Essential vitamins for healthy skin| Winter skin care

healthy skinHaving a balanced diet is very important for a healthy skin. Our skin covers whole body and require some nutrition for healthy and glowing. These are present as vitamins in the meal which provide us inner glow whereas applying the moisturizer and skin cream rich in vitamins gives us the other glow.

As per the study both inner and outer glow are useful for maintaining a healthy skin. So, do not rely on any one thing for proper glow. In this article we are going to discuss about the different nutrients which are essential fro a lowing and healthy skin.


Some people think fats are always bad for health but they should always be included in our diet. A too little amount or absence of fat makes our skin dry and wrinkled. The unsaturated that is present in fruits such a avocado, nuts, seeds and fish is good fro skin as well as heart. So, always focus on the unsaturated fat for remaining healthy even if you are on a diet 

The Omega 3 fatty acids are also good for skin as they are responsible for the development of skin cells which makes skin healthy and young for a longer time. The nuts such as walnut is one of the most richest source of omega 3 fatty acid.

Vitamin A

The vitamin A is a vital vitamin which helps in building the upper and lower skin cells. These cells are made up of fiber called collagen which prevents the skin damage and also gives protection against the UV rays. So it prevents the sun burning too. Food rich in vitamin A are: yellow food items such as pumpkin, papaya, red pepper, carrot, sweet potato, cod liver oil etc.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C is a richest source of providing radical free skin. It prevents the dryness and patches in the skin. The vitamin C is also good for increasing immunity and boosts hair growth too. SO, it is an essential vitamin to include in our diet. The food rich in vitamin C includes citrus fruits such as lemon, sweet lime, orange, Amla (goose beery) etc. It is advised to drink a glass of lemon water in summer and a Amla in winter season to stay hydrated.

Vitamin E

It is also one of most essential component for healthy skin and hair. The vitamin E is an anti inflammatory and antioxidant that rejuvenates skin and helps in getting rid of the dead cells. It helps you get the glowing and bouncy skin which every one love. Good source of vitamin E are: nuts such as almonds, hazel nut, peanut, pumpkin, sunflower seed, red bell pepper etc.


Zinc is a macronutrient that is very important for the growth of our body. It also helps in healing the body cells faster. The zinc is found in pumpkin in good amount so pumpkin should be included in our diet. Moreover zinc is also responsible for protecting against the harmful UV rays. 

Zinc deficiency can leads to Eczema or itchy skin with rashes which can only be cured after medications. so it recommended to incorporate pumpkin in your diet.


Healthy skin is loved by everyone but to maintain skin health we have to keep it hydrated and moist. We should also drink a lot of water to take out the harmful toxins out of our body. So, incorporating good amount of fluid can help you  to fulfil this task. 

Hope this article will help you keep you skin hydrated and glowing.