Coronavirus Essentials and Safety Measures

Corona virus is a deadly, infectious and contagious virus that is responsible for severe respiratory tract disease commonly called as COVID-19 or corona.

The virus came in to existence in December 2019 when the first case was identified in WUHAN, China. This disease has lead to an ongoing pandemic, which has cost the life of millions of people all around the world and has left most of the world infected.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The major symptoms of the disease are : common cold, throat infection, cough, fever, shortness of breathe, and breathlessness. It also result in the reduction of oxygen level in the body which can prove to be fatal.

Moreover, in 2021 we are facing the new strains of the virus which are more deadly and leading to more severe cases as compared to the virus attack in the last year.

So. it is recommended to measure the oxygen level at home if you have any of the symptoms.

How to save yourself from coronavirus


Here are few guidelines that will help you to know how you can safe yourself and your family from being infected.

Wash your hands properly:

Washing hands on regular interval for 20 seconds with soap and water can keep away the virus. Wash your hands if you touch any of the surface or parcel you receive from outside. If you touch the main gate of your house then also wash your hands.

If the washing is not possible then you should use a good quality sanitizer which must be based on iso-propyl alcohol in order to disinfect your hand. The Sanitizer must contain alcohol between 60 to 90% in order to be effective.

Wear mask when you go out

Always wear a Three layer mask when you go out of the house or if you have cough or cold so that the infection is not transmitted from one person to another person and the chain get a break.

Avoid social gathering

Another most important preventive measure is to avoid any type of social gathering. As it is not possible for us to maintain a social distance while out on a gathering which can cause a sudden outbreak of the virus. So, it is advised to avoid such gatherings and follow social distancing while outside the house. A minimum of 6 ft. distance between two people is recommended.

Do not touch the face, mouth, eyes and nose

Avoid touching of the face, mouth , eyes and nose the virus can transmit from your hands to these areas more frequently and can enter your body. If you have any kind of itching in these areas then first sanitize or wash your hands then touch them.

Disinfect your home

Clean your home with a good disinfectant and the surfaces such as table top, door handle, chair handles, refrigerator, floor etc. which comes in the contact most thoroughly and daily. Use a disinfectant such as

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Cleansol Sodium Hypochlorite

Self care

Care for yourself so that you does not fall ill frequently. do gargle and takes steam to clear your nose and throat.

How to take care of someone who is infected

If someone in the family has cough, cold or other symptoms of the infection get them tested as soon as possible and isolate him/her. If the person is doing fine and has only mild infection he/she can be treated at home under doctor’s supervision. But if the condition deteriorate them immediately take to hospital before its too late.

  1. Isolate the person and make him wear the mask most of the time so that the infection is not transmitted from one person the other.
  2. check the temperature regularly and the oxygen level too. Use an oximeter to check the level of oxygen.
  3. Give him regular steam to control in the cold and cough.
  4. Let him eat proper and healthy food.
  5. Keep the surroundings clean and hygienic
  6. Follow the doctor advice.
  7. Wash your hand before and after attending the patient.

Some corona Essentials

How to increase immunity at home

Here are some home tips that can be followed to increase immunity

Drink plenty of water

It is advised to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for a healthy person. Drinking an adequate amount of water releases the harmful toxins from out from our body and helps in the fitness and improving health. Moreover a proper amount of water also helps in improving the digestion process.

Right time to drink water:

  1. 1 to 2 glass of Luke warm water after waking helps in cleaning the stomach.
  2. 1 glass of water after bath helps in improving the heart health
  3. Drinking of water after half an hour of the meal helps in easy digestion of food.
  4. 1 glass of water before bed keeps you hydrated full night.

Do exercise or yoga

Doing regular exercise for at least half and hour boost up the strength and builds the immunity. It removes excessive fat and increases the body metabolism. The sweating during the exercise also helps in removing the toxins from our body. Some of the yoga’s for improving the respiratory health are:

yoga pose

Drink Turmeric milk

turmeric milk

Drinking a glass of turmeric milk before bed also boost up immunity as the turmeric has anti- inflammatory and anti-septic property helps in healing the inner body parts. Pour the turmeric(haldi) in the milk and bring it boil. Now drink it while hot to get the maximum effectiveness.

Using the essential oils:


Adding essential oils to our daily routine can also helps in building up the strong and disease free body. some of the essential oils are Tea Tree oil, Lemon Grass oil, Mentha oil, Rosemary oil these oils when included in our daily routine can helps in the reducing various kinds of allergies and infections.

Eat healthy food

halthy food

Always try to eat fresh and healthy food. Avoid eating junk food as it not good for health. Include green veggies, beans, citrus fruits( good source of vitamin c), milk and milk products etc. for a good balanced diet. Avoid oily and fried food.

How to spend time during lock down

Since we are not in the habit to live at home all time we will get bored easily during the lock down. But you can take the opportunity and do the following Work which will help you out to spend time during lock down period.

If you have kids at home take some time to paly with kids. This will engage them and you too. Moreover if you play together it will strong up the bond between you and your child.

If you are a married couple spent time with each other and understand each other more to strengthen bond between the two.

Here is a list of thing that you can do during lockdown period

  1. Do exercise together.
  2. watch the movie or cartoon shows.
  3. Can do cooking together.
  4. Play games such as puzzles, carom, Ludo, Cards, business, blocks games, skipping rope, story telling etc.
  5. Do cleaning together. It will help the female members of the family and get them time to take rest
  6. Complete your pending work. like cleaning cupboard, arranging documents, etc.
  7. Learn new skills such as cooking, musical instruments, dance etc.
  8. Spend time with your family which you did not get while you were busy in work.
  9. Teach kids new skills elated to studies such as abacus, drawing, painting, music, dance etc.
  10. Do gardening this will relax your mood and plant will induce positive energy.

How to get the best while working from home

Work from home has made most of us lazy and some of use has become couch potato. This routine is not good for health. It can cause various diseases related to heart, back, neck and ultimately resulting the obesity.

As we are working from home and the lazy and disturbed environment can hamper our work and have an impact on the performance. So, decide a proper place in the home where the disturbance is minimum to do office work. Next hing is buy some office related accessories such that long time sitting will not have effect on health so, buy a good office chair and desk for proper sitting. If you have a baby or kids around make a space near you for his/her playing so that you do not have to run while having an important meeting.

How To Disinfect Things At Home

There are some items that need to be carried along with your while going out such as wallet, mobile etc. and some items we bought from outside such as vegetables, groceries, parcels etc. So the big question that comes to our mind is how to disinfect them so that we does not get infected with these items. Here we have described how to disinfect these contaminated things one by one.


The mobiles are one of the most contaminated belonging as we do online transaction while purchasing the necessities with mobiles or cards. These need not be cleaned with a regular disinfectant as it can damage them.

  1. Unplug the switch from the switch board before any action.
  2. Use a soft cloth to clean the finger prints or dirt from the gadgets.
  3. Now use another damp cloth dipped in warm water and one drop of soap but make sure you wring it well.
  4. Clean the surface thoroughly without dripping the water as it can damage the gadget.
  5. Again take a clean and dry microfiber cloth and clean it again to remove any soap stains or watery surface.
  6. Do not use spray directly as it will damage your device.
  7. Read the instruction provided with gadget also.

wallets and hand bags

The wallets and hand bags also gets infected when comes in the contact of a contaminated surface.

  1. take a cloth dipped in soap solution and wipe the outer of the bag.
  2. Now clean the bag thoroughly.
  3. Take another dry cloth and wipe it till it becomes clean.
  4. If you have stains on the bag then use rubbing alcohol or nail paint remover on a cotton and apply on the surface.
  5. The wipe it out and the stain will be removed.

Vegetables and fruits

The veggies and fruits can also contain the germs and can be a source of infection if not handled properly. So, before storing them into fridge they must be cleaned as some germs thrive well in cold atmosphere and can spoil the entire lot.

  1. Take water in a bucket or a tub.
  2. Add a table spoon of salt or vinegar or baking soda these act as disinfecting agents.
  3. You can also use veggies wash available in market.
  4. Now dip the vegetables in it.
  5. Make sure you dip the veggies having mud such as potato, colocasia(arbi), sweet potato etc. in a separate bucket.
  6. Now let them sit there for and hour or so and rinse them.
  7. Lay them on a clean flat surface or basket to dry.
  8. Then store them into refrigerator.


The groceries are mostly in a sealed packet or a polythene bag. So, they can be cleaned easily as a lot of persons has touched these bags before it comes to you an it can too be contaminated. Follow these steps to clean them:

  1. Clean the outer surface by spraying a disinfectant
  2. If you do not want them instantly, then leave the packets for 2 to 3 days in balcony or at a place which are not reachable by kids.
  3. If not then open the packets safely and then store them in the kitchen box.
  4. After that do not forget to wash your hands with soap.
  5. Make sure you always have sufficient groceries at home as the sudden demand or lockdown create the crowd in the market and can be a hotspot for the spread of the virus.
  6. So, avoid going to such places as far as possible.

Parcels and online deliveries

The online deliveries may be a hotspot of germs so be cautions while taking such deliveries

  1. Maintain a social distance from the deliver person.
  2. Make sure you pay for the parcel online so that no cash exchange in involved to minimize the risk.
  3. If possible tell the delivery person to drop the packet at the gate.
  4. Collect it after wards and disinfect he package with a spray.
  5. Open the packet and take out the items and discard the outer packing if not in use.
  6. Make sure you check your items before discarding the outer package and you do not want to exchange it.
  7. Wash your hand with soap and water for 20 seconds.


We all are worried about our health and the pandemic. But if we will follow all the guidelines issued by government and take the precaution then only we can fight this pandemic and come over the situation.

So, it is a humble request to

  • Wear Mask
  • Follow social distance
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid going outside without any work