Headphones Types and Features (may 2021)

Headphones Types and Features (may 2021)


Due to pandemic we all are bound to our home. All work is being done from home such as office, online classes, teaching etc. But it is not possible to have a silent environment for working while you are residing in a family having kids and elders. So, a good headphone with Active noise cancellation(ANC) is very important for us to give 100 % to work.

A headphone is a device which helps us to do the work and listen music without disturbing other present in the room. It is a mini speaker which can be worn and carry with you easily. It is very important now a days as we all are working from home and sound isolation is not possible for us while attending any call or meeting.

In this blog we will discuss about various headphones in the market and how to select he best headphone for yourself.

Difference between Headphones and Earphones

earphone vs. headphones

As the name suggest the headphones are the one which is wearable over the head like a hairband and covering the ear so that one can talk and listen to the calls and music without disturbing others. Where as the ear phones are the one which and used in the ear and eater the ear canal to use for calls and music.

The head phones are considered more safe than the earphones as they do not bock the ear completely and causes less harm to the ear as compared to the ear phones when used for a longer time.

Types of Headphones

Based on Connectivity

Wired Headphones


The wired headphone are the one having wire that is connected to the USB port of the device such as mobile, laptop, PC etc. The device must be carried or near by so that the wire easily reach the port it is the main drawback of such headphones.

The main advantage of such headphones is that they need not any charger to operate so they can be used for longtime.

Wireless Headphones

wireless headphone

The wireless headphones need the connection through Bluetooth and need a charger to get connected to any device. These are easy to carry along without the device to a particular range so are easy to use and light weight.

The main advantage of this headphone is that allows the user to move around while working to a certain range away from the device.

Truly Wireless Headphones

truly wireless

The truly wireless headphones are the one which does not have any wire either for the connection and nor between the earpieces. These earpieces have all the things in built in it such as mic, controls and battery.

These are called as truly wireless as there is not even an single wire in it for any type of function which makes it different from the wireless earphones which has a wire present in between the earpieces having the controls, mics and charger port.

Based on Technology

Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth headphones

The Bluetooth headphones use the radio waves to connect to the device such as mobile, laptop, stereo or desktop. These can be easily wearable around the neck and can be carried along with you at a certain range.

The main advantage of the blue tooth heads is its good battery life and light weight to carry along. It allows the user to move around to a certain limit while using the headphones. These are most commonly used headphones.

The blue tooth headphones comes in wireless as well as truly wireless(ear buds). If we compare both battery life the wireless has good battery life as compared to the ear buds.

They can also be classified into on ear, over ear and in ear headphones.

Wired USB Headphones

wired usb

The wired head phones have a wire as the name suggest which is connect to the USB port of the device such as PC, laptop, mobile or stereo etc. They are connected directly and need no charger so can be used fro a long time . It also has a mic in its line for controlling and speaking.

The USB headphones are also called as C type headphones and uses analog signal. If we compare the USB head phones with the audio jack then they are little bit costlier. Moreover, they both provide a good audio quality with no noise to “near lossless noise”.

The main draw back of such headphones is you are intact with the devices and cannot move freely around with carrying the device.

Wired-3.5 MM Single Pin Headphone

3.5 mm jack wired headphone

The wired 3.5 MM Single pin headphone are the rounded shaped pinned headphones that is used to connect to the laptop, PC, tablet etc. These uses the digital signal which is converted to the analog for hearing. More over the noise loss is near to zero and the audibility is clear and loud.

It does not require any charger or device to connect so can be used directly with the devices support the 3.5 MM jack.

Some more types of head phones

Bone Conduction headphones

bone cunduction headphones

The bone conduction headphones are the headphones that uses the vibration in the skull and transmit the sound through skull bone directly into the inner ear. It is like a band which can be wear on the head and is used to transmit the waves through the bone.

It helps the user to be in touch with the outer world or near by surrounding while busy in the headphones. So, these are used basically used for joggers, bikers, Who are in the public place and have to notice to the traffic with the work they are doing.

It is also beneficial for people with hearing problems as it transmit the sound to the inner ear which can help them in detection of the audio.

