How to select the diaper for babies: Choosing the right diaper

How to select the diaper for babies: Choosing the right diaper

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Are you worried about choosing the right diaper for your baby? Then this article is only for you as it will help you to choose the right diaper for your baby.

The diaper must be a perfect fit for a baby as the loose one or the tight one can cause harm to the little on end result in the troubles for you. As we all are aware that the baby skin is very delicate and can be infected very easily. So, we must choose the diaper that is a perfect fit for them.

Depending on the age and weight

The size of the diaper directly depends on the weight of the  baby and the age. The weight is the prominent factor as the fitting is directly depending on it. Always check the thighs of the baby as the fitting of diaper depends on the size of the thigh regardless of the age. 

If the cuffs of the diaper is tight  it can cause rashes in the skin or  if it is loose it can result in the leakage and soiled the dress of the baby.

Here is the chart that will help you to select the  right diaper or your baby.     

Type of Diaper

Weight in Lbs

Weight in Kgs

No. of Diaper used per day


6-10 lbs

2-4 kg



8- 14 lbs

3-7 kg



13-28 lbs

5-13 kg



22-36 lbs

10-16 kg



34 lbs or more

15- 20 kgs



35 lbs or more

 15 to 25 kgs



How to make sure diaper is a perfect fit

Every baby has different type of physique so the suiting of the diaper is also different . But you can check the perfect fit of the diaper with the following steps.

  1. Make sure that there no rashes or redness around the thigh or waist. As it can be due to tight diaper and result in itching.
  2. Move your fingers around the thigh cuffs so that it does not fold and cause the uneasiness to the little one.
  3. Always check the back and front side before use.
  4. Strap up the sticker smoothly as a tight make cause rashes.
  5. Make sure that the bottom of the diaper is not too bulgy as it can be due tot he over size.

Things to consider before buying the diaper

There are some important things that one should keep in mind before purchasing the diaper. These includes:


The main feature of the diaper is to absorb the pee frequently so that the baby do not feel wetness. A good diaper does not allow the liquid to leak out as well as it absorbs it as soon as it comes in its contact. Huggies Diaper   is one of them who has the good absorbent features.

Changing Indicator:

Now a days some diaper such as Huggies  comes with special feature that tells the parents about the changing of the diaper time as the white indication lines turns into yellow when the diaper is fully soiled. This is an amazing feature as the parents can frequently know the change of the diaper time.

Softness and breathable:

This is the most important thing as the baby skin is delicate and need fresh air to remain soft. so, always check the breathability and softness of the diaper.

Size and weight:

As we discussed earlier also the diaper size is directly proportional to the weight so always purchase the diaper as per the weight of the baby. So, stocking the diapers of same size is not a good idea. Once purchase a pack of diaper and after that repurchase as per the requirement.


The budget also plays an important role. It purely depends on the how much diaper you need in a day or the frequency of the baby peeping and poop habits.

How to use diaper properly

These points will surely help you out to use diaper easily and handle all the matters related to it:

  1. make sure that the bottom of the baby is dry before putting up the diaper as the wet skin can result in rashes .
  2. Use the anti rash cream before and after using the diaper.
  3. Do not use the once used diaper again as it can be a home of the bacteria and can have ill effect on baby health.
  4. Change diaper once it is fully soiled to avoid nay leakage or mishapenning.
  5. Always carry and extra pair of diaper while you are out of the house in case of emergency.
  6. Avoid using the tight or loose diaper.
  7. Clean the bottom of the baby every time you change the diaper of the baby.


Parenting is a challenge for every parent be it new one or old. But if we stand together and share our experiences with each other then it can be a memorable memories. So, fell free to share your experience in comment box. 


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