Best Skateboard For Kids In India(2023)

Best SkateBoard For Kids In India(2023)

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Having fun with friends marks the memorable moments of childhood… Why not add more cherishable memories for our kids by giving them the skateboard. Having a skateboard for kids is good for their physical balancing as well as learning new tricks.


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Compact, designed PU soft base 

mini skateboard for beginners to professional

Heavy duty skateboard for long distance

colorful skateboard with light on wheels

Types of Skate Boards

Based on the use and the built there are the following types of skateboards:


As the name suggests the longboards are longer in size and are suitable for all i.e. from beginners to professionals. There are three types of longboards viz. pintail, twin trip, and cruiser. These boards are usually 33 inches long and are suitable for long rides as they have soft wheels and more balanced as compared to other boards.


The mini cruiser is good for beginners as they have a small size so it is easy to balance it. This mini cruiser has large wheels which allow it to balance well. The mini cruiser is also good for doing tricks due to its shortboard length. These boards become outdated soon as the kids generally demand a longboard.


The cruiser boards have soft wheels which allow the rider to go a long distance smoothly. Any board can be converted to the cruiser board just by changing the wheels. These are good for experts as they need a little more expertise to balance on this kind of board.


double kick skateboard

A double-kick skateboard has two kicks at either end of the board allowing the performance of all flip tricks that skaters perform today. they are usually for the experts and toddlers should not be allowed to use such skateboards.


Importance of skateboards

Skateboards or wave boards play a vital role in the development of the balancing skills of the little one. If your kid wants to be a professional skater then the most important thing comes to the age of learning skating. we see some small kids/toddlers doing skating but it is not good for them as the toddlers or kids below 5 years of age do not have a good muscular inbuilt to control the skateboard so it is most preferred to start skating between 6 to 10 years.

As a beginner, the mini skates are good to learn control as well as tricks. The small size lets the user have good control of the moving skates. whereas longboards and cruisers are good for going long-distance travel

  1. Skateboards allow a good balancing power for the kids.
  2. It is good for physical as well mental fitness.
  3. It can be used to travel a short distance but can be used on a smooth road only.
  4. The skateboard is a fun outdoor activity that can be used by an individual or by a group.
  5. Skating is a game that can also be opted for as a career.

Note: Make sure you do skating with protective gear which includes a helmet, elbow guard, and knee guard. These help us to save ourselves from injury when we fall. As beginners as well as professionals we always need protective gear to ride safely.

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Best Skateboards in India

Jaspo Hurricane Skateboards

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The Jaspo Skateboard is a compact and classic designed skateboard for kids to learn faster and quicker. It is a perfect ride for students and individuals who like to travel around. It has a 60 mm vinyl wheel with an anti-skid surface An 90A PVC wheels which are shockproof. The super-soft PU bushing makes the ride as easy as walking or running.

Key features:

Strong Ability: The double kick concave tail design provides great control and allows a wide range of tricks and brakes. it is an ideal skateboard for any skill-level skater.

Good weight support: The 4 inches nylon truck with ultra-durable deck makes it suitable to support a maximum weight of 100 Kg. So, well suitable for kids as well as adults.

Durable and Safe: The wooden deck makes the board durable and safer. Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to carry as the size of the board is 27 inches X 6.5 inches. As well as no assembly is required.

Smooth and comfortable: The high-speed bearing, anti-shock PVC wheels, and PU pushing make it easy to control even at a good speed and makes the ride comfortable and safe.

1. Comfortable and smooth skateboard 1. No such negative point so far
2. Good weighing capacity  
3. Ideal for tricks and playing  

More Skateboards From Jaspo

Strauss Cruiser Skateboard


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Strauss is one of the leading manufacturers of skateboard of high quality. The Cruiser skateboard is suitable for beginners and professionals. Moreover, the design is suitable for both girls and boys. the 3D print on the board makes it outstanding. Skateboards are fully covered with antiskid/waterproof grip tape on the top.

Key Features:

Compact size: The skateboard is 22″ by 6″ which makes it comfortable to fit in the backpack when not in use. Moreover, the mini skateboard is lightweight which makes it easy to carry, and has a unique color combination which makes it unique among all the boards

Safety: The top of the board is fully covered with antiskid/waterproof grip tape. It is also fitted with the best inline carbon ball bearings for smooth and uninterrupted skateboarding. The wheels of the boards are shockproof making the ride more smooth and safe.

Stunt and tricks: The board is the best choice for doing stunts and tricks. The compact size and durability make it outstanding in terms of doing tricks with the skates. The tail plate is tilted at 30 degrees for doing the perfect tricks.

Weighing capacity: It has a weighing capacity of 100kg so it can be used by adults also. It also has a high-quality PP deck and ABEC bearing for smooth operation.

1. Colorful and eye-catching graphics 1. The tape of the anti-skid layer wore out soon
2. Anti-skid fully covered on the top 2. The soft bushes make the tearing of the wheel easily
3. Carbon gearing for ease and smooth ride  
4. special tail and nose wheel well cutouts  

More Skateboards from Strauss

E Royal Shop Heavy Quality Wave Board

e royal skateboard

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The longboard skate by e royal is a heavy-duty skateboard with Illuminating wheels. So that the rider is visible from a long distance and is safe while riding. The board is made up of an alloy which makes it extra tough and durable. The wave board is suitable for speedy runs and long-distance usage.

Key feature:

Heavy-duty board: The alloy-made wheel and internal body make the board heavy-duty. Whereas the pivoting deck and 3600 caster trucks enable snowboard carving. The wave board is the hottest inline action board and original street surfing board.

Build up: The deck is slip-resistant and concave with high-grade urethane wheels and high-grade bearings to ensure a smooth ride.

Characteristics: High-performance 4-ply torsion bar, interchangeable deck plate, 360-degree wheels with ABEC durable bearing. It can bear a weight of up to 95 kg.

Age-appropriate: appropriate for ages above 6 years, and available in multicolor designs with illuminating wheels. It is one of the most durable skateboards

1. Steel body ensures high durability 1. board is heavyweight.
2. Abec bearing allows a smooth and easy ride  
3. Anti-skid deck gives extra protection  

IRIS Complete Cruiser Skateboard

iris cruiser skateboard

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The IRIS Skateboard is one of the colorful skateboards for kids which engages them due to its light-up wheels. The ride of the board is flawless with a polypropylene deck that adds long-lasting and additional stability and comfort. The skates are safe to use on different types of street surfaces as they are designed as per the sight and part of the street.

Key Features:

Colorful Design: The skates are incorporated with colorful led lights on all four wheels, which light up with friction so no battery is required for the shine. Just ride on and enjoy the light.

Sturdy Deck: The deck is made up of polypropylene which is highly durable and bendable and adds more stability and comfort while riding.

Durable casters: All 4 casters are made up of resistant PU for long time usage and support different kinds of street surfaces.

Pre-assembled: The skateboard is fully assembled so you need only to take out the board and start the ride. It can support a weight of 85 kg. Moreover, colors and designs are available.

1. Attractive, colorful LED light wheels 1. A little bit costly
2. Compact and portable so easy to store 2. weight capacity low
3. Comfortable and easy ride  


As per the research, skating is good for kids as it helps in the development of strong legs and arms muscles as well as increases coordination and balance in the kids. It is helpful in the development of a good skeletal system as well. Moreover, we suggest you buy a good skateboard as it will ensure you a lot of safety as it comes first. The Jaspo and Strauss wave boards are good enough for kids.

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