Different types/ breed of dogs

Different types/ breed of dogs

Dogs are one of the most loved and common pet among all pet animals. They are like friend to a family as they avoid loneliness and act as  a companion for an individual. The kids also love to play with their pet dogs. Moreover, you can also find that the dogs are more attached to kids than the parents and love and care them as you take care. There are different types of dogs called as breed. In this article we are going to discuss about such breeds and how to take care of dogs.

Different types ( breed) of dogs 

German Shepherd

German shepherd dog

The German Shepherd is a breed that is considered for the loyalty as they can put their life at risk for their family and loved ones. These are super active dogs so need a proper diet fro their growth and development. The dogs are one of the most beloved pet in India. Their have double hairy coat consisting of the thick under coat and dense outer coat which need regular brushing. They also shed their hair once in a year so these and not too long to get trimmed.

Highlighted features:

  • Height:                  22 to 26 inches
  • Hair:                      double coat with medium length
  • Life expectancy:  9 to 13 years
  • Diet:                       Need high protein diet for activeness
  • Traits:                    easy to train, require least maintenance,  easy to groom, strong loyalty for family, share good bonding with kids too 


Labrador dog

The Labrador are most common dog among the pet lover as they are obedient if trained properly . These are friendly with friends and  easily recognize the person as well as the other friends coming to house. These dogs comes in three color: black, yellow and chocolate. Out of which the black are the favorite one. The hairy coat are easy to take care of as the upper one is soft and thin where as the lower id thick and long to provide the comfort from the cold whether.

Highlighted features:

    • Height:                 21 to 24 inches
    • Hair:                      Short and medium
    • life Expectancy:  10 to 12 years
    • Nature:                  Friendly, out going
    • Diet:                       High protein diet due to active nature.
    • Traits:                    easy to train, easy to groom, have tendency of chewing and prone to health issues but can easily adaptable to hot and cold weather. Best companion

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beagle dog

Beagles are fun loving and active and curious dogs. They like company. They can bark louder but cannot be let own allow to guard your house. sometimes they may be stubborn so, need a special training to guide and bringing obedience. Though they are good for kids as well as adults. These breed of dogs have short hair so need less grooming and bath too. They can only wag their tail if confronted with an intruder so, do not ever rely on them to guard your home. 

The Beagles also makes friend easily. Some beagles can become hefty due to excessive intake of calories which is not good for their health so keep a watch on their diet so that they can enjoy their life well without illness.

Highlighted features:

  • Height:                     13 to 15 inches
  • Hair:                         Short
  • Life expectancy:     12 to 15 years
  • Nature:                     Fun loving, cheerful 
  • Diet:                          low calories
  • Traits:                      Easy to groom, kids friendly, tendency to chew, apartment friendly, good as hiking companion

Great Dane

great dane

The great Dane is German breed dog which has the powerful and muscular appearance. These are giant but has short hair so needs less grooming care. The dogs are generally friendly with kids and loves to be a part of the family. These are also considered to be the best natured  as they are calm and affectionate pets. They are also intelligent and need a lot of exercise so well fitted for a active family. The great Dane can be  easily trained and can attack the intruder if situation allows.

Highlighted features:

  • Height:                   28 to 32 inches
  • Hair:                       Short
  • Life Expectancy:    8 to 10 years
  • nature:                     loving, gentle, friendly and confident
  • Diet:                         high protein with moderate fat
  • Traits:                      Easy to train, easy to groom, powerful, barks a lot especially when bored or hungry.

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The Doberman is one of the most powerful and strong dog. If trained properly they prove to be one of the protective dog for a family. These show the behavior you do with them so be calm and respectful. The kids should also be trained how to tackle them as they can easily become aggressive one  misbehaved or mishandled. They are mostly attacking dog if not handled properly. Though intelligent and loving if taken care properly. Moreover, they are quick learner as they can easily learn various tricks.

Highlighted features: 

  • Height:                  24 to 28 inches
  • Hair:                       Short
  • Life expectancy:   10 to 12 years
  • Nature:                  Caring, playful
  • Diet:                       high quality food easily digestible
  • Traits:                    easy to train, easy to groom, strong loyalty, Bark when necessary, territorial

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