Different types of kitchen Chimney

Different types of kitchen Chimney

In older days no one install chimney in their kitchen. As the cooking is mostly done in an open area. So, the heat and the smoke released directly gets out without causing any harm to the health. But if we look to the present scenario the  need of the chimney is like the refrigerator or washing machine as the kitchen are now compact and closed so the poisonous gases need to escaped out.

What is a Chimney?

A chimney or a furnace is a vertical elongated pipe through which the smoke  caused due to combustion of fuel is escaped. Be a electric furnace or a brick chimney or a kitchen chimney all have same work and operates in a same way too. 

They takes out the soot particles and carbon caused due to the combustion of the fuel and leaves the air healthy and pure healthy for living. As the burning of the fuel causes the release of the harmful gases which can prove to be dangerous for the human being this chimney took it away and through it outside the house.

Different Type of chimney

There are different types of the chimney depending on the layout.

Island chimney

island type of chimney

The Island chimney are the stylish and adds on the charm to the modular kitchen. They directly hanged from the celling and is required when the kitchen hob is located in the centre. The duct are tucked in the ceiling and it is hanged directly above the cooking space to extract all the smoke instantly.

The installation of the Island chimney need the hole in the chimney. So, it is advisable to install such chimney with the  construction of the kitchen so that the proper mounting can be done.

Island chimney comes in a variety of designs and are quiet attractive. They come sin spherical, domes, cylindrical etc. so choose the one which suits your space.

Wall Mounted Chimney

As the term says wall it is clear that this chimney is  mounted on the wall. This type of the chimney is used when the cooking area is adjacent to the wall. The chimney is fixed on the wall with its duct or the pipe goes through the high opening near the ceiling.

The trap or the mesh of the chimney is at a specific height above the hob. The wall mounted chimney usually comes in a square or a rectangular shape. This type of chimney is most popular in the apartments.

It is the best suited chimney for the traditional a swell as Modern Indian Kitchen. As it covers less spaces and can be easily fitted between the cabinets.

Built in chimney

These are built against the wall just like the wall mounted chimney. The chimney covers no extra space and is covered with the wooden furniture work. It is compact and sleek designed. 

Corner Chimney

The corner chimney are made for the small spaces where  the kitchen hob is present at the corner of the kitchen. It is very small.

Performance and power of the chimney

These two things are mostly confused but they are two different thing which need to be understood before buying the kitchen chimney.

The performance of the kitchen chimney means the rate at which it extract out the smoke or the air from the kitchen. It is generally calculated by multiplying the kitchen volume by the number of time the air is circulated in the kitchen.

For example: if the volume of kitchen is say 100 m^3 then the air need to be 10 times in an hour so the performance must be 100 * 10 = 1000 m^3/hr. 

The power of the kitchen chimney means the total electricity the chimney will use while working in the kitchen. It effects the electricity bill of the house.


While selecting the chimney one must keep the following things in mind:

  1. The hob area must be fully covered with the chimney in order to get the maximum effectiveness.
  2. High suction is good so that the smoke does not go here are there but it is directly captured by the chimney.
  3. The Baffle filters are considered to be good as compared to the carbon filter as it has high suction.
  4. Regular cleaning of the chimney makes the suction most effective and increases it life time.

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