a conventional oven.It has a lower cooking capacity when compared to a convection oven.
Cooking RecipesYou need to adjust the time and temperature accordingly for cooking any recipe in the convection oven.You do not require adjusting the time and temperature accordingly for cooking any recipe in the conventional oven.
EfficiencyA convection oven has higher energy efficiency.

It is less energy-efficient as it consumes more electricity.

When to use convection and conventional mode of cooking

It is one of the important things that one should know before using the oven. The type of cooking and food items prepared are the main key factors to be looked for before oven setting.

For a convection oven, you can use the convection setting while normal cooking or vegetables. it is always recommended to use the convection setting while roasting as it will result in a crisp outer surface and juicy inside.

But if you baking cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. you must turn off the convection setting and convert it into the conventional oven. However, you should always place the tray in the middle of the tray for proper cooking.

In the conventional oven, it is recommended to turn or rotate the tray so that you get the proper cooking.

Steps to use the oven precisely

Here are some steps that will help you to use the oven effectively and efficiently:

  1. Check for the recipe first: Ensure all the details before starting and set the oven as per the time and temperature mentioned in the recipe.
  2. Adjust oven temperature and time: set the timer and temperature setting beforehand to avoid any hassle.
  3. Preheat the oven: It is a good thing that the convection oven heats up fast once the settings are done.
  4. Go with the cooking: Now you are ready for the cooking. Get the best dish that comes out with the magic of your hand.


So, till now we have thoroughly understood the difference between the conventional and convection oven. Convection oven are best in use for cooking, roasting or browning. Whereas the conventional oven are good for baking purpose.

If you have any queries feel free to contact and write comment in the box provided. We will be happy to help you out.