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Best Air Cooler/Room cooler In India (2021): Buying Guide

Beating the heat this summer without putting a hole in the pocket is one of the biggest challenges one faces every summer season.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair In India (For Back Pain)2021

During this pandemic, the work from home, as well as the online classes, have allowed us to do our office forms and study from home. But it has also come along with a lot of health difficulties such as back problemsCervical pain

Best office chair (low price) under 5000

Are you looking for an office chair at a low price? Then your search ends here… we have analyzed the different office chairs and prepared a list of the best office chairs for you.

Best Home Theatre System in India( Cinema at home)

The Home theatre system is a combination of the speakers to give you the experience of the cinema at the home itself. It is a boon to the music lover

Best OTG Pen Drive in India

The OTG pen drive or the OTG USB  is a ready-to-use pen drive that can be directly connected to the smartphone or the android mobile to transfer the data, photos, or documents easily.

Best Home Printer: WFH, Office, Study and More (May 2021)

Having a printer at home can be very useful if you have a child or have office work or you run a business. Most of the time you hurriedly go to a printing shop to get the prints

Best Inverter/UPS For Home in India (2021)

Power failure is one of the most prominent problems faced in small cities and towns. It also exists in big cities but is less compared to small cities. Many times you have some important work but it remains stacked due to the power failure.


How to select Inverter for home: Buying Guide

Selecting an inverter for home is not as tough to go through the article and you would know what type of inverter? which type of battery? etc. you need for your home.

Racold water heater reviews In India: 2021

The Racold water heater is one of the most trusted and popular brands when it comes to water heaters in India. It can be easily found in every household. The Racold is serving us for around 17 years with its fully operational plant in Chakan.

Best Office/Study Table For Home in India: 2021

Working from home has led us to do all the office work from the home itself. But there are some essentials that one cannot deny having while doing work from home. These include office chair, office table/desk, laptop,