Best water heater/geysers brand in India

There are a number of geyser brands in India but choosing the right one is a great task. The right geyser not only saves energy but is also easy and convenient to use. These geysers have the least standing loss and result in low electricity bills.

AO Smith Water heater Review India

The AO smith water heater is world-class in manufacturing as they have their presence across the globe in 60+ countries. These water heaters enter the Indian market a decade ago but have made a remarkable name due to their innovation,

Crompton geyser | reviews| India

Crompton geyser or simply Crompton greaves is a well-known name in consumer appliances. It has been serving Indian customers for 130 years. 

Havells Geyser reviews in India

Havells is among most of the most popularly purchased geysers in India. It has a wide range of electrical appliances such as CFL, tube lights,   LED, fans, motors, switches, and industrial & commercial appliances.

Racold water heater reviews In India: 2021

The Racold water heater is one of the most trusted and popular brands when it comes to water heaters in India. It can be easily found in every hose hold. The Racold is serving us for around 17 years with its fully operational plant in Chakan.

Best Geyser(Water Heater) In India: Buying Guide and Review

A hot water bath is the only thing one can imagine in this chilly winter. The hot water bath provides you relaxation as well as gives warmth. The Geyser is the only thing that gives you hot water in a very less time and is convenient to use.


Usha Geysers | review| India

The Usha is among the oldest Indian company to manufacture home appliances. Usha also deals with the light kitchen appliances too. Its home appliances include a geyserfancooler, exhaust fanheater, etc.

Bajaj Water Heater In India: 2021

Bajaj is one of the renowned brands in the Indian Market. It provides us with a lot of small home appliances such as fans, geysers, iron, mixer grinder, air cooler, toaster, and a lot more. The Bajaj Geyser is one of the most selling products among all the electrical appliances.