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Crompton Geyser

Crompton geyser or simply Crompton greaves is a well known name in the consumer appliances. It has been serving Indian customer since 130 years. The renowned company has a high class of the home appliances which has set a benchmark for its product quality, durability and performance.

The Crompton deals with different variety of geyser class i.e. instant, storage: vertical or horizontal, and so on. Apart from these it also deals with room heater.

But before proceed to further read the buying guide to known all the aspects before purchase.

crompyon storage geyser

Crompton Amica water heater

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crompton greaves water heater


Crompton Bliss 3-L Instant Geyser

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crompton solarium geyser


Crompton Solarium Qube Geyser

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Key technologies of Crompton Geysers

Energy efficient

The Crompton geysers are well known for its energy efficient. They heats up the water fast and retain hot water for a longer time as compared to other brands. Thus they are capable of reducing the electricity bills and saves energy too.

When it comes to Solarium heater series it can heat up the water up to 45 degree in mere 10 minutes. 

All round protection

They provide the three level of protection from the Capillary Thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out & multi-functional valve.

Thus the geysers are 100% safe to use for a high rise building as it can withstand a pressure of 8 bars. Moreover, it also auto shuts off when the water temperature reached a certain threshold in order to prevent the burns due to over heating of the element present in the geyser.

Safety standards

The geysers are ISI certified and has nickel coating in the inner tank to avoid the formation of the scales of the hard water as well as it is rust proof so has  a longer life.

It also has received 5 star rating in the energy efficiency which results in reducing the electricity bills. Thus this geyser is good to use when you have to save the energy as well as reduce the bill burden.

Nano poly band technology 

The storage tank is made of durable Nano Poly Bond Technology that ensures excellent Corrosion Resistance and Excellent Oxidation Resistance even in High Temperature and Pressure.

The magnesium anode makes it work smoothly even under the hard water condition. Whereas the outer body is made up of the ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic which is shock proof as well as water proof.


A warranty of around 7 years on Tank, 2 year warranty on Element and 2 year warranty on Product provided by Crompton from date of purchase.

The Crompton geyser are among most selling geysers in India. They are best in saving the energy and retaining the hot water. Thus, you can surely purchase this geyser if you want a  efficient, affordable , durable and elegant appliance for your home.

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