Havells Geyser reviews in India

Havells Geyser

Havells is among most of the popular purchased geyser in India. It has a wide range of electrical appliances such as CFL, tube lights,   LED, fans, motors, switches, and industrial & commercial appliances. The Havells geyser also has  remarkable market share.

The Havells geyser are good in delivering excellent results for moat of the appliances including the geyser too. So, this winter bring home Havells geyser and enjoy the hot water bath with out any tension. 

There are three types of Geyser Havells deals with:

Storage geyser

Instant geyser

Gas geyser

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The most popular Havells geyser are listed below:

Havells storae geyser

Havells Instanio  Instant Geyser

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Havells monza water heater

Havells Monza EC 1 vertical Water Heater

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Havells Adonia R Water Heater

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The key technologies of Havells water heater/geyser are:

LED indicator 

The LED indicator in the water heater gives you a glimpse of hotness of the water in the heater. It also looks greats as the colour changing light suits the  designing of the appliance.

The new technology geyser Adonia is a Wi-Fi enabled water heater that can be easily controlled with the  help of a App. It also has the original LED display for the display which changes from the  orange to the Amber indicating the hotness of the water.

This is an exclusive feature of the Havells geyser that has the original LED indicator.  

Ferro glass and incoloy glass technology

The inner coating of the geyser is made up of the Ferro glass with thick shield which is anti corrosion and anti rust that helps in increasing the life of the appliance. 

Moreover, The  Incoloy glass coated heating element offers superior heating performance with its excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperature setting and resists corrosion against extreme and hard water conditions.

Thus the Havells geysers are even durable for the hard water and high rise building as they can with stand  a high pressure of 8 bars too.


The Havells geyser are all round protected against the fire as the power cord are fire retardant and provides full safety against the fire.

Apart from this they are also IPX4 tech graded which makes them safe from the water splashing and makes the electrical part water proof.

These geysers are also capable of detecting flaws in the geyser and cut out the power supply on their own to avoid any mishapenning.

Temperature set up

The water heater also gives you the scope of setting the water temperature so that you can use them as per the requirement of the user. 

PUF insulation

The thick coating of the PUF in the inner tank keeps the water hot for longer time and saves energy as well. The tank also does not allow the mixing of the hold and cold water which keeps the hot water storage for a longer time.

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