How to choose best oil for hair growth

How to choose best oil for hair growth

Taking care of the hair is one of the most important and difficult task in todays time. The hair are greying before time and most of them are frizzy, dry and unhealthy. But we can also achieve good and healthy hair by choosing best oil for hair growth. Moreover, with the changing weather condition the hair are most affected. In summer season the scalp becomes oily due to excessive sweating whereas in winter season the hair becomes oily and there is increased dandruff. In monsoon season the hair becomes sticky. Here we are going to discuss about different types of oils and its relation with type of hair. 

Different types of hair

oily hair

oily hair These are the hair which have oily scalp and they appears to be sticky and are prone to dandruff as they catches dust easily due tot eh sticky scalp. such hair need a regular hair wash to keep them clean. You can wash them at least thrice a week to get rid of dandruff. and most importantly avoid using feathery blankets in night as they can create more oil. Instead use cotton comforter or rajai.

Taking care of oily hair in winter season

  Here are some tips to help you to take care of the oily hair in winter season
  1. Wash you hair thrice a week to get rid of extra oil on the scalp.
  2. avoid using oil when going out as it can attract dust particles.
  3. do not use woolen scarf or cap instead use a cotton one.
  4. Avoid the usage of feathery blanket, instead use a cotton comforter.
  5. wash the bed cover, pillow as well as comforter cover on a regular basis.
  6. Eat a juicy fruits rich in vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, amla, grapefruit and also add green vegetables in your diet.
  7. Drink a plenty of water which most of the people avoid during winter season.
  8. At last, avoid eating oily and junk food which can be one of  the reason of the excessive oil on the scalp.

Dry hair

frizzy hair The dry hair are also called as frizzy hair . These hair becomes ruff after wash as the scalp becomes dry, it can be some times itchy too. The dry hair are also prone to dandruff. These hair need a good massage before wash moreover you can leave a little oil even after washing  to avoid dryness. A good conditioner can also help you out in this scenario.

Taking care of dry hair in winter season

The following tips can be helpful for taking care of the dry hair:
    oil for hair growth
  1. Apply oil before every wash in order  to retain some moisture even after wash.
  2. The person should drink a plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.
  3. Add juicy vegetable and fruits in your diet as well as the food grins and dal. Also try out oil rich vegetables such as ladyfinger, beans, capsicum, spinach etc.
  4. Use castor oil, figaro oil that are sticky and oily to avoid dryness on the scalp. You can also use mustard oil as it hot and will you warmth in winter season after a hot massage.
  5. Wash your hair twice a day to keep them clean and tidy.
  6. Do not tie up hair so tight as it can cause excessive hair loss.
  7. Use of good conditioner is also important after washing or using shampoo.

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