More over the main advantage of such headphones is that it causes less damage to the ear even in the loud noise as the bone is much stronger than the muscles of the outer ear and the middle ear.

Active Noise Cancellation(ANC) Headphones

ANC Headphone

The headphones which cuts out all the disturbances from outside or near by sound and lets to listen to the devices which you are using are called as ANC headphones. These are usually suitable fort he people who wants to concentrate on their work while ignoring whats going on near by.

It is also beneficial for those people who want to listen privately and does not want to leak the audio outside. The ANC have a big size so that they can cover the full ear and the headband is also big in order to set up on the head comfortably.

The ANC are also beneficial for work from as as you have to attend office calls and meetings in the home environment so it cuts all the disturbances and helps you to focus on the work and give a good performance.

It is also used by musicians in the recording room while doing recordings and editing the songs.

Features of Good Headphones

Good Sound Quality

A headphone must give you clear sound so that you can listen to the music as well as calls easily without out having stress on the ears as they are very sensitive and cause the hearing impairment. So, It is wise to choose a head phone that has a good sound quality and does not provide stress on the ear.

Comfortable to wear

The must be comfortable so that you remains hand free and can carry them easily while moving around. An uncomfortable headphones can become a headache and also result in a variety of problems. So, while selecting the earphones or headphones make sure that hey are comfortable for you.


Do not go for a cheap quality headphones as investing in it might cost you more as it can damage or break out soon and you have to go for a new pair. So, we recommend to buy a pair which can last fro a longer period and be in your budget.

Noise cancellation

If you want to isolate the near by noise you can choose this kind of headphones but it can be harmful if you use them in a busy street or a joggers park as it can result in the accident due to the negligence of the near by sound. So, we recommend to have a two pair of headphones which can be used according the situation.

Complete button control

The headphone must have a complete button control so that you remains hands free while using the earpieces and touch the device minimum and it should be easy to use.

Good Battery life

If you are looking for a Bluetooth headphones or ear pod make sure it have a good battery life unless it will become a hectic task for you to get it charge on a regular interval again and again. If you are buying a headphone for office use make sure of the battery life to remain in the call for a longer time.

Advantages Of Headphones

headphones benefits

The headphones are good for people who uses the phone or attend long meeting, have video conferencing, listen to music, recordings of audio, watches movies on mobiles or laptop etc. But they have the following benefits which one cannot ignore.

Better sound quality

According to the study the people who work on mobiles phones experience a low sound quality as compared to the one who uses the headphones or earphone. So, if you notice in a call center the people working with calls uses headphones while attending the customers in order to be clear and interact without interruption.

More over you can easily control the sound with the help of the volume button a your own preference. The headsets with noise cancellation have a mic near by which cuts out the disturbing sounds like hmmmm or scratching of the beats.

Health Benefits

The good quality headsets are comfortable to wear for a long time and deliver a sound that is tolerable by the ear drum. If you use a good quality of earphone in calls it helps to be hands free and releases tension created on the neck or head while holding the phones or telephones.

Freedom of movement

While using the headsets you can move easily here and there without any hassle or interruption in work. With the advent of the wireless headphones you can easily move without carrying your device to certain limited distance. Moreover if you are a music lover you can enjoy the songs while walking easily by keeping the mobile or device in your pocket. It also helps in keeping some of your chats or audio private which you do not want to be over heard.

Enhances Productivity

The headphones with noise cancelation features allows you to concentrate on the work completely without any disturbance and enhances productivity or over all performance of the person. The using of headphones allows the user to do typing fast. So, a headphone helps in increasing the productivity of the employees.

Adds on style

A stylish and good quality headphone ads on style to the person using them. There are different kinds of headphones with different styles are available so you can chose from them. A stylish and comfortable headphone becomes a style statement and everyone will appreciate it when you move around.

Winding Up

Though a headphone is considered to be the helpful gadget when used properly and helps you to enhance your working ability. but it recommended to buy a good quality and sturdy headphones and keep away from the cheap or inferior quality as it can have impact on the health. Though costly but health is more important than money. It is better to buy a good headphone which will last with you for a longer time and is easy and comfortable to use.

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