massage chair

Best Massage chair for the full body in India: 2022

The massage chair keeps you relaxed after a hectic work schedule, where you can relax and feel comfortable in your home itself. It is easy to use and requires very less maintenance.

summer days

Skin care tips in summer season

The scorching heat of the summer season, with excessive sweating, makes the skin dull.  Tanning and acne are the other problems faced during the summer season


Sleep: Benefits and importance

Sleep is important for everyone and the saying goes “healthy body, healthy mind”. A person who gets sound sleep is full of energy throughout the day and remains free from diseases related to lack of sleep.

healthy skin

Essential vitamins for healthy skin| Winter skin care

Having a balanced diet is very important for healthy skin. Our skin covers the whole body and requires some nutrition for healthy and glowing.

fitness tracker

Best Fitness Tracker In 2021: Top Pick

Fitness is very important for all. It is for men as well women. Old or young. To be fit and track the goal one needs to have a good fitness tracker.

smart watch vs. smart band

Smart watch vs. Smart Band: which one should choose?

With the change in the technology and new gadgets it has created a lot of confusion to select the one. This is the case with the smart watch and smart band. 

mi smart band 6

Mi Smart Band 6 Launches in India

A big bang launch of the most awaited Mi smart Band 6 is starting on 30 August. The smartwatch has the features that are most wanted and can be compared with the most branded smartwatches.

smart watch

TOP 8 Best Smart Watch Under 5000 Rs.

Are you looking for something that will keep a track of your fitness? Are you worried about calories and weight loss? Then you need a smartwatch

corona virus

Coronavirus Essentials and Safety Measures

The virus came into existence in December 2019 when the first case was identified in WUHAN, China. This disease has led to an ongoing pandemic, which has cost the lives of millions of people all around the world and has left most of the world infected.


Best Nebulizer Machine in India: Buying guide and review

A Nebulizer is a machine that turns the medicine in to mist and ease in reaching medicine to the lungs directly. It is basically used for Asthmatic patients for direct treatment in the lungs

pulse oximeter

Best Pulse Oximeter For Health Check Up

“Health is wealth” we all are well familiar with this quote. As the saying goes the health of a person is the most prominent thing. We all know after this pandemic one of the most important things is maintaining good health and immunity

